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4 Pillars
Below are 100+ reviews of 4 Pillars from real Canadians. These are ordinary people who found themselves deep in debt and knew they needed to seek professional help.
- Paul Murphy, Managing Partner

4 Pillars Reviews

As Canada's largest debt settlement and financial literacy company, we've helped teachers, mill workers, computer programmers, police officers, business owners, plumbers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, factory workers, freelancers, and even retired Canadians.

Each year, millions of Canadians struggle with debt. Here are just a few stories from the thousands of families and businesses we've helped put debt behind them.

These reviews were submitted from across Canada. They are unedited and unaltered. Have your own debt story from 4 Pillars? Email it to us and we'll add it to the list.

"I was 150K in debt and skeptical of 4 Pillars"

Over the last few years I had managed to run up $150k in unsecured debt. Mainly credit cards and line of credit. I had approached the Banks to secure a loan to pay off the debts, but because of the high minimum payments, I was not able to qualify for the payments, which would have been less than my minimum payments each month! Because of the high balances I was carrying, the interest rates kept creeping up and it was becoming a challenge just to make the minimum payments. I was losing sleep, and it was stressful for me and my family, just trying to make ends meet. I was constantly searching the internet for solutions to my predicament when I came across John's website. I contacted John and he assured me over the phone that he could help me out. I must admit initially I was a little skeptical. I met with John and he was able to discuss various options. John seemed genuinely sympathetic to my situation. We were able to come up with a strategy whereby we would offer a settlement proposal based on what I could afford to repay, on a monthly basis over a 60 month period. The settlement was agreed to by all parties (a pleasant surprise as I was still somewhat skeptical) and now I have a fixed monthly payment repaying a portion of the total debt, interest free. Having a strategy in place, and the ability to make my monthly payments has taken a huge burden off my back, and I sincerely thank John for all his help.

PC, Calgary

"I remember walking tearfully into your office"

Dear Robert, I remember walking tearfully into your office and you offered me hope. I can't tell you how much you've changed my life - I have no more sense of dread and anxiety that had discolored my days and kept me sleepless at night prior to meeting you. You structured and presented a consumer proposal for me that gave me back a future. Thank you for being so kind and patient and guiding me through your process in obtaining debt relief for me. Whenever I called to your busy day, you made me feel that I was the only person in the world in helping me get to where I needed to be.

Sue, West Windsor

"Every day I am so thankful that I met you"

Every day I am so thankful that I met you. My husband and I were in way over our heads, drowning in a sea of debt, and it was only getting worse. We didn't know what to do anymore. I was even afraid to answer the phone. How could we let it get this bad? We couldn't sleep anymore and it was starting to affect our jobs, our relationships with our family and friends, and especially our marriage. We tried everything to get out of debt including using all our retirement savings but nothing was working. All it did was make us feel worse. We still had the debt and now we had no retirement fund. Finally, we caught a break when we met you. Right from the start, you made us feel like you were there to help. You were amazing to talk to and didn't make us feel bad for our situation. You always treated us in a caring, professional manner offering solutions, not criticism. You explained all our options and helped us choose the best solution for us and our situation, and the best part was that no matter how many questions we asked, you were always there to answer and guide us.

Because of you John, I am now able to enjoy life again and my marriage is stronger than ever. I can even answer my phone again without fear of who is on the other end. My husband and I sleep so much better and have even been able to start thinking about our retirement again. You did exactly what you said you would do and for that we will always be grateful. I highly recommend your services to anyone who wants an honest, professional opinion and someone who truly cares working on this difficult situation.

Thanks again for everything.

KN, Calgary

"My financial heaviness in the past "

Helping out family over the years had brought me to the brink of unmanageable debt. I wasn't getting ahead no matter how hard I tried. I decided to surf the web for various debt relief programs, and settled on the one that I felt the most secure about, www.4pillars.ca. It was the best decision I made. Jane's knowledge and expertise helped me find the best solution. I can truly say, that after my financial heaviness in the past, I can finally "breathe" again. Thank you Jane.

P.S. This note is sincere and illustrates the depth of my feeling and represents my new found financial freedom.

Ruth C. Sarnia Ontario

"We were $103,000 in debt "

When we first came in to see Jane at 4pillars we were $103,000 in debt. We were unsure of how we were going to get out of it. It seemed impossible. It was taking a toll on our marriage, family and health.Going through this with Jane has been a huge weight off our shoulders and a light at the end of the tunnel.

Tammy and Edward, Strathroy, Ontario

"Without 4 Pillars, I would be on the street "

Without 4 Pillars I'm sure I'd be on the street. Charlie was the friend I needed when there were no friends.

K.B., Kelowna BC

" I found 4 Pillars in a local paper "

I've been dealing with my debt for years, I've turned to banks, but it just got me deeper and deeper into debt. With a continued search for help I found a 4 Pillars Consulting Group advertisement in a local paper and called for a free consultation. I talked to a friendly, sincere, honest, enthusiastic and understanding person named Robert. He is very knowledgeable about Finance! He explained to me the debt resolution options and fees fully, clearly and in a comforting manner that made me so hopeful and prompted me to request his help. Since then, he handled my case patiently and diligently, when he requested information I provided it as soon as possible. The resolution was created quickly and successfully, I was speechless the outcome (60 to 70% debt reduction) was way, way more than I expected. I am so pleased , happy, grateful and fully satisfied with the fast diligent, friendly, understanding and comforting service of 4 Pillars Consulting Group! I would highly recommend his office to family, friends, and co-workers or to anyone I know who is having a financial difficulty. My heartfelt gratitude to Robert Osborne for his kindness and support and handling my case so efficiently!

Juanita B., Castlegar

" I was skeptical during the consultation"

When I met with Mr. Peet first I was initially skeptical about what he said could be achieved. He explained all the options I had and explained all costs and risks. During this consultation I became more comfortable as Mr. Peet was empathetic and even had a smile on my face. Over the several weeks we worked together he had a clear and concise strategy for my whole picture. The result was amazing! My debt load was about $66,000 and now it is reduced to $21,000 and I have up to 5 years to pay it back interest free.

Since my deal has been finalized I have continued to use his after care services to get a manageable budget in place and understanding the credit system with his educational and informative tools. This in turn will lead to a successful credit recovery. Thanks Charlie for a return to reality and help to live without debt!

