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Beating The Debt Game Book

Beating the Debt Game

by Paul Murphy

You’ve seen the headlines. Canadians are greatly overextended in debt, a paycheque away from serious trouble, and further at the mercy of the vast financial system that controls most of our lives.

The stakes are high. The game is rigged. And yet, most Canadians know little about how the debt world really works. Even worse, they don’t know that with a little knowledge any Canadian can make the debt system work for them, instead of against them.

This book is a short guide to tipping the debt scales back in your favour. This book will be your weapon against debt, your financial education that should have been taught in high school, and hopefully a cold dose of common sense to help you avoid falling deeper into those financial traps that attempt to reduce our ability to build long-term wealth and divert our paychecks to the banks, credit cards, and high-interest lenders.

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Beating the Debt Game will teach you:

  • Why the 40% rule is key to managing debt and spending
  • Specific steps to running a rock-solid financial household
  • Common debt traps to avoid
  • How to beat the credit card companies
  • The hidden mechanics of your credit score
  • Dealing with divorce, bankruptcy, and student loans

Reading this short book might just be the best step forward that you will ever take to finally secure the healthy financial future that awaits you, with your debt firmly, and finally, under control.


Paul Murphy is a managing partner at 4 Pillars, the largest independent full-service debt restructuring firm in Canada. 4 Pillars has helped over 50,000 Canadian families reduce their debt and rebuild their financial future by focusing on financial education and financial literacy.

Before joining 4 Pillars, Paul had a 20 year career in the investment and banking industry, helping him offer a unique perspective to Canadians navigating complex financial crisis.

Paul is a member of the Canadian Debtors Association, an independent organization that advocates for financial literacy and increased options for Canadians facing financial trouble.

“Paul Murphy arms readers with his unique perspective of the consumer credit and debt industry.”

— Henrietta E. Ross, President of
The Canadian Debtors Association
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