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4 Pillars West Windsor

  • Robert Glen

  • 17 Winter Court
    Windsor, ON
    N9E 1R4
  • (519) 969-8231
  • robertg@4pillars.ca
This office has '.50.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.

4 Pillars West Windsor

Debt Counseling West & South Windsor

Robert Glen - Debt Relief Specialist for West & South Windsor

If you are searching for ways to reduce and manage your debt, I can help. Keep reading for a few common alternatives to bankruptcy, information about my debt consolidation services, and the best ways to manage your debt.

I'm Robert Glen, a debt relief specialist serving West & South Windsor. I am an Insolvency Counselor by the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP).

I was born, raised, and educated in Windsor and Essex County.

Over the last 17 years, I have helped reduce millions of dollars of debt in the Windsor community for my clients and their families who were struggling and needed a more manageable repayment plan in paying back only a portion of their debt.

We have the quickest turnaround time for getting people back into mainstream banking after undertaking a restructuring process of reducing debt and avoiding bankruptcy.

This office has '.50.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.
A recent Windsor family I helped get out of debt

A recent Windsor client of mine owed $61,780 and she was paying over $1,600 a month just in interest payments and not really getting anywhere with the debt owing. We structured and carefully selected a trustee to represent the creditors and administer a consumer proposal for $15,600 saving her over $46,000! She only had to pay $260 a month for 60 months with no interest. Her total debt reduction was over 75%.

The most important thing is how we freed up her cash flow. She runs a business and without our advice and assistance, she was facing bankruptcy and the probable closure of her business. I am now actively supporting her with a process of credit rebuilding and her turnaround will be completed in a very short period of time.

You can read more 4 Pillars reviews from Windsor & Essex County clients I have helped near the bottom of this page.

How I help Windsor families and businesses overcome debt

I knew back in 2005 that Windsor would be hit hard in the industrial sector. Prior to 2006, your only options in Windsor was to speak with someone who worked for or represented the people that you owed money to.

By bringing a 4 Pillars office to Windsor, our community now have the choice to get things done on their terms and in their best interests with myself acting as their advocate in getting debt relief.

The fundamental difference between us and other firms that do debt restructuring such as credit counselors and Trustees in bankruptcy needs to be understood so you can make an informed decision.

Our sole mandate is to represent our clients (the debtors) and this is the cornerstone of every plan we create.

Our extraordinary benefit is that we offer a unique set of services tailored to your needs that are not available anywhere else in Canada. Our specialty is to get clients out of debt and help rebuild credit.

We have the best success rate and the fastest turnaround time in the industry because we are working for your best interests, not the creditors.

My Debt Consolidation and Counseling Services

There are a number of approaches I use in significantly reducing the majority of debt a person has. I usually only need about 10 or 15 minutes with you on the phone and I can quickly identify the best approach in helping you get out of debt.

Your basic options for debt restructuring include

  1. Consolidation Loan
  2. Consumer Proposals
  3. Bankruptcy (where no other process is an alternative)

I will go through these basic options below.

Filing or avoiding bankruptcy

While I specialize in helping clients avoid bankruptcy, I am often sought out to represent people even in bankruptcy situations because more and more people are educated to the fact that a trustee in bankruptcy works in the best interests of the creditor not the person in debt.

To better understand this, I like to use the example that if you were going to get divorced, would you use your ex-spouses' lawyer? The answer is obvious that it is not in your best interests.

The trustee plays a critical role in all formal restructuring (Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposals) and it is the trustee's job to complete any formal filing, to maximize the return to the creditors through your income and assets whereas my job is working for you and ensuring you also have representation through the process and get as much debt relief as possible and to help protect what is yours.

Consumer Proposals

A better approach many times in avoiding bankruptcy is through a formal Consumer Proposal. I am able to structure a repayment schedule so you repay only a portion of your debt. This includes all of your unsecured creditors.

The monthly payments are usually less than a third of what you are presently paying to the creditors and you are debt-free in less than 60 months.

Avoiding foreclosure

Another area of specialty for me is to keep people in their homes where possible and avoid potential foreclosure. It is also a misconception that you have to go bankrupt if you need to walk away from a house if you can't make the payments. This is untrue and I have been able to help immensely here.

Debt management and budgeting guidance

If budgeting seems to be your weakness, I can assist you in proper money management and help you free up money at the end of the month through an effective cash flow plan ensuring all of your cost of living expenses are comfortably covered.

All of my clients receive valuable credit rebuilding to increase their credit scores. My advice and support through a credit - rebuilding plan has resulted in huge successes in all of my clients getting back into mainstream banking with fair and good interest rates.

Debt restructuring for businesses

As far as businesses, I have helped save a lot of sole proprietors and corporations in keeping them in business and to get rid of the majority of the debt they are drowning in and turn them into a profitable business again.

Quite often we can also help obtain consolidation loans and pay off all the creditors in full as well.

My debt elimination process

The average client timeline from the moment I have assessed you on the phone and had the initial office consultation to implementing a process and ultimately achieving debt relief averages from 30 to 90 days.

My plans typically result in eliminating 75 - 80% of debt for people. It initially starts with a 15 - minute phone call to assess a person's situation.

If they qualify for one of the many ways I can get debt relief, I will summarize what I feel I can do right on the phone. I then schedule an office meeting to explain the process where I get results and of course to answer any questions as it is my duty to educate and advise so you will have a complete and full understanding.

I do not charge for this consultation and I will clearly let you know my fee for the service upfront. I will also outline in detail the very favorable arrangements I can make in order to get the debt relief you seek.


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About 4 Pillars West & South Windsor

Our philosophy is providing support to people in our local communities but the added advantage is our National strength.

4 Pillars as a company has dramatically helped change the industry by being the front runners in developing new and innovative strategies through our services and products where you will not find elsewhere.

I frequently have people contact me that went to see a trustee in bankruptcy where they were told their only option was to go bankrupt.

Fortunately, they found me through either a referral by a friend, family member, professionals or also perhaps found out about 4 Pillars by educating themselves via an internet search and that we can truly provide other options in keeping out of bankruptcy.

We have the ability to help and advise where other companies in the debt industry cannot.

My Windsor Office

I work by appointment and is therefore able to meet after hours and even on weekends.

My office is located at: 17 Winter Court Windsor, ON N9E 1R4

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West Windsor Testimonials

Dear Robert, I remember walking tearfully into your office and you offered me hope. I can't tell you how much you've changed my life - I have no more sense of dread and anxiety that had discolored my days and kept me sleepless at night prior to meeting you. You structured and presented a consumer proposal for me that gave me back a future. Thank you for being so kind and patient and guiding me through your process in obtaining debt relief for me. Whenever I called to your busy day, you made me feel that I was the only person in the world in helping me get to where I needed to be.

Sue, West Windsor

These words cannot express enough for what you and 4 Pillars have done for me and my family. I am so appreciative of the very quick work in handling my situation in such a precise and professional manner where my stress I was experiencing disappeared after getting the help I needed.

Dale, West Windsor

Robert, We want to give you a very special thank you for being so very thoughtful and making this process so easy for us.

Bill & Amy, East Windsor

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