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Corporate Debt Restructuring

Dealing with financial or operational challenges is something almost every business owner struggles with at some point.

Now more than ever, businesses are facing financial challenges and needing to make some very difficult decisions. Our sister company, Corporate Turnaround Group gives you practical and specific advice on the challenges your business is facing.

CTG offers a free online assessment to business owners needing help.

The goal of this initial report is to give you some understanding of the situation you are facing and covers the key financial and legal aspects to consider when your company is facing financial challenges. You may decide this information is enough for you to know what to do or you can schedule a call with a CTG consultant to discuss your situation and the options available.

To receive the report, head over to the CTG website and click ‘KNOW YOUR OPTIONS BUSINESS ASSESSMENT’

Click the link to learn more about corporate restructuring and get your report today

If you would like to schedule a consultation please email support@ctgi.ca

Rest assured, CTG works for you, the business owner(s) and will lay out all the options based on your specific circumstances and desired outcome. CTG is here to provide Canadian entrepreneurs with an unbiased assessment of the business situation, advise them on the most effective options to meet the long term goals of the business owners, and review any future impact on directors and owners from potential liabilities.

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