William W., Kelowna BC

"From a raving fan, thank you"

Charlie - You handled things like the professional and gentleman you are. Now I'm not 'All Shook Up'. Yes-You did it your way and kept me out of 'Heart Break Hotel!' So Charlie, So Monique-from a raving fan Thank You for everything! Thank you Very, Very Much!

Don S., Kelowna BC

"We cannot recommend you enough"

Thank you Chris for getting us through a difficult time. Your help in getting us there, both mentally and financially is very much appreciated. We cannot recommend you highly enough to anyone in financial crisis.

Frank and Lynda W. Victoria, B.C.

"My debt was reduced from $35,400 to $8,400 "

For the past year, my husband and I have tried to consolidate our debts. Out of luck the bank couldn't approve us. I was told by a friend to try a broker but we got the same response from the bank "DECLINED". But the broker advised us three things; first is to find a credit counselor, secondly is to file bankruptcy and lastly sell the house. This is not what I wanted to do!

I did a search looking for options: I found 3 credit counselors I but wasn't really convinced about what they said about their program being the best option for me.

My husband was so choked and was really depressed for the past few months and told me that he was drowning and couldn't handle our debts situation. I didn't know what else to do but keep researching and not lose hope that there is still a chance for us to save our home, our marriage, our family and our reputation.

Then I found Jennifer's advertisement and responded by filling out a form. I received a phone call from Jennifer and she was so sincere and willing to provide help to us. She did not stop to encourage me throughout this process.

My husband and I listened to her advice about my options, we trusted Jennifer to handle our debt problems. We also met her husband and he also explained to us the process. We had no hesitation when we decided to hire them to represent us and our best interest. We couldn't believe how this is a big relief for us and even our relationship was saved by Jennifer's help!

We had an enormous debt that would take a long time to pay back. But because of 4 Pillars, my debt was reduced from $35,400 to $8400. My monthly payment is now down to $150. My husband's debt was originally $24,600 and it is now down to $7840. His new monthly payment is now $140.00. We knew that if we didn't get the help we got from Jennifer, we would have to sacrifice for a lot of years to pay off our debts due to high interest and have to work two jobs to catch up paying just the minimum every month. I am excited t be debt free sooner! With Jennifer's help with budgeting, we now maintain our monthly expenses and income according to our needs. She is also helping us with credit rebuilding so we can repair the damage we had created from our debt.

John and Jennifer are a couple who is really down to earth people; the only intention is to help people like us to get out of debts. The help we got from them was so beyond from what we were expecting and truly trustworthy, professional company. We respect them so much.

THANK YOU JENNIFER, you have made us believe that we still have a chance to create another GOOD LIFE!!!THANK YOU IS NOT ENOUGH!!!

D. Reyes, Calgary

"I have never been happier with my decision on getting help from you"

I would like to send this letter with great gratitude to Jennifer Croft.

Before I met Jennifer, I had about $42,000 worth of debt. I was experiencing financial difficulty to a point that I had suffered from depression that created more trouble for me as I was not able to work for a while. I have called and spoken to different kinds people for financial advised and helped through advertisements, websites and even banks but were nowhere close to getting an answer on how to deal with my financial trouble that I am comfortable with. When I sat down with Jennifer, she was able to give me options that I can live with and know that I will be able to go through. It was a tremendous relief that I was able to get all straighten out in short period of time when I was dealing with this by myself for the past 5 years. She was accommodating, very compassionate but firm on making sure I understand my responsibilities and consequences if I do not abide with the contract. She was very helpful, and complete knowledge of her financial advised. With my on - going debt relief program, I am now stress free and was able to go back to work knowing that I am able to pay my debt monthly and will soon see the end of all this. My sincere thank you to Jennifer for helping me out with my financial trouble, I have never been happier with my decision on getting help from you.

Mrs. Wong, Calgary

"$16,000 reduced to $6,600"

Before 4 Pillars I had a lot of sleepless nights and I was also stressed out over my bills. Without 4 Pillars my boyfriend and I wouldn't have been able to take the trip we took in September for our anniversary. Thanks Adrian. ($16,000 original debt reduced to $6,600 ($110 x 60 months)).

Beth from Peterborough

"I had tried dealing with creditors and got nowhere"

My financial situation was out of control. Due to some not so good choices and health issues I found myself drowning. I couldn't provide for my children. After many years of trying to pay down I realized that I needed help. I met Barbara Sergius of 4 Pillars for an overview of what may be possible. At first I felt very irresponsible for getting into the situation I found myself in, and very anxious as I did not think anything was possible. I had tried dealing with the creditors myself and got nowhere.

Barbara understood how I felt, and due to her professionalism, business acumen and personal touch, I soon found myself much calmer and somewhat hopeful. I entered into an agreement with Barbara, 4 Pillars and the Trustee. Everything Barbara had suggested and told me has come to fruition. I have since had a consultation with Barbara's financial consultation services and now understand new ways of budgeting.

Barbara has helped beyond my expectations. I have learned from Barbara. I am enjoying a life with good choices and the freedom and ability to do right for my children. I am thankful and grateful for Barbara, her knowledge and professionalism.

Kent, Langley BC

" Light at the end of a long dark tunnel"

4 Pillars was the light at the end of a long dark tunnel - Zach provided the match! My concerns were dealt with speedily with no fuss. I highly recommend Zach & 4 Pillars. Thank you so much!

Bette, Retired, Markham

"$32,000 of debt reduced to $10,500"

I had been dealing with ********** (name removed), paying all kinds of fees with no results. After 4 months with ********* (name removed) I was frustrated. Came to 4 Pillars and everything was concluded completely in 2 months. Amazing - No stress - So professional.

Jen, Peterborough Ontario

"This information should be taught to everyone"

I appreciate that everything was explained to me plainly without any 'bells & whistles'. The consultation made me feel comfortable about a tricky situation. This information should be taught to everyone.

Cristina P., Kelowna BC

"$53,000 in debt reduced to $18,000"

We wish we knew about 4 Pillars a lot sooner, we had no idea this kind of help was available! It was so easy and comfortable and we have our life back on the right track, we can not thank you enough! ($53,000 original debt reduced to $18,000 ($300 x 60 months)).

