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Debt Help

4 Pillars consultants offer a variety of services specific to people in debt. We outline the options available to you and walk you through the process so you find the best solution available. Your debt solution will likely be one of the following:

Consumer Proposals

A viable restructuring option for over 45,000 Canadians a year, a Consumer Proposal allows the consumer to seek legal protection from their creditors and pay back only a portion owed.

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Seeking bankruptcy protection is occasionally the only option. We will help you through it and show you how to avoid it ever happening again.

The 4 Pillars promise is to help get you out of debt today and never be a client again, with our Clients for Life® full circle opportunities.

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After Care

Once you’re out of debt, our customized aftercare plan will get your credit headed back in the right direction.

There is no magic bullet to credit rebuilding. Many consumers don’t realize that credit is an important part of accumulating wealth in Canada. Credit is easily damaged, but it can take years to repair without the right information, tools, and a clear path to creating a strong credit score.

The goal of every aftercare program is to reach a score of 650 or higher and qualify for a CMHC approved mortgage.

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Corporate Expertise

Businesses are just as challenged as individuals. Our sister company, Corporate Transition Group gives you practical and specific advice to get your business healthier.

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