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Credit Acceleration Programs

4 Pillars offers complementary services to Trustee's clients

Already filed a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy?


Congratulations! You have taken the first step in creating a better future for you and your family. For over 18 years, 4 Pillars Consulting has been helping consumers rebuild credit and create wealth after bankruptcies, consumer proposals, and settling debts in collection.

Dealing with debt is the first step. If you want to Fast Track your financial rehabilitation, 4 Pillars Consulting can help minimize the impact debt restructuring has on your credit rating.


There is no magic bullet to credit rebuilding. Many consumers don’t realize that credit is an important part of accumulating wealth in Canada. Credit is easily damaged, but it can take years to repair without the right information, tools, and a clear path to creating a strong credit score.

The goal of every aftercare program is to reach a score of 650 or higher and qualify for a CMHC approved mortgage.

Assuming the client has taken our exclusive credit rebuilding program and completed the program in its entirety. The outcome cannot be guaranteed because of variables outside the control of the credit rebuilding program, such as missed payments, legal action, fraud, or other issues that could occur.

Start building a stronger credit score today.

Our Credit Rebuilding Program offers you

Program Cost: $1200/year
(included in 4 Pillars debt restructuring programs)

The benefits to you

Here's how credit rebuilding works.


We assess your credit rating

The goal is to analyze your credit report and fix any errors that might be affecting your credit score. We need to look at dealing with your debts in the collection (if any) and set you up for step 2.


We create a credit rebuilding plan

We have the best credit rebuilding products in the industry. We create a customized credit rebuilding plan to increase your credit score in 24 months. Our programs work by having you obtain new credit and then use this credit responsibly.


Protecting your credit rating

You have worked hard to rebuild your credit. Our goal is to make sure you don’t make any of the top 50 credit mistakes that can hurt your score. We are with you all the way, and no one is more committed to your financial future than 4 Pillars!


Ah, relax you can breathe again

Enjoy the feeling of finally having your credit score restored. It’s time to think about your future, and you now have a solid foundation for creating wealth.

Services we offer:

Credit rebuilding programs available as soon as a client's proposal has passed

Bankruptcy Clients

Credit rebuilding programs available as soon as you are as discharged from Bankruptcy

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