Jeff & Roberta, Lindsay Ontario

"$83,000 in debt reduced to $24,000"

Our experience with 4 Pillars Consulting Group has been very positive. The realization and acceptance that our financial situation was beyond repair on our own was mentally and emotionally draining with a sense of failure thrown in. However, from the first appointment with Adrian Moore and throughout the subsequent meetings we were treated with dignity and kindness. He assured us this was not the end of our world; showed how there was a positive solution possible and so it has proved to be. His explanations of the debt reduction process; what to expect and what was expected of us were clear and timely so we were not overwhelmed. Also from the first appointment we felt a weight lifted and our lives became less stressful. We would highly recommend Adrian and the Four Pillars Group to anyone in need of debt restructuring advice and help. ($83,000 original debt reduced to $24,000 ($400 x 60 months)).

Kirk & Jane, Norwood Ontario

"It made a world of difference for us"

Let me say we are former clients of yours. I'm not sure if you remember but we used your services about 7 years ago and it made a world of difference for us! So thank you for that!

Rob S, Kelowna BC

"I couldn't provide for my children"

My financial situation was out of control. Due to some not so good choices and health issues I found myself drowning. I couldn't provide for my children. After many years of trying to pay down I realized that I needed help. I met Barbara Sergius of 4 Pillars for an overview of what may be possible. At first I felt very irresponsible for getting into the situation I found myself in, and very anxious as I did not think anything was possible. I had tried dealing with the creditors myself and got nowhere.

Barbara understood how I felt, and due to her professionalism, business acumen and personal touch, I soon found myself much calmer and somewhat hopeful. I entered into an agreement with Barbara, 4 Pillars and the Trustee. Everything Barbara had suggested and told me has come to fruition. I have since had a consultation with Barbara's financial consultation services and now understand new ways of budgeting.

Barbara has helped beyond my expectations. I have learned from Barbara. I am enjoying a life with good choices and the freedom and ability to do right for my children. I am thankful and grateful for Barbara, her knowledge and professionalism.

Kent, Ridge Meadows BC

"You were there to lift me up"

When no one would help me, you (4 Pillars) were there to lift me up and guide me to see the light at the end of a long distant tunnel and give me back hope. I am so happy that I will be completely debt free in 4 years! ($9,500 original debt reduced to $5,040 ($105 x 48 months).

Dan, Peterborough Ontario

"I can't thank you enough"

I can't thank you enough for helping me with my debt. I am so happy because I don't have to worry about how to pay my bills anymore. You made me feel so comfortable talking to you because I felt that I could trust you.Love Peggy.

Peggy, Sarnia Ontario

"No possible way to keep up with my credit card payments"

When I realized there was no possible way to keep up with my credit card payments and the stress was becoming too much to handle, I called 4 Pillars Consulting. After my first phone call, I already felt relief. Then, after meeting with Scott, my Turnaround Consultant, I felt like a giant weight had been lifted from my shoulders. He was able to drastically reduce my debt and turn my one monthly payment into something I can easily manage now. Scott is a real person who treated me like a real person, and can appreciate that people like me need help. The stress relief I feel now is great and I can go back to enjoying a stress free life.

LH, Kitchener Ontario

"I can breathe again"

I want to say "Thank You" again for all of your encouragement and help through a dark and stressful time. I can now breathe again and have my debt reduced by 70%! A huge weight has been lifted to make my life a much better place.

K&J, Kitchener Ontario

"$45,00 in debt reduced to $15,900"

When we were referred to 4 Pillars from a friend we thought our options were limited. After speaking to Adrian we saw the light at the end of the tunnel and got our first good nights sleep in months. ($45,000 original debt reduced to $15,900 ($265 x 60 months)).

Henry & Wanda, Peterborough Ontario

"We were facing bankruptcy"

Thank you so very much Pauline! Facing bankruptcy, losing the cottage and acknowledging the mess we were in were tough days! Your patience, your non-judgment, you calm reassuring smiles all made this process "do-able" for us. You were never too busy to return our numerous calls or emails. We say THANK YOU!

Betty & Bob S., Milton Ontario

"The harassment from creditors has stopped"

We want to thank you for helping us to get our finances back in control. The phone call harassment from creditors has stopped. We can now sleep at night without getting stressed out. We really appreciate what you have done for us. Thank You.

J&D W, Kitchener Ontario

"The call I made to 4 Pillars changed my life"

I had nowhere to turn, bills had piled up and creditors calling day and night! I couldn't even answer my phone any more. Then I saw the ad for 4Pillars and the call I made to them changed my life. They immediately helped me take charge of my financial nightmare! I no longer felt alone and have ongoing assistance whenever I need it! Today I am living a different life thanks to 4Pillars and it doesn't stop there! They are helping me to restructure and build my credit rating again. Their knowledge and expertise has given me a new beginning, a second chance and I highly recommend them to anyone that finds themselves in the claws of debt! Thank you so much 4Pillars!

Beverly, Guelph Ontario

"We are so thankful we found you"

It has been an eventful couple of months with car repairs and lower than normal commission but NOT particularly stressful because we had the funds to cover everything. I still have $3500.00 in my emergency fund after all the unexpected expenses. We cannot believe how different we are living with a manageable monthly payment. We now look at our budget each month and it is so nice to have money left over. We are taking the steps you recommended in rebuilding our credit score, we love being able to pay off our credit cards each month. We are so thankful we found you, reputable, honest and helpful. We are on the road to recovery and financial freedom.

Jennifer and Chris, Barrie Ontario

"You are a welcomed blessing in my life"

Thank you again so much for making me feel comfortable. You are a much needed and welcomed blessing in my life right now with everything that's going on. I am very grateful for that."

Steven, East Windsor

"Reduced my debt from $42,000 to $8,000"

When you told me you could reduce my debt from $42,000 to $8,000, I couldn't believe it. But you actually did it and now my stress is gone, thanks Frank!

GM, Brampton

"THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! You are awesome!"

Dear Trevor: Thank you so very much Trevor! You are awesome! You have been such a BIG help to us! Thank you just doesn't seem enough but THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! You have made this very difficult time so much easier for us and your professional style is just outstanding. Reducing our debt from $76,000 to $27,600 has made all the difference in getting our financial situation under control. We now have monthly payments we can afford at zero interest so we can actually pay off our debt instead of just interest. Thank you so much!

T&C Lawrie, Oshawa

"I was very nervous and upset on my first appointment"

I had finally got out of my own way and left an abusive marriage. I struggled financially on my own for almost an year. My daughter suggested I make an appointment with 4 Pillars, as she had heard only positive things about them. I was very nervous and upset on my first appointment but Pauline put at ease right away. Pauline provided me with information that was very informative and easy to follow and understand. I am very thankful for the professional support and compassion Pauline has provided me. I now can see the bright side of life and am moving forward with a positive manner.

