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Consumer Debt needs to be an Election Issue. Now.

By Reg Rocha

Consumer Debt needs to be an Election Issue. Now. October 3, 2019 I’ve been in the business of supporting consumer debtors for nearly 20 years. In that time, I have observed a steady and alarming trend toward rising consumer debt and financial instability. This week, yet another report was released pointing to what is a […]

Want to properly manage your money? Build these 7 habits.

By Paul Murphy

20-year financial veteran Paul Murphy explains the best way to manage your money with 7 essential habits. These habits will help you stay out of debt, stick to your budget, and build long-term financial stability.  I know that when it comes to managing money, it can sometimes feel like financial security is out of your control. […]

Canada’s bet with debt.

By Reg Rocha

Canada’s bet with debt.  Back in 2008, the world was knocked into one of the worst recessions we had seen in decades. Canada was by no means immune. Over-leveraged Canadians lost property and businesses, retirement investments tanked and consumer confidence plummeted. History tells us this kind of downward spiral is very dangerous.  To introduce some […]

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