John and Jennifer Croft
  • John and Jennifer Croft

  • 4145 North Service Road, 2nd floor
    Burlington, ON
    L7L 4X6
  • 905-277-0524
  • burlington@4pillars.ca

John and Jennifer Croft, Burlington Debt Settlement and Restructuring Specialists

If you are researching your options for financial relief and assistance in Burlington, we can help. We've helped hundreds of Burlington families reduce their overall debt and avoid bankruptcy.

We know this time is stressful and feels hopeless - so make sure you read the stories from Burlington residents (near the middle of this page). They'll show you that while it looks hopeless right now, things can get better.

Here is our Client Care Advisor Team

Sonia Oliveira Client Care Advisor 905 277-0524 burlington@4pillars.ca

We know that dealing with debt and finances is stressful and can feel overwhelming. It's hard to know what do to or where to look for help; which is why we're glad that you're here.

John and Jennifer specialize in helping individuals and families going through a financial crisis. They offer a variety of options to their clients, including:

  • Professional and confidential consultations
  • Debt Settlement Assessment
  • Evaluation of both individual and family finances
  • Negotiating with creditors
  • Asset protection & refinancing recommendations
  • Financial Literacy Program that includes budgeting, credit restoration and financial accountability

Options and Choices: Taking Control of your Debt!

Overwhelming. When you're living with debt it can feel like you've been handed a life sentence because that is what your debt takes from you... your life.

To read more of this article I posted for my Burlington, ON clients to read....Learn More

John and Jennifer's Story: Who they are

With more than 15 years of combined experience in finance, real estate, investments and insurance, John and Jennifer have a unique ability to understand and advise on a broad range of financial issues and concerns.

In 2010 they moved from BC to Calgary to start their first 4 Pillars Consulting office in Northeast Calgary. Shortly thereafter they expanded to cover all of Calgary and the surrounding areas.

In November 2014 they expanded into Saskatchewan opening offices in Regina and Saskatoon. A year later, John and Jennifer expanded into Ontario. They operate in Mississauga, Burlington, Niagara as well as Etobicoke. In 2017, they also started to operate in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In their past 8 years of service, the Crofts and their team have helped thousands of clients.

Since 2015, the Croft’s continue to be the recipients of the 4 Pillars Multi Franchise of the Year award year after year for demonstrating dedication to franchise excellence through continued leadership and commitment.

The Crofts and their team consider it a great privilege to serve their clients and help them move from despair to hope. They feel blessed to have earned the trust of the families they serve in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and Ontario.

How Debt Settlement & Restructuring Works

From the very first phone call, you can have confidence that your best interests will always be kept front and centre. The Crofts and their team are committed to helping you over the long haul.

During your complimentary consultation, you’ll discover the different options available to you. You’ll learn your rights and responsibilities, what the benefits and consequences are to each option available, as well as walk through the whole process of redeeming your credit score.

John and Jennifer and their team build long term relationships with their clients that last years. And, even after your debt has been reduced and hopefully eliminated, their door is always open to help.

It’s this long term approach that has earned the trust of the communities they serve. You’ll often find past clients visit John and Jennifer's office regularly; coming to them for continued monthly budgeting support and accountability to ensure financial crisis does not return.

Conquering Your Debt with a Rock N Roll Attitude

When you're living with debt you slowly lose control of your life while your debt dictates where you do and don't spend your money. Your WANTS are slowly replaced by your NEEDS....

To read more of this article I posted for my Burlington, ON clients to read....Learn More

About 4 Pillars Debt Consulting Group

The 4 Pillars advantage gives our clients the peace of mind that comes from choosing one of the oldest and largest debt restructuring companies in Canada.

Our debt restructuring, credit rebuilding and budgeting services, offered through our Clients For Life program, allow us to assist our clients to remove the financial barriers they face, and move forward with their financial goals.

No other Canadian company offers such an integrated system for creating financial stability.

Office Address

Our Burlington office is at 4145 North Service Road, 2nd floor,Burlington, ON L7L 4X6.
Our telephone number is 905-277-0524.


Where to find us on the Internet

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Burlington Testimonials

I am so thankful to God that I met 4 Pillars for using as an instrument to resolve my heaviness in the past. Because of you, John and Jennifer, Sonia and the staff behind 4 Pillars, thank you!

I am now able to move forward, on the road to recovery. My heavy burden now is lighter and the stress relieved. I can go back to enjoying making my life a much better place. Thank you again so much for everything!!! You help me reduce my debt and achieve my financial goals. May God bless you more than what planted.

All the best. Sandra

After seeing an online ad for 4 Pillars Consulting Group and having read their clients' positive testimonials, I decided to call them. I knew that I desperately needed help with my financial nightmare, and I tried other avenues that didn't help, so I thought I'd at least call them. It was a fantastic decision. I spoke with Sonia Oliviera on the telephone, and she invited me to come to her office for a consultation. I did go, and found Sonia to be very helpful, with a friendly and professional approach. I came to Sonia after having spent the last couple of years trying to fix my personal and business debt loads on my own, without having any success at all. My debts were spiralling out of control, and interest charges plus persistent calls, texts, and letters from my creditors were making my life very tough. I actually did seek professional advice from four previous sources, but only one was partway able to help me, and yet they were not very easy to work with or to reach. Still, I would've used them, because they were the best I'd come across thus far, that is, until I found Sonia. Sonia was different, because she treated me like a client who was also a person. She treated me like a priority. I felt very poorly about myself due to my situation. I was stressed and intimidated by my creditors, and I was living with the stigma of carrying a high debt load. Sonia nicely yet firmly told me on a couple of occasions to relax, because I had given control of my situation to her, and that she would help. She understood what this was doing to me, and she effectively helped me. She made me realize that my debt wasn't what identified me as a person, and she also helped me with my finances. Sonia has integrity, and even though she is busy helping other clients, she still finds time to return e-mails and telephone calls in a timely manner, which my other prospective organization wasn't always able to do. Sonia works with me and for me, so I finally listened to her advice to stop negotiating with my creditors, and to let her handle them for me. Her advice worked. Sonia worked hard to negotiate a workable solution to my financial predicament, and she is still there for me to offer further financial guidance as I need it. I am not just released from the stress of debt, but I am continuously learning, through 4 Pillars, to recognize the patterns that drove me to this situation, and to prevent the same thing from happening to me again. As I write this testimonial, I feel like I am one of the many 4 Pillars success stories that I originally read about. I thought I'd be able to fix my problem, but I couldn't do so without Sonia's professional help. Thank you Sonia and 4 Pillars for treating my financial situation with respect. Thank you Sonia for convincing me to stop stressing about my creditors, and to let you handle everything on my behalf. You do so very well. I definitely recommend you Sonia to anyone needing a financial life revival.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for helping me get back on my feet again. God bless you always and may you continue serving persons like me.


John and Jennifer Croft
  • John and Jennifer Croft

  • 4145 North Service Road, 2nd floor
    Burlington, ON
    L7L 4X6
  • 905-277-0524
  • burlington@4pillars.ca

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