Heather D., Guelph Ontario

"I saved tens of thousands of dollars"

After many years in business I realized I was slowly sucking up equity from my assets to pay bills and slowly the debt started to grow. I thought my business was recession proof but came to realize that it was too late to turn things around with the debt I had incurred. The bigger problem was that the debt was in my name and as I couldn't afford to pay myself wages it really started to snowball to the point where I was in trouble. I met Sue from 4 Pillars and she helped me in a big way. First, she needed a clear picture of all my debts and income, property, vehicles etc. Then she was able to help me develop a plan that would negotiate a better deal with the unsecured creditors. Sue was very thorough and understood where I was coming from and where I needed to be financially. She took control of the process and I just fed her the information she requested. In the end I saved tens of thousands of dollars and the phone calls and letters stopped. I was worried my name would be smeared and I would be an outcast, but it was all private and there was none of that. Sue was professional and excellent in all areas and I am so glad I met her. The best thing about the whole experience with Sue was that she truly cares about her clients and wants to help. I am now free of all unsecured debt and it feels fantastic. I pay cash for things now, I have money in the bank and all my commitments are met on time. It opened doors in my life I didn't know existed and I couldn't be happier! Thanks Sue!

CJ, Nanaimo BC

"Thank you for getting us through an awful time"

We just wanted to thank you for getting us through an awful time in our financial lives. We are so thankful that there are services out there that could help us start over without losing everything. We will definitely forward your name to anyone we come across whom we feel could use your services. Thanks again for helping give us a fresh start.
Steve and Andrea, Kitchener Ontario

"Words cannot express enough what you have done"

These words cannot express enough for what you and 4 Pillars have done for me and my family. I am so appreciative of the very quick work in handling my situation in such a precise and professional manner where my stress I was experiencing disappeared after getting the help I needed.

Dale, West Windsor

"You are amazing, from $44,000 to $9,000 in debt"

Thank you very much Frank for the great job. You reduced all my debts from $44,000 to $9,000 and wiped out the remaining interest. You are amazing.

JA, Brampton

"I highly recommend them to anyone"

I had nowhere to turn, bills had piled up and creditors calling day and night! I couldn't even answer my phone any more. Then I saw the ad for 4Pillars and the call I made to them changed my life. They immediately helped me take charge of my financial nightmare! I no longer feel alone and have ongoing assistance whenever I need it! Today I am living a different life thanks to 4Pillars and it doesn't stop there! They are helping me to restructure and build my credit rating again. Their knowledge and expertise has given me a new beginning, a second chance and I highly recommend them to anyone that finds themselves in the claws of debt! Thank you so much 4Pillars!

Beverly, Guelph Ontario

"I went from $1600 per month to $350"

Hugh the consumer proposal you suggested has given me a fresh start. I went from $1600.00 a month and interest to $350.00 a month for a consumer proposal. I now am starting to save money and thanks to you watch what I spend my money on. Thanks for all your help.

Peter, Burlington Ontario

"Your consumer proposal changed my life"

I want to thank you for all your help for getting me out of my debt problems. Right from the beginning I felt comfortable that your manner and professionalism would make my debt problems go away. My debt going away with the consumer proposal took away a lot of stress has changed my life for the better. Thanks again

Kelly, Burlington Ontario

"I can retire debt free in a few years"

One of my friends recommended Hugh to take care of my debt problems. I was scared that I had to go bankrupt. Hugh explained all my options very clearly and was very supportive of my physical pain and stress. Hugh gave me hope and now I feel I can retire debt free in a few years. Thanks Hugh

Zdenka, Burlington Ontario

"We are no longer desperate"

Hugh thanks. Roy and I are no longer desperate now that we can pay our debts off with the consumer proposal you suggested we do. We are now working daily on our budget and saving for the future. Thanks again Hugh!

Roy, Burlington Ontario

"Without you, our lives would have been very poor"

Once again, thank you for all that you did for me and my girls - without you our lives would have been very poor and full of stress and I wouldn't want that for my beautiful little girls - they don't need to know bad stuff or feel it for that matter. So, THANK YOU JIM!!!!!

NP, Hamilton Ontario

"4 Pillars changed my life for the better"

Chris Southey and 4 Pillars changed my life for the better. Before I sought help I was not sleeping well, constantly stressed and I had no clue what to do regarding my mountain of debt. However, from my first meeting with Chris my mind was put at ease and clear solutions to my problems were explained at the outset. We then chose the one which was best suited to my needs. Within several months Chris had helped me reduce my debt by over $20,000.00, making my monthly payments much more manageable and simplified. Meeting with Chris from 4 Pillars was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I will be glad to recommend him and 4 Pillars to anyone I come across who is having a hard time dealing with their financial woes.

Andrew D, Mississauga Ontario

"I had over $90,000 in debt"

I was burdened by over $90,000 in unsecured debts. I simply was not able to assume the payments on these debts. The situation was such that making the minimal payments would have required almost all my income and it would have been impossible for me to pay for my basic needs and those of my children. I contacted Chris to evaluate the options available to me. Going over all my information and analysing my situation, we were able to negotiate payments on a $30,000 combined debt level instead of the original $90,000. I am now able to fulfill my obligations and provide for both myself and my children. I am now on the way to be debt-free and rebuilding my credit rating. I have to thank Chris for this. He was there throughout the process and always available to answer my questions.

John G, Mississauga Ontario

"I will be debt free in 5 years"

By using 4 Pillars I was able to reduce my unsecured debts from almost $95,000 down to a payment of $375 per month and I will be debt free in just 5 years. By following the advice given, I am now back on track financially and living a worry free life again. If I didn't seek their help I would have lost my house, car and health.

Kevin, Ottawa

"She made a distressing situation bareable"

I am more than pleased to recommend the services Barabar Sergius at 'The 4 Pillars'.. she made a distressing situation bareable. She also made me feel like we were not alone in our situation. Always approachable, always returned an email, or phone call promptly, when I was concerned or had questions. She was very professional, and compassionate.

Debra, Business owner, Abbotsford

"That first meeting changed my day-to-day life"

I heartily recommend the services of Bob Hauck and 4 Pillars Kamloops. From the beginning, Bob impressed me with his ability to be at the same time realistic, clear-sighted, and reassuring. The awful stress of dealing with finances that had gone out of control began to dissipate immediately, and Bob worked hard to find the best possible way out of the crisis that I was in. It would be no exaggeration to say that calling 4 Pillars Kamloops and meeting with Bob changed my day-to-day life for the better. Thank you!

