John and Jennifer Croft
  • John and Jennifer Croft

  • #605- 1243 Islington Ave
    Etobicoke , ON
    M8X 1Y9
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John and Jennifer Croft, Etobicoke Debt Settlement and Restructuring Specialists

If you are researching your options for financial relief and assistance in Etobicoke, we can help. We've helped hundreds of Etobicoke families reduce their overall debt and avoid bankruptcy.

We know this time is stressful and feels hopeless - so make sure you read the stories from Etobicoke residents (near the middle of this page). They'll show you that while it looks hopeless right now, things can get better.

Here is our Client Care Advisor Team

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Debt Consolidation and Debt Relief services for Etobicoke

I provide a variety of Debt Relief programs including:

  1. Create plans to achieve significant debt reduction.
  2. Representation and consulting regarding consumer proposals and bankruptcy.
  3. Debt coaching for negotiations with creditors.
  4. Budgeting and credit rebuilding services.
  5. Business debt restructuring and refinancing.

I know also that right now you are overwhelmed with different terminology (consumer proposals versus debt consolidation, credit counseling versus debt settlements).

If you have a question about these options or simply need some advice, feel free to contact me and I will personally help you to determine which is the best solution for your situation.

John and Jennifer's Story

With more than 15 years of combined experience in finance, real estate, investments and insurance, John and Jennifer have a unique ability to understand and advise on a broad range of financial issues and concerns.

In 2010 they moved from BC to Calgary to start their first 4 Pillars Consulting office in Northeast Calgary. Shortly thereafter they expanded to cover all of Calgary and the surrounding areas.

In November 2014 they expanded into Saskatchewan opening offices in Regina and Saskatoon. A year later, John and Jennifer expanded into Ontario. They operate in Mississauga, Burlington, Niagara as well as Etobicoke. In 2017, they also started to operate in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In their past 8 years of service, the Crofts and their team have helped thousands of clients.

Since 2015, the Croft’s continue to be the recipients of the 4 Pillars Multi Franchise of the Year award year after year for demonstrating dedication to franchise excellence through continued leadership and commitment.

The Crofts and their team consider it a great privilege to serve their clients and help them move from despair to hope. They feel blessed to have earned the trust of the families they serve in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and Ontario.

How we help you get out debt

Upon initial contact, I will provide an assessment over the phone to give you an idea of how I can assist with your debt.

If my solution sounds right for you, we can then schedule an in person meeting at my office or your home to review your situation in more detail which allows you to make an informed decision on securing my services.

At that point if you decide to move forward, I will begin implementing a customized Debt Restructuring program, which includes budgeting and credit rebuilding.

If your best option is a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy, I will represent you to create and submit an offer to your creditors via a bankruptcy trustee that best suits your needs and budgetary concerns

Etobicoke Office

My office location is: #605- 1243 Islington Ave, Etobicoke, Ontario M8X 1Y9

Tel: 289- 569-0740

Contact me today to schedule a phone meeting or a free one hour consultation.

Etobicoke Testimonials

John and Jennifer Croft
  • John and Jennifer Croft

  • #605- 1243 Islington Ave
    Etobicoke , ON
    M8X 1Y9
  • 289- 569-0740

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