Credit Rebuilding

4 Pillars offers one of the most comprehensive credit rebuilding programs in Canada.

By combining the debt and credit expertise of 4 Pillars Consulting Group with proven credit rebuilding programs and education on effective use of credit this program is a must for consumers wanting to build a strong credit score.

Our Credit Rebuilding Program offers you

  • Professional assessment of your credit report
  • Access to financial products to rebuild credit
  • Over 10 years of proven credit rebuilding experience
  • Access to your credit score
  • Access to your credit report
  • Over 60 offices throughout Canada
  • Multiple credit rebuilding products

Program Cost: $1200/year (included in 4 Pillars debt restructuring programs)

The benefits to you

  • Proven credit rebuilding that produces real results
  • Access to financial products to rebuild credit
  • Customized programs to fit your needs
  • Comprehensive credit report analysis
  • Work with a professional to review your report
  • Access to debt services to fix bad credit items
  • Clear direction on how to improve your credit rating
  • Access to credit professionals throughout the year
  • Perfect program in preparation for upcoming loans and mortgages

Credit Rebuilding Information

There is no magic bullet to credit rebuilding. Many consumers don’t realize that credit is an important part of accumulating wealth in Canada. Credit is easily damaged but it can take years to repair without the right information, tools and a clear path to creating a strong credit score.

The goal of every credit rebuilding program is to reach a score of 650 or higher and qualify for a CMHC approved mortgage.

This assumes that the client has taken our exclusive credit rebuilding program and completed the program in its entirety. The outcome cannot be guaranteed because of variables outside the control of the credit rebuilding program such as missed payments, legal action, fraud, or other issues that could occur.

Start building a stronger credit score today.

Here's how credit rebuilding works.


We assess your credit rating

The goal is to analyze your credit report and fix any errors that might be affecting your credit score. We need to look at dealing with your debts in collection (if any) and set you up for step 2.


We create a credit rebuilding plan

We have the best credit rebuilding products in the industry. We create a customized credit rebuilding plan to increase your credit score in 24 months. Our plans work by having you obtain new credit and then use this credit responsibly.


Protecting your credit rating

You have worked hard to re build your credit. Our goal here is to make sure you don't make any one of the top 50 credit mistakes that can hurt your score. We are with you all the way and no one is more commitment to your financial future than us!


Ah, relax you can breathe again

Enjoy the feeling of finally having your credit score restored. It's time to think about your future and you now have a solid foundation for creating wealth.

Speak to an expert in confidence.

Start Rebuilding Credit Today.