John B, Teacher, Kamloops BC

"I thought it was another dead end road to get out of debt"

Before I met Charlie I was feeling stuck, as in stuck with my wheels spinning while going nowhere in regards to my debt. I was making the minimum payments while the interest kept piling up. I came to see Charlie with a semi - closed mind, thinking that it was another dead end road to get out of debt, however, moments into our first meeting I felt comfortable and confident that Charlie knew his stuff and could help. One year has passed since our first meeting and I don't regret my decision to see him and use his services for a millisecond. I can't wait to get everything paid off, and to start rebuilding my credit. Thanks Charlie!

J.C., Kelowna BC

"I thought I would drown forever in my black hole of financial doom"

Just when I thought I would drown forever in my black hole of financial doom, Sue from 4 Pillars empathetically sat down with me, heard my situation and quickly went to work on a plan. With complete professionalism and confidence, she removed all fears and embarrassments and guided me down the path to my financial rebuilding. This helped my self - esteem and gave me renewed hope. For the 1st time in years I felt like there's a light at the end of my tunnel, and I could once again attain my goals and dreams. I give Sue Grubac my highest recommendation. Her soft manner will immediately have you feeling comfortable. She will act 100% on your behalf to find the best solution for you with your creditors.

RA, Coombs

"My debts have been completely settled"

I originally signed up for debt help with a different company (not 4 Pillars) based out of Ontario and received very poor service and the bank actually decided to sue me. I was completely stressed out and didn't know where to turn.

In June of 2013 I went to see a lawyer to help me out with the pending lawsuit and my lawyer, introduced me to Benjy Houser who worked with 4 Pillars Consulting doing debt consolation and counseling. Benjy immediately met with me, we went over my debt, budgets, etc. I was feeling bad about the situation I found myself in but Benjy treated me with tact and diplomacy. He was never judgmental. I will admit that I was at first skeptical about dealing with another debt consolidation company, but Benjy put all those fears aside. I am pleased to say that after only a few months my debts have been completely settled and the lawsuit ended due to his great work. Benjy is truly a pillar in the community. I would without hesitation recommend him to my friends.

Kathy Remple, Victoria BC

"Literally saved our marriage"

We thought we were hopelessly in debt! Thank you, Chris, for negotiating the settlement of our debts and literally saving our marriage.

Richard and Suzy M. Victoria BC

"I did not want to consider bankruptcy"

I would like to thank you for helping me through my very difficult financial situation last year. After my wife's death and a short term job loss I was left completely overloaded in debt and no idea of how to deal with it. I did not want to consider bankruptcy, but there was more money going out every month on debt payments than I was earning in income. Your assistance and advise was greatly appreciated as this was a very difficult time in my life and I am more than relieved now that my debts are dealt with. It fees like I have a completely fresh start and can begin to rebuild my life again. I would highly recommend you to other people that are going through similar financial problems. All your help and assistance was greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Ken Brett, Victoria BC

"I don't know where we would be without 4 Pillars"

I was such stressful times until I met Peter Temple. He has helped me by talking with me and discussing which way I should proceed with my life. I would recommend 4 Pillars to anyone and thankful that I found them. We were shocked how simple it was to dramatically reduce our debt. I don't know where we would be without 4 Pillars.

Terry B, Security Officer, Burnaby

"No judgement and with concise instructions"

This service was easily accessible and dealt with in a very personable manner. It was great to be met where I was with no judgment, and with understanding and clear concise instructions of what to do next. This service has helped me in moving forward and getting my life back on the right track.

Ken J., Kelowna BC

"There are options to dealing with your debt"

There are options to dealing with your debt, and an appointment to meet with Blair is a huge step in the right direction. Blair takes the time to listen to you and to understand your situation. Blair works with you to see your plan through to the end in a personal yet very professional manner. With Blair in my corner, I was able to sleep at night and am now able to look towards the future. Having 4 Pillars represent me turned out to be a very wise decision.

Karen J, Insurance Sales, Oak Bay

"I have recommended 4 Pillars to others in my position"

I have recommended you to others I have encountered in my position and want to once again thank you for helping me get my life (and finances) back in shape. Thank You for getting me through this difficult time in my life.

Carleen S, Home Support Worker, Victoria BC

"We were very desperate"

We were very desperate and Robert was willing to help us get through it all. I feel that this entire process went so well that I do not know how it could improve. We went from being desperate to now to now being relieved that we can get by with what we have.

Trevor & Jodi R., Castlegar BC

"Everything went exactly as you said it would"

Your expert knowledge and professionalism gave us the confidence to have you handle our debt settlement. Everything went exactly as you said it would. We are now debt free and are working on building our credit rating with your help. You are the best!

Dick and Mary H., Victoria, BC

"We were so far in debt"

I had never gone through an debt situation before and the feeling that I was letting everyone down upset me more. I was also overwhelmed on what to do. I was thinking that I will someday get money from somewhere and this problem would vanish. All this made me procrastinate, which only added stress because it was becoming difficult for us to make end meet. I was loosing sleep and my relationship was also suffering. I would thank god for helping me realize that this debts was not going away and used the services of Pradeep. I must admit initially I was a little skeptical. The reason was that I had approached Banks earlier to find out an way out this mess and I was told by them that they could not help me. They told me that I had excellent credit but was an very risky client. Like most of people I thought that Banks were the only source of advice. When I met Pradeep, he was very professional and compassionate in our meeting and explained all the options I had. He literally made me understand each step of the process, so that I knew exactly what I was doing. I was somewhat skeptical even till the end and was surprised when the creditors accepted our offer of paying back only an portion of the debt. I thank Pradeep for being so understanding of my situation and also taking off an huge burden of my shoulder.

Patrick, Edmonton

"My Son's debt spiralled out of control "

I want to express my appreciation for helping my son achieve financial stability once again. Over a period of time, my sons' debt spiralled out of control to the tune of some $90,000, due to the impact of a slowed economy on his business. It's fortunate that we found your office. You gave us excellent counsel on what steps could be taken to remedy the debt. Your professionalism stood out by treating us respectfully; with complete confidentiality. Today, as a result of successfully resolving his debt load, my son no longer feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. He's back to his old self again, living life to the fullest and enjoying family and friends once again.

