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How Many Credit Cards are Too Many?

By Sue Grubac

Although Canadians are carrying fewer credit cards, they’re carrying increasingly higher balances, according to a survey conducted by TransUnion. More alarming, consumers seem to be more focused on the points they are earning rather than the interest they are racking up.  Credit cards are an important way to build credit history, they can be useful […]

Good and Bad Debt – What’s the Difference?

By Ryan Brown

Good and Bad Debt – What’s the Difference?  There is an abundance of coverage in the news these days about how Canadian household debt has climbed steadily in recent years and hit record levels, fueled by mortgages and low interest rates. While debt is generally perceived as bad, some debt is necessary and if well […]

Emergency Funds—An Important Part of Financial Planning

By Ryan Brown

Emergency Funds—An Important Part of Financial Planning  How long would your current savings last in an emergency? What if you suddenly lose your job or face unexpected expenses, such as urgent home or car repairs? Maybe you want to make a career change, possibly to self-employment, and will experience a less stable financial situation for […]

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