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4 Pillars urges House of Commons Finance Committee

By Reg Rocha

4 Pillars urges House of Commons Finance Committee to review Canada’s insolvency legislation: Be more debtor-centered. Reg Rocha December 4, 2020 I have written on many occasions about the rising levels of household debt in Canada. As a nation, we hold one of the highest consumer debt levels in the G20. Just prior to the […]

4 Pillars’ Letter to Hon. Wayne Easter FINA Committee

By Reg Rocha

  On July 7, the House of Commons FINA Committee called the Superintendent of Bankruptcy and Commissioner of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada as witnesses to discuss their responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their testimonies revealed the extent to which key Federal regulators know (and don’t know) about what’s to come for Canadians during […]

Beating the Debt Game: Listen to the Podcast

By Paul Murphy

Join financial expert Paul Murphy for an insider’s tour of the belly of the debt machine in Canada.  “Paul Murphy arms readers with his unique perspective of the consumer credit and debt industry.” – Henrietta E. Ross, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Debtors Association The stakes are high. The table is rigged. […]

An insolvency crisis may be on its way. Is Canada prepared?

By Reg Rocha

Like so many of you, I follow the news and trends related to COVID-19 and the financial health of Canadians very closely. Recently, I’ve found three loosely related government reports that when combined paint a concerning picture of what might be coming our way as a country:  In December of 2019, the Office of the […]

CERB has been extended….now what?

By Paul Murphy

CERB has been extended….now what? Introduce the extension and highlight the fact that millions of Canadians are still on it. There is a huge challenge ahead for the early applicants of the CERB benefit.  It was clear that the benefits would run for a maximum of 16 weeks.  The benefit program runs from March 15 […]

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