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Category: Debt Consolidation

How Many Credit Cards are Too Many?

By Benjy Houser

Although Canadians are carrying fewer credit cards, they’re carrying increasingly higher balances, according to a survey conducted by TransUnion. More alarming, consumers seem to be more focused on the points they are earning rather than the interest they are racking up.  Credit cards are an important way to build credit history, they can be useful […]

Debt consolidation services: is this the right debt help for you?

By Christine Wagner

Canadian households are carrying more debt today than ever before. According to a Statistics Canada study beginning in the early 90s, the amount of household debt has risen consistently. In fact, by 2012, 71% of Canadian families were living with debt; mortgage and consumer debt including credit cards, lines of credit and other loans. If […]

How to Repay your Ontario Student Assistance Program

By Frank Eichinger

How to Repay your Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) Congratulations graduate!!!  You’re finally finished with exams, study sessions, and all-nighters fueled by bad coffee. As you embark on this new phase of your life, where will the journey take you; an exciting new job? Time off to relax and travel? Perhaps you’re not sure of […]

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