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Ottawa Experts Rogers Network

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Media Coverage:

4 Pillars Consulting helps Canadians Tackle Debt
One of the most stressful parts about falling into debt is receiving incessant, harassing calls from creditors.
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Do you ever wonder why 4 Pillars is so unique.
This Be the Boss video interview explains more about the 4 Pillars franchise opportunity.
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Here is an "Interview with a CEO" (Reg Rocha) on Be the Boss.
Reg Rocha's CEO management profile is highlighted in this interview on 4 Pillars Consulting Group.
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4 Pillars Creates a New Way to Deal With Debt Problems
4 Pillars Consulting Group and The Phoenix Fund has created a strategic partnership and launched Canada's most progressive debt restructuring and financing program to revolutionize how consumers deal with overwhelming debt and rebuild their credit ratings.
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4 Pillars Consulting Contributors
Paul Murphy and Troy Tisserand regularly write new articles that are posted on the 4 Pillars Consulting blog on debt restructuring, budgeting, credit rebuilding, bankruptcies, and consumer proposals.
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Financial Literacy Coverage

Media Coverage:

Financial Literacy ABLE Conference 2013
At the Financial Literacy ABLE Conference Mr. Jerry Buckland and Troy Tisserand presented a panel of Financial Literacy participants on understanding predatory pricing and marketing to vulnerable Canadians.
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ABLE Conference Financial Literacy Short Video
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Impact of Predatory Lending created by Mr. Jerry Buckland and Troy Tisserand at the ABLE Financial Literacy conference.
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Here is a Financial Literacy Article highlighting the work of Troy Tisserand with Pillars Consulting Group.
It can be tough to look at your finances with a critical eye, especially when you're not sure what you're looking at.
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Money Matters: Helping Canadians understand their finances.
Many Canadians have lost the ability to budget and understand their own financial situation, especially with the increasing use of debit and credit cards, says Centum network partner Troy Tisserand.
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