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Debt Relief Peterborough

Adrian Moore, Peterborough Debt Relief & Consolidation Specialist

Adrian has been with 4 Pillars for over seven years and helped 600 Peterborough and the Kawartha Lakes residents reduce their debt to a manageable level.

Adrian is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, PRO (Professional Referral Group), and Peterborough Sales & Ad Club and also an advocate for Financial Literacy volunteering with Junior Achievement at local schools within Peterborough.

On a personal note Adrian grew up within Kawartha Lakes and now lives in Lakefield and is an avid Diver with Adventure Divers in Omemee.

How we helped a Peterborough individual reduce their debt from $32,000 to $15,500

Jennifer from Havelock is a great example of what 4 Pillars can do.

Unfortunately for Jennifer she visited another company she found online that was based in Toronto who also promised to help her with her debt, however she soon found out that their promise was only to help her save money and then try to make a deal a few years later!

One of her creditors did not agree with this and decided to take legal action against her.

Adrian was able to fit Jennifer in right away, had a Consumer Proposal structured and submitted to the creditors via a trustee within weeks of seeing her which resulted in the legal action being dropped.

The best part of this story isn't that Adrian was able to help relieve the stress and embarrassment of the pending legal action but that the client was still able to take $32,000 of debt and reduce it to $10,500, which Jennifer is now paying back at $175 per month (interest free!!) over the next 60 months.

As you can imagine, Jenn was pretty happy about the results, here is what she wrote in her testimonial for Adrian:

4 Pillars Reviews Peterborogh, Ontario

Adrian has helped hundreds of Peterborough clients overcome debt, rebuild their credit, and start a new life focused on a better future. Read some of the compelling stories from people just like you who once were in financial trouble.

Reduced my debt from $53,000 to $18,000 ($300 x 60 months)

We wish we knew about 4 Pillars a lot sooner, we had no idea this kind of help was available! It was so easy and comfortable and we have our life back on the right track, we can not thank you enough!

Jeff & Roberta from Lindsay

Debt Reduced from $9,500 to $5,040 ($105 x 48 months)

When no one would help me, you (4 Pillars) were there to lift me up and guide me to see the light at the end of a long distant tunnel and give me back hope. I am so happy that I will be completely debt free in 4 years!

Dan from Peterborough

So Glad I Found Your Services!

I had been dealing with ********** (name removed), paying all kinds of fees with no results. After 4 months with ********* (name removed) I was frustrated. Came to 4 Pillars and everything was concluded completely in 2 months. Amazing - No stress - So professional.

How our debt relief and settlement process works

4 Pillars has been a leader in Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes in regards to debt relief and elimination. Our services range from Credit Rebuilding and Budgeting packages all the way up to structuring Consumer, or even Division 1 Proposals on behalf of our clients and carefully selecting the trustee to administer them.

We can even assist by representing our clients with a Bankruptcy filed through a bankruptcy trustee when the situation may dictate. However, in most cases we are safely able to avoid Bankruptcy due to the drastic decrease in principal that we are able to achieve (as well as 0% interest).

Another program we are currently offering is a Budgeting & Couponing workshop.

Every situation is different and what makes us unique in comparison to anyone else that will make the same promises of assisting with debt is that Adrian actually works for you.

This is a very important fact when choosing someone to help with finances and the entire reason being that it is also in Adrian's best interest to do an amazing job for you because his client is his boss! Most other "debt reduction companies" answer to the Creditors and because of this will try to force people into a pre - set program where 4 Pillars is the complete opposite.

We are here to put together a strategy custom designed specifically for you. This is the main reason why our success rate is as high as it is, 4 Pillars national success rate is 98%. Adrian has personally already restructured over 600 individuals, families, and businesses (all within Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes) with a current success rate of 99.67%.

That average is the result of custom tailored plans that fit the individual needs of each client.

Our debt relief services for Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes

As we mentioned earlier, our success rate for Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes (99.67%) is thanks to the custom tailored plans we are able to offer our clients.

First, we review your debt situation

In order to get the process started we will normally start with a quick conversation over the phone or in person to figure out what kind of situation the client is in.

From there we can normally start quoting some numbers right away.

Don't worry, when we get to the point of quoting numbers Adrian always give you the "all in" price so that there are never surprises of extra fees or charges down the road.

Make recommendations & advise on which option to choose

From there we will sit down and have an official Consultation (don't worry it sounds much scarier than it really is, there is NEVER any pressure or obligation). This is just a chance to sit down together, explain more about the process and field any questions that the client may have about the process.

It is a great one on one to address any concerns that the client may have. After that most will be anxious to get started and structuring a typical Consumer Proposal will fall into a 3 - tier program.

Begin budget and debt management

We work on the budget and finances to start. This is a very necessary step as your Creditors will appreciate it and it is incredibly powerful. The change in someone's outlook on their finances is phenomenal as they start coming out of a "Debt Management" frame of mind and back into a "Wealth Management" frame of mind.

Adrian will even help get savings into place.

Next, debt reduction begins

Tier 2 is the actual Debt Restructuring and will consist of submitting the Proposal to the creditors and don't worry, we always use a Licensed Trustee to ensure no problems so that the client receives the necessary court protection for peace of mind as well as the assurance that all funds are flowing through an officer of the court back to their Creditors (this is in the case of filing a Consumer Proposal).

Remember the trustee is an officer of the court who acts on behalf of the creditors in a fiduciary capacity.

Begin credit rebuilding

Tier 3 is Adrian's favorite and is the point where the Credit Rebuilding will begin. Our Comprehensive Credit Rebuilding program is an industry leader and 4 Pillars is at the forefront in this field.

This is a program that is specifically designed to educate the client on how their score is calculated within the two major reporting agencies (Equifax & TransUnion) and hands on assistance in actually restoring and rebuilding their personal credit rating.

In most cases we will look into getting the client back into a MasterCard or Visa, Life Insurance, and even GIC loans. The Credit Rebuilding Program is designed to get the client back on their feet and when desired will result in a referral to a Financial Advisor in order to carry on debt management and financial rebuilding.

About 4 Pillars

4 Pillars has been an industry leader in the debt restructuring field and is currently one of the largest Debt Restructuring companies in Canada.

4 Pillars is a Canadian company that has already helped over 10,000 individuals. The beautiful part about the organization is that it has always been focused on placing the client first instead of the other way around which makes debt elimination much easier when you are focused on the client instead of just the method.

4 Pillars has a national network that it works with and each individual office also has its own network of professionals within it which comes in handy when someone may be looking to purchase a car or obtain a mortgage.

There is no client that is too big or to small, we can assist individuals, families, businesses, and even complete corporate restructuring.

My Peterborough Office

I work by appointment and is therefore able to meet after hours and even on weekends.

My office is located at: 360 George St N #312, Peterborough, ON K9H 7E7

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Adrian Moore
  • Adrian Moore

  • Suite 312- Peterborough Square 360 George St. North
    Peterborough, ON
    K9H 7E7
  • 705-201-1327

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