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How is 4 Pillars different than licensed bankruptcy trustees?

By Paul Murphy

This article explains how 4 Pillars is different from licensed insolvency trustees (previously known as bankruptcy trustees) and other debt consultants.  A lot of people in our Debt Bootcamp have been emailing me and asking questions about how 4 Pillars started and how 4 Pillars is different than licensed insolvency trustees and debt consultants. So today […]

The Top Ten Questions about Consumer Proposals

By Peter Temple

The Top Ten Questions about Consumer Proposals Searching for answers when you’re having financial difficulties is a grim task. You’ll hear scary words like “bankruptcy,” “unsecured debts,” and “asset liquidation”. Thankfully there are a lot of options available for those that find themselves mired uncomfortably in debt. A consumer proposal is an alternative to bankruptcy, […]

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