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Consumer Proposal

Who Should File a Consumer Proposal?

By Jennifer Virani

To put it simply – If you are facing an overwhelming amount of debt that you are unable to repay, filing a consumer proposal might be a good option for you to consider. You should, however, review all options available and compare the pros and the cons of each. It can be tricky to get […]

picture of people on a mountain getting out of debt

Your 2021 Guide to Getting Your Finances Back Under Control

By Paul Murphy

For millions of Canadians, the pandemic brought economic hardship. The worst is over. Now Canadians face a hard trek back to financial recovery. As Canada’s largest independent debt restructuring firm with over 60 offices in Canada, we have a unique view of Canadians in financial crises.  We’ve created this special guide to help you put […]

Debtors versus creditors—a level playing field?

By Reg Rocha

As a debt restructuring specialist, I spend all my days working with and for Canadian consumer debtors facing insolvency. When you approach insolvency, you are basically seeking to negotiate with your creditors to relieve or eliminate your debt, and our job is to help our clients understand this process and make the best decisions possible […]

is your credit rating that important?

Should I use a consumer proposal or preserve my credit rating?

By Paul Murphy

20-year financial veteran Paul Murphy breaks down a common question from our clients: should you use things like consumer proposals bankruptcy or debt consolidation or preserve your credit score? I recently sat down with David Moffatt from 4 Pillars’ Halifax office and Ryan Brown from 4 Pillars’ Muskoka & Parry Sound offices on our 4 Pillars’ podcast Beating the Debt Game. […]

how your credit score is calculated

🇨🇦 How is your credit score calculated in Canada?

By Paul Murphy

20-year financial veteran Paul Murphy breaks down how the major credit bureaus work, showing how your credit score is calculated in Canada.  Five major factors go into how your credit score is calculated in Canada. 1. Your payment history 2 . Amount of utilization 3. Length of time of credit history 4. New credit 5. Maturity […]

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