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Want to properly manage your money? Build these 7 habits.

By Paul Murphy

20-year financial veteran Paul Murphy explains the best way to manage your money with 7 essential habits. These habits will help you stay out of debt, stick to your budget, and build long-term financial stability.  I know that when it comes to managing money, it can sometimes feel like financial security is out of your control. […]

Canada’s bet with debt.

By Reg Rocha

Canada’s bet with debt.  Back in 2008, the world was knocked into one of the worst recessions we had seen in decades. Canada was by no means immune. Over-leveraged Canadians lost property and businesses, retirement investments tanked and consumer confidence plummeted. History tells us this kind of downward spiral is very dangerous.  To introduce some […]

Overwhelmed by debt? Here’s how to manage

By David Moffatt

Experiencing debt is stressful, and often takes a toll on your day-to-day lifestyle and health. While it’s easy to become overwhelmed, there are ways to deal with and manage your debt wisely, and get your financial future back on track. 4 Pillars Consulting Halifax is here to help you. It’s important to analyze your overall […]

Debt & Stress: The Relationship

By Ryan Brown

Debt & Stress: The Relationship Has there ever been a time when there was not a relationship between stress and debt? One only needs to look back to the stock market crash in the 1930’s and how it was called ‘The Great Depression’. Canadian researchers have been studying the issue of coping with heavy debt […]

Why Durham Clients Choose 4 Pillars for Debt Re-structuring Services

By Trevor Glasser

Why Durham Clients Choose 4 Pillars for Debt Re-structuring Services As anyone who has been through financially challenging times knows it can be a very emotional experience. Those emotions can range vastly for everyone including: sadness, frustration, embarrassment, anger, isolation, feelings of inadequacy and more. It is very difficult to face up to the challenge […]

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