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Impact of Increasing Interest Rates on Debt

By Trevor Glasser

  This past July, after seven years of leaving its key interest rate steady at near-historic lows, the Bank of Canada increased its overnight rate by 0.25 percentage points to 0.75 percent. In September, the bank raised it another quarter-point to 1.0 percent amid strong economic growth. While we’re unlikely to see another increase this year, they […]

Financial Literacy Ending the Cycle of Debt

By Troy Tisserand

Financial Literacy Ending the Cycle of Debt Is personal debt hereditary?  Are there bad credit genes?  While we may not have inherited our credit DNA from our parents, we have learned by their example, for better or worse.   Though Canadian schools have always taught the 3 R’s, Readin’ Ritin’ and Rhithmatic’, the last 30 years […]

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