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We help Markham & North York families get out of debt.

Zach Brull, Debt Consolidation Specialist

Zach believes that anyone struggling with debt should be well informed and know the options available to them. He's happy to answer questions and always takes the time to fully explain procedures and processes to his clients.

Zach spent 8 years in the Automotive Franchising industry where he specialized in working one on one with business owners to help them achieve their goals and improve profitability. He takes a creative approach to problem solving and works diligently to find the optimal solution for his clients.

Debt solutions: how debt restructuring works

Often, people struggling with debt will attempt to get a loan in order to solve their debt troubles. Unfortunately, loans only provide temporary relief as all the debtor has done is paid off one debt with another debt. At best, a loan will only save the debtor a bit of interest.

Debt Restructuring involves reducing the overall amount of debt owed, and repackaging it so the debtor is better able to pay off his/her debt.

A recent Markham client we helped get out of debt

A client of mine owed $51,000, and was paying about $1300 a month to keep the creditors off his back. We structured a proposal and carefully selected a trustee to file it for $14,700, spread over 5 years at 0% interest. That's $245 per month for 60 months. Total debt reduction was 71%. What's most important is the amount of cash my client saves every month as a result of his proposal. He's saving more than $1000 monthly and watching his debt diminish with each payment.

My client can now devote his cash to more productive items. Moreover, with his proposal approved he may now start the process of rebuilding his credit, all the while saving cash every month.

You can read more 4 Pillars reviews from Markham & North York clients I've helped at the bottom of the page.

A Consumer Proposal Can Prevent You From Having to Wait a Century to Pay off Your Debt

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Now, every statement is a little bit different, but you want to find the spot that explains to you how long it'll take you to pay off your credit card if you make only minimum payments and never use the card again.

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Will My Consumer Proposal Prevent My Loved Ones From Coming to Canada?

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Anyone who is familiar with North York, Scarborough, and Markham won't be surprised to learn that about 90% of my clients are not Canadian born, and English is not their first language.

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Types of Debt Restructuring:

  1. Consolidation Loans
  2. Consumer Proposals
  3. Bankruptcy (when no alternative exists)

Each method has its own advantages and unique characteristics. In each case though, the overall amount of debt owed is reduced, thus making the elimination of debt more manageable. The amount of money debtors save through restructuring are almost always beneficial, occasionally staggering!

Getting out of debt requires more than debt elimination though. Once the restructuring process is complete, it's up to 4 Pillars to help clients rebuild.

Credit rebuilding involves the following processes:

  1. Budgeting
  2. Credit Rebuilding
  3. Financial literacy and planning

While people fall into debt for all kinds of reasons (often circumstantial), learning to develop and utilize a budget is a critical skill for anyone who wishes to remain debt free in the long term.

4 Pillars follows up with clients and works through a comprehensive budgeting program, providing tips and techniques on how to maintain positive cash flow and avoid future debt.

Anyone who has struggled with debt and gone through the restructuring process will need to rebuild their credit as well.

The great thing about credit is it can always be rebuilt, often in as little as 18 months.

Debt Consolidation Case Study for a North York, ON Resident

Read about a recent debt consolidation case study

How Working in the Best Interests of the Debtor Produced a Debt Consolidation for the Ages

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Our credit-rebuilding program

4 Pillars provides clients with a detailed credit-rebuilding program that helps them rebuild credit at a steady pace while avoiding the pitfalls of trying to obtain too much or too little credit at once. Moreover, 4 Pillars provides clients with proprietary products that help accelerate the rebuilding of credit while ensuring our client's cash flow remains positive.

Our Debt Relief Process

In order to get you out of debt, we must first take the time to fully understand your situation. Everyone is different and one size does not fit all. We then take action to create a plan to cut your debt, reducing the overall amount owed. This enables you to pay back a reduced amount of debt, over time, at zero percent interest. We then work to help you rebuild through our budgeting and credit-rebuilding program.

About 4 Pillars

The advantage of working with a 4 Pillars consultant is the flexibility and resourcefulness available to all clients. By representing the debtor's interests, we are able to use our expertise to find the optimal solution for our clients.

Sometimes, the solution for our clients is straight-forward and simply requires taking a client through the restructuring process, such as a Consumer Proposal by working to obtain the best deal possible via a trustee. Occasionally though, more complex situations require a creative approach. Examples include working to protect assets, addressing different types of debt (unsecured, secured, corporate, personal), and securing additional professional support in order to put the client in a better situation than he/she was in prior to working with 4 Pillars.

My North York Office

We are located at 77 Finch Avenue West, Suite 102, North York, ON M2N 2H5. Phone: (416) 222-6772.

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4 Pillars Reviews for Markham & North York

4 Pillars was the light at the end of a long dark tunnel - Zach provided the match! My concerns were dealt with speedily with no fuss. I highly recommend Zach & 4 Pillars. Thank you so much!

Bette, Retired, Markham

With help from Zach my stress levels have been lifted and I'm able to start looking forward to the future instead of worrying about it.

Chris, Construction worker, North York

My financial situation was in crises. Zach provided me with realistic options and peace of mind. My future is a lot more promising now that the proposal is in place.

Lou, Senior Manager, Markham

Speechless! Excellent Job!

Anish, Store Manager, Markham

Zach Brull
  • Zach Brull

  • 77 Finch Avenue West, Suite 102
    North York, ON
    M2N 2H5
  • (416) 222-6772

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