HC, Red Deer Alberta

TrustPilot Reviews of 4 Pillars

We believe that transparency and financial literacy are key to helping Canadians solve their debt crises. That’s why we’ve committed to using TrustPilot to publish verified reviews of 4 Pillars.TrustPilot is similar to Yelp—companies can not edit or alter the reviews and TrustPilot ensures that reviews are accurate, unbiased, and verified clients of businesses.

4 Pillars has over 1200 reviews at TrustPilot, maintaining a 9.6 star rating of 10.

We’ve selected some reviews below that show how our services help Canadians navigate their debt crisis and rebuild their financial lives. You can read all of these reviews over at Trustpilot.

"We went from $69,000 of debt to only $12,000"

We had the amazing guidance of Steve Dubarry help us through a very difficult time in deciding are next step in creating a better future for us.

We didn’t think it was possible with the amount of debt we incurred over the years to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

He, step by step, got us through the process of over 69,000$ of debt, to an affordable repayment balance of 12,000$, and only 200$ a month.

If we didn’t make the first phone call to Steve, we would still be drowning ourselves every month trying to figure out how to get out of this rut we were in.

Steve is a caring and patient individual person that you need to contact for advice on your financial needs to make your future much brighter.

We recommend Steve, at 4 pillars to get you through the hardest decision you ever have to make. Thank you for everything, and our peace of mind, to be able to provide for our family again with ease.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: $57,000

"4 Pillars saved me tens of thousands of dollars."

Consultant Chris Grew from 4 Pillars Consulting, Victoria B.C. office saved me tens of thousands of dollars. From the very first meeting I knew that I was in good hands as Chris explained in detail the difference between "Filing for Bankruptcy" and "Submitting a Consumer Proposal", and which one was best suited for my situation. My original debt was $75,000 and Chris worked to bring that amount down to $21,000, to be paid off in manageable monthly payments of $350 over 5 years. Chris worked very diligently to make this happen and I am forever grateful for his help in alleviating a mountain of financial stress.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: $54,000

"Can finally breathe again."

Great and stress free service so knowledgeable, very easy to talk to and get a hold of. Answered all our questions. I would recommend this to anyone who is stressed about debit or in over your head we went from $59,000 to $15,000 and can finally breathe again.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: $44,000

"In debt for longer than I can remember."

Steve DuBarry changed my life. I have been in debt for longer than I can remember, recently divorced with a young child. I had met with a trustee before meeting with Steve, and wow I am glad I did not sign that day. The trustee suggested a consumer proposal for my huge debt and recommended offering $550/month for 60 months, but told me that I should expect to pay $750/month. I actually thought this was a great option considering how much I owed. Before I went to sign, a family member suggested I meet with Steve first. He saved me thousands! Steve was able to get my proposal approved at $200/month and was fantastic to work with. If I had not taken the advice to call Steve, I would have paid between $33,000 - $45,000 through a consumer proposal. Through Steve, I was approved at $12,000! I was floored and will be forever thankful. If you read this, you need to call Steve DuBarry!

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: $21,000 - $33,000 more than other solutions

"We are now paying $100 a month—instead of $900 to $1000."

We were really satisfied with the service we received from 4 Pillars! Zach is fantastic! He is patient, and does everything he can to help! It's a huge relief to get rid of our debts! Now we are paying around a hundred dollars/ month instead of the 900-1000/month!! Thanks to Zach from J., J. and the kids

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: $800 - $900 / month savings

"Helped me turn my life around."

I heard about consumer proposal but didn’t really expect anything from it. Made some appointment and next thing i know Shawn Franck from 4 pillars called me. Told me he could cut 80% of my debts. Was a little skeptical but told myself why not. Well, he did everything as promised. 35000 became 12000, no more interest and one easy payment per month. Helped me turn me life around.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: $23,000

"I tried to reduce debt on my own for years."

I tried for a couple of years, on my own, to get the credit card companies to lower, or stop, interest - due to extreme changes in my situation (loss of more than half my income, plus advancing disability) - but they would not budge.

4 Pillars took over; my debts were minimized, and now my payments are very manageable. I'm not sure what percentage of my debts were forgiven, but it had to be at least 75 percent or more. If it wasn't for 4 Pillars, my situation could have turned really bad.Thank you 4 Pillars for saving my sanity.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: 75%

"My home was saved."

I was referred by a friend to 4 Pillars and have no regrets. From my very first contact with 4 Pillars I was highly impressed with their professionalism, genuine interest in helping me resolve my debt issues, and prompt response to all my questions. In just 2 months 4 Pillars has helped me settle with 7 creditors, my home was saved and my debt reduced by 50%. You are always up to date and I am so glad I found them. I am very grateful.”

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: 50%, home saved, plan dealt with seven creditors

"I thought there was no solution to my financial problems."

I really thought there was no solution to my financial problems. I was hopeless about my future because no matter how much I tried to catch up on my payments, it seemed impossible to pay as I could only afford to pay the interest. I was thankful that a friend introduced me to 4 Pillars Consulting. They really, really helped me a lot. They lowered my debt up to 25% with no more interest. I was totally relieved from stress. Thanks to the compassionate and professional staff from 4 Pillars; you just don't know how much grateful am I to your team.”

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: 25%

"I reduced my debt payments by half."

My experience with David Moffatt was excellent. He worked hard to develop the best strategy to reduce my debt payments. He is hardworking and very professional. I had a terrible experience with a major trustee company where I was told my debt payments would be well over 30%. David managed to reduce my payments to half and, unlike the major trustee company, was very clear and forthcoming about the process. It is absolutely true that individuals entering into bankruptcy or consumer proposal need representation. The trustees represent the other side and are motivated to ensure a high repayment because they make their fee as a percentage of the total. The cost of 4 Pillars is absolutely worth it, in spite of what Trustees will say. Not only did the 4 Pillars fee allow me to gain substantial savings in my debt repayment, it also provided me with a great understanding of, and control over, the process. I highly recommend David Moffatt at 4 Pillars.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: Reduced payments by 50%

"I’m not depressed anymore and I’m enjoying myself again."

Trevor Glasser of 4 Pillars Consulting really worked hard for me finding a great solution to my financial woes! I've gone bankrupt 2 times and have had a consumer proposal also in the past 30 years. I had been injured badly in 2010 and moved back to Ontario to be around family for support. My neck was broken from a fall on ice and after major surgery to repair the damage I'm earning only 40% of what I was before my accident at work. I spent a lot of my money and maxed out my credit cards spending money on family and a bad $9,000.00 loan to help my son out with his lawyer in his divorce proceedings. When the money well went dry all of my family including my son abandoned me. I thought I would have to go bankrupt for a third time because of my $48,000.00 debt. Trevor Glasser of 4 Pillars Consulting worked out a great consumer proposal for me to be completely debt free by the time I'm 64 years old.

