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4 Pillars Consulting Financial Literacy Overview

Financial Literacy Summary:

For over 16 years 4 Pillars Consulting has been involved in developing Financial Literacy in Canada. In 2005, 4 Pillars began working with the community and City of Edmonton to evolve and deliver a new platform of financial literacy tools. The curriculum was for supporting social workers to reduce poverty while supporting local non-profit organizations. These early programs assisted the City of Edmonton into developing new programs and establishing it as a 'hot bed' for Financial Literacy in Canada. Over the last 9 years 4 Pillars has worked with the City of Edmonton and local non-profit organizations to create the Alberta Asset Building Collaborative (ABABC), a 40 member Collaborative consisting of Provincial, and Municipal representatives, non-profit and for-profit organizations, social workers, and 4 Pillars expanding the reach and application of financial literacy in the capital region.

The Alberta Asset Building Collaborative (later renamed as the Edmonton Financial Empowerment Collaborative in 2016) has also established multiple sub-committees to support its work and to evolve its mandate. One committee is the Facilitators Committee that trains other facilitators within the region on how to teach financial literacy. Another committee now governs Empoweru , and the third committee liaisons with other collaboratives, and financial literacy organizations across the country. 4 Pillars is involved in all of these initiatives. 4 Pillars is a founding member of the EmpowerU , Co-chairs the Facilitators Committee, and is an active member of the Collaborative, earning the respect and recognition of its contribution from other industry players such as Prosper , FCAC, Momentum, and SEED in Winnipeg.

To learn more about the organizations we work with in the Edmonton community click on the link.

2014 Financial Literacy Coverage

(FCAC) National Conference on Financial Literacy

During Financial Literacy Month in November, 4 Pillars attended the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) National Conference on Financial Literacy. Over the two days more than 300 delegates from across Canada worked to form key parts of the FCAC National Strategy on Financial Literacy in Canada.

FCAC Financial Literacy Conference Information

(FCAC) Consultation on Financial Literacy

Later that same month of November - (Financial Literacy Month), 4 Pillars also participated in a round table discussion to provide additional input into the FCAC Financial Literacy Strategy.

Some of members present were:

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