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Category: Consumer Proposal

What is a Consumer Proposal

What is a Consumer Proposal?

By Jennifer Virani

We hear this question all the time; what is a consumer proposal, and how will it affect me?  A consumer proposal is a formal arrangement filed by a licensed insolvency trustee (LIT) under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA).  It is a viable alternative to bankruptcy if your debts do not exceed $250,000 (not including […]

Consumer Proposal

Who Should File a Consumer Proposal?

By Jennifer Virani

To put it simply – If you are facing an overwhelming amount of debt that you are unable to repay, filing a consumer proposal might be a good option for you to consider. You should, however, review all options available and compare the pros and the cons of each. It can be tricky to get […]

Break glass in case of emergency

By Paul Murphy

Your Survival plan – When your payments exceed your income. Let’s not beat around the bush, these are scary and stressful times. Remaining physically healthy is the priority — and thankfully, most of us seem to be achieving that.  However, very few of us can say our current or future financial situation is a healthy […]

Credit Card Debt in Canada: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

By Gurinder Dhaliwal

Remember the surge of excitement that came with getting your first credit card? It felt like a rite of passage; that somehow you were finally an adult.  Over the years the thrill of getting your credit card statement has decreased. In fact, for a great many Canadians, just the thought of their credit card bill […]

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