I was so depressed with this enormous debt and my life altering injury I had very bad thoughts on my life.

Because of Trevor Glasser of 4 Pillars Consulting my financial situation has improved to where I'm not depressed anymore and I'm enjoying myself again. I haven't had any contact with my family for 3 years now, but at least I'm enjoying life again and I don't have empty pockets!

I recommend Trevor Gasser of 4 Pillars Consulting and 4 Pillars Consulting to be your voice for all of your financial needs!

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: $48,000

"Debt does not need to become a way of life."

4 Pillars changed our life! I would highly recommend this company to anyone who has lost hope of seeing a day without debt. Debt does not need to become a way of life! When you are struggling with sleeping, with collections calls, with your relationships, and perhaps even your health, please know there is help and solutions to all of those. I know I can breathe, smile and dance again thanks to David Moffitt and 4 Pillars! From $95,000 in debt down to $18,000 and debt free while learning credit rebuilding habits in five years! Woohoo! I can't begin to explain the impact this has on our family! Thank you David! Thank you 4 Pillars!

Review Rating: 5 stars

"Saved our lives—and our marriage."

Right from the start Christine Wagner from 4 Pillars was very helpful. Always answered my questions right away. We had to go this route with the amount of debt we had. We didn’t take the decision to do this lightly. We have spent our lives keeping perfect credit. Still struggling with the fact we lost our credit but $75,000 was a ridiculous amount to pay interest on. 4 Pillars got it reduced to $24,000. Saved our lives and marriage.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: $51,000

"I am eternally grateful."

I have rated this company five stars as I received a Five-star Experience. I was hesitant at first but once I went into their office and spoke with a financial advisor I was well taken care of. My debt of almost $30,000 was reduced to $9600. I am eternally grateful for the help I received. The entire process was hassle free and stress free. Thanks 4 Pillars!

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: $20,400

"4 Pillars reduced my debt by 80%."

4 Pillars successfully negotiated a debt reduction for me by nearly 80%, i.e., from over $100,000 to $24,000. This made a lot of difference for me after struggling with paying down my debts for over 20 years. Every member of the 4 Pillars firm were very helpful and professional. I highly recommend 4 Pillars to anyone who is in a tough position with debts in difficult times.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: $76,000

"We had three jobs but still couldn’t pay everything."

I recommend 4 Pillars to everyone in need of help if they find themselves in big financial trouble. Me and my wife never thought we could get out of debt. But because of you we were able to get away with more than $100,000. We tried our best to find means just to payout. We are in a situation where we had three jobs but still couldn’t pay everything and even our health suffered. Thanks to 4 Pillars because you did everything for our consumer proposal to be accepted. Now we are only paying $375 a month for 5 years. I've seen the effect in our lives which is why I recommended your company to people close to us. Thanks again because we are living debt free and stress free now. The consumer proposal you did for us is such a blessing. We suffered in helping our family but it's a joy for us because we see them in good condition and we get rewarded of this consumer proposal being accepted.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: $100,000

"Debt wasn’t an issue until my wife’s cancer diagnosis."

It was one of the most difficult decisions that I have ever made, being in debt was really not an issue for awhile until my spouse was diagnosed with Stage 4 Rectal Cancer. We still tried to maintain our obligations but it was getting tougher month by month. Then we started missing some payments, started relying on payday loans to get the necessary medical supplies needed for my wife’s care. I then started to browse online for information on bankruptcy versus debt consolidation and I come across 4 Pillars and was blown away by the positive responses from prior clients. I have to tell you it was the best decision I have ever made. I had a meeting with a 4 Pillars representative and explained what I was going through, we discussed all options open to me and thought it best to go with a consumer debt proposal. I really need to thank Jim Ferguson at the local Hamilton office he has made my life so much easier now, I was paying almost $700 per month on credit products that we had and with his valuable help was able to trim the payment to $100 per month, Thank you Jim for all your hard work.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: $600/month

"The best financial decision I’ve made in a long time."

Coming to 4 Pillars Consulting was probably the best decision I have made in a very long time because I was getting in quite the pickle with all my bills and many years of interest paid on my debt.

Having almost $30,000 in debt wasn't looking very good, 4 Pillars was able to reduce that down to $9000. I couldn't be more happy with them helping me out with this. Such a stress reliever that my debt won't continue to grow anymore with lots of interest. I like the fact that they are there to work with you.

After going between jobs, this definitely helped me out a lot with $150 payments per month with no interest for the next 60 months. I like the fact that if I wanted to pay it off, that I can make lump sum payments.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: $21,000

"My debt never went down—until 4 Pillars."

I have been in debt for over 7 years. I pay my bills on time and gave more than was required but it just seemed to be on one level. It never went down! I registered for the OPD program by Money Mentors and after paying $640.00 for 4 years, it only reduced my $54,000 debt by $20,000. After losing my job with an oil and gas company, I realized that the OPD payments is no longer attainable. I saw the 4 Pillars advertisement on Facebook and contacted them. Within 2 months, my Consumer Proposal was approved. I went from a $34,000 debt to $4,340, I will be paying off by the balance by the end of 2017. Thank you 4 Pillars for referring my file to an Insolvency Trustee, the professionalism that I encountered and your credit rebuilding services.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: $29,660

"It was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year."

4 Pillars was more than helpful. They explained every option I had and took really good care of me as a customer. I was debt free in no time, I saved more than $25000 in debts

I highly recommend 4 Pillars.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: $25,000

"A light at the end of the tunnel."

A good friend of mine referred me to 4 Pillars for debt consolidation. The first few months was very stressful but after meeting with the trustee, I felt hopeful. A light at the end of the tunnel. I was thrilled and so happy to receive an email from Peter Temple of 4 Pillars. My proposal passed. It felt like a torn was taken off my chest. I'm very grateful to all the staff of 4 Pillars and Sand and Associate for helping me cut my debt to almost 80%. Thank you so much for all your help.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: 80% debt reduction

"The best decision we could have ever made."

