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As The Debt Turns: A financial Soap Opera.

By Robert Glen

As The Debt Turns: A financial Soap Opera.

Who doesn’t love a good sudsy daytime drama? One where the characters are beautifully flawed and ageless, one with a plot so slow you can miss a few months and still tune in to find the same storyline still dragging on. There’s something bizarre yet comforting about a soap opera. The characters have glamorous jobs that they don’t actually do, access to unlimited funds yet no visible source of income. And their children are sent off to boarding school only to return a few months later as fully formed, slightly troubled young adults. Except for the ridiculous plot twists who wouldn’t want to live in a soap opera surrounded by all that delicious drama? If you’re carrying a lot of personal debt your life is an over the top drama, but one without the glamour.

Days of our Strife

When you’re in debt there is no secret billionaire parent who announces themselves just in time to change your life. No unknown identical evil twin who who’s really just misunderstood. No, your soap opera is a lot grittier than that. Your nights are sleepless, you’re plagued by worry, and your creditors are starting to feel more like stalkers. And just like sands through the hour glass, the story goes on and on and on with no realistic resolution.

The Introduction of a New Character

Sometimes the only way to move a story along is to add a new character. A sympathetic hero who doesn’t care about your past misgivings, he’s a friend who really just wants to help. Well, before your evil identical twin tries to steal him away. In your story, the excellent new character comes in the form of 4 Pillars Debt Solutions.   4 Pillars was founded by three professionals who were tired of watching their friends lose their businesses to debt. They did their homework, combined their financial expertise and started a company that would ensure no one would be controlled by their debt again. 

Your Personal Guiding light

In West Windsor and Essex County the role of the compassionate debt specialist is played by Robert Glen. And unlike your favorite soap couples there’s no need to orchestrate some neat cute story, just call him and arrange your free consultation. Robert Glen will put together a debt relief strategy customized to your personal situation. It may be debt consolidation, a consumer proposal, or some other form of debt restructuring Robert and his team at 4 Pillars West Windsor and Essex County can help reduce your debt by up to 85% and not only will you be debt free within 5 years, they will work with you to rebuild your credit.

Call Robert Glen at 519 969 8231 and create your own financial happily ever after. Well until your dead husband shows up with a new face … but that’s another story for another time.

4 Pillars Debt Solutions. Details at 4Pillars.ca


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