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4 Pillars

Welcome to the 4 Pillars Advantage Page

Please allow for additional processing time when your information is submitted on weekends and holidays.

General Information

Personal & Family Information

Family Net Monthly Income (from all sources)

Fill out your income from all sources even if you are not reporting it to Revenue Canada at this time. All information disclosed will not be discussed with anyone; it helps us to determine the best course of action to resolve your current situation. We work for you, not your creditors.

Source Type of Income Net Monthly Income

Vehicles & Other Asset Information (Liquidation Value)

All non-mortgage assets you own that are worth more than $250 if you were to sell it. This can include but not limited to: cars, motorcycles, collectables, recreational vehicles and work equipment you personally own.

Owner Asset Type Year Make Model Creditor Asset Value Asset Loan

Financial Information

Bank Accounts, Insurance Policies, Investments, RRSP & RESP Information

Account Holder Type Institution Value

Unsecured Debt

Unsecured debt is all credit card statements, lines of credits, personal loans, bills &utilities in collection, unpaid invoices, and taxes owed to the government that are not secured against any of your assets.

Debt Holder CoSign Debt Type Creditor Amount

Secured Creditors

This section is asking for information about non-mortgage loans held against assets owned within the household that can include car loans/leases, recreational vehicles such as campers, boats, motorcycles, quads and ride lawn mowers, and computer loans, also may include lines of credit where you have pledged assets against to secure the loan.

Who CoSign Type Description Secured Creditor Amount

Primary Residence Mortgage or Rental Information

This information helps us understand your real estate situation. If you rent please enter "Renter" into Mortgage Holder. If you own property that you do not live in full time then please enter this data under section 8 called Secondary or Rental Propery.

Who House Value Mortgage Holder Tax Assessment First Mortgage Second Mortgage

Second or Rental Property Mortgage Information

All other land that you do not live in full time that can include rental properties, cottages, undeveloped land, and vacation properties either in or outside of Canada.

Who House Value Mortgage Holder Tax Assessment First Mortgage Second Mortgage

Additional Information

Referral Information

Anything We Should Know?

Is there any additional information you feel we should know?

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