Before meeting Frank my husband and I were in a terrible financial situation. We were drowning in debt, living pay cheque to pay cheque and couldnt keep up with our bills and payments. Yes, we were skeptical at first in contacting 4 Pillars. But thankfully we did. When we met with Frank we never felt judged about our financial situation. He took the time to explain everything to us and what are options were. He made us feel comfortable and was and is always there to answer our questions and concerns. We are now on a path of financial security and we have no troubles paying and keeping up with our bills. Contacting Frank at 4pillars was the best decision we could have ever made. Thank you Frank for everything!

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: On the path of financial security, no troubles paying bills

"Lifetime support for our financial journey."

In the summer of 2014 my wife Sandra and I went to 4 Pillars and seen Jane Williams. We were told by other people that the only solution to our financial problems was with a bankruptcy. Jane told us of a better plan for our situation, she said that a consumer proposal would be a better solution. She also told us that with our fee we would get lifetime support with our financial journey.

Jane got us two credit cards at the beginning of the process so that we could start to build our cedit score. She also taught us how to better manage the money that we had coming in and not to live beyond our means. We went through with the plan and since then we have cleared all of our outstanding debt, have increased our credit score and have also managed to save money, someting we were unable to do before.

With regards to the lifetime support we recently saw Steve DuBarry becauce we had noticed discrepancies with our credit report. He not only told us how to get started but assisted in filling out the paperwork. He also told us that he had contacts that could help us get our new vehicle. We are and will be forever grateful to the 4 Pillars team for all of their support.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Debt Reduced: Avoided bankruptcy, cleared all outstanding debt, increased credit score, started saving money

"4 Pillars helped me create a solid financial foundation."

At the age of 19, when I began working with Charlie and Monique, my goal was to establish a positive credit rating so I could eventually buy my own place. Shortly after I turned 21 I became the owner of a 2 bedroom condo in downtown Kelowna.

In preparing for this purchase I received guidance on applying for and effectively using credit to build my credit score. Charlie also introduced me to other professionals (financial planners, mortgage brokers and realtors) at an early stage to assist me in the process. I was able to effectively budget to save for my down payment, and I was informed of the costs involved in a property purchase. Any financial questions I had were clearly explained. 4 Pillars helped me create a solid financial foundation that will help me achieve all of my future financial goals.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Result: Became owner of two bedroom condo in Kelowna

"4 Pillars saved me."

When the family business failed and a divorce soon followed, a perfect storm of devastation was all I had left. 4 Pillars helped save my home and any chance for a successful future I had left . Their solid advice, innovative strategies and continued support paved the way for rebuilding my credit and teaching me how to spend intelligently. Two years later, I'm debt free and my credit is up 100 points. I am well on my way to the finish line and have Charlie, Monique and the entire team at 4 Pillars to thank.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Result: Improved credit score by 100 points and now debt free

"I’m a single mother with no child support."

I am a single mother of teenaged boys. I receive no child support. I got badly into credit card debt due to dental bills and just trying to provide for my son's. I was paying approximately $600.00 per month just to service my debt. It kept me up at night and I was afraid. So I called 4 Pillars after seeing an ad on Facebook. Tasha and Taryn were so very helpful and friendly to me. I was ashamed and embarrassed at being in my situation but the staff put paid to that right away. I now pay only a fraction of what I was paying to service my debt before and I can actually sleep at night now. And I am rebuilding my credit. I also received excellent advice about budgeting and actually saving some money. I am very grateful to 4 Pillars for helping me and would highly recommend this company if you have a debt problem.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Results: Paid a fraction of what she owed

"I no longer worry about living paycheck to paycheck."

I was having financial difficulty after a divorce and didn't really know where to turn. I found 4Pillars in my local area on google and it had a great review, so I gave David a call. David gave me advice, guidance, and coaching throughout my consumer proposal. He answered any questions I had in person or by email promptly and in full. I no longer worry about living paycheck to paycheck and having bills piling up. Now that my bills have been consolidated, I'm paying a fraction of what I was previously, my credit is improving every month, and I have savings for a rainy day!

Review Rating: 5 stars
Results: Paying a fraction of previous payments, credit improving every month, and now building their savings

"If it wasn’t for 4 Pillars, I’d never be debt free."

I want to first start off buy saying thank you to Zach Brull, 4 Pillars Consulting. This has truly been a remarkable journey and life learning experience. Things weren't going very well for me way I needed help desperalty. No one likes to feel cornered by creditors calls and receiving threatening letters, it was very upsetting, frustrating and stressful not knowing what other options were out there to deal with situations like this out there. I was praying that if there is a light at the end of the tunnel to get me out of the mess I am in. So happen Zach came into my life and changed my life completely from good to bad.

I was introduced to 4 pillars and what they stand for, I was amazed with the information that was given to me by Zach. Zach made it sound so easy and got me back on my feet and I finally took a leap of faith and signed my consumer proposal I said to myself it was easy. Now is the time to get on the right track and start fresh and living life stress free. I want to thank Zach for his tremendous dedication and hard work in putting me and my worst situation into good situation. If it wasn’t for Zach (4 Pillars) helping me getting out of debt I wouldn’t be were i am today debt free.Thank you 4 pillars and Zach for everything.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Results: Debt free

"We can breathe again."

A recent review of our joint finances by a financial acquaintance led us to realize that our current situation was untenable, well beyond repair by means of any debt consolidation strategy. He said, however, that he had a friend who could help, and a day later we received a call from Shawn Frank of 4 Pillars, Montreal. This call was life-changing, for the better.

After listening to an overview of our income to debt ratio, Shawn said that a "Consumer Proposal" would be needed and he discussed what this meant and what would be entailed to have this go forward.

We were incredulous that this strategy even existed and it took several phone calls and e-mail follow-ups for us to believe that this possibility was actually available to us. Shawn was ever-encouraging in going forward with this over the next several weeks. All queries to him by phone and/or e-mail were promptly replied to no-matter what the hour. Not sure when he sleeps!

The culmination of all this was the presentation of our Consumer Proposal to the Creditor Trustee, accompanied by Shawn, who drove for three hours to support us. That was several weeks ago. Yesterday, we received a call that our proposal had been accepted without modification. Words cannot adequately express our joy and relief.

Shawn provided support and encouragement every step of the way as he worked to prepare our proposal. The result: we are no longer shackled with a life-long debt burden and are now on the road to a brighter financial future. We can breathe again.

Review Rating: 5 stars
Results: Debt is behind them with a solid financial plan to rebuild their credit

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