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4 Pillars Barrie

  • Laurence Herzenberg

  • 54 Cedar Pointe Drive, Unit 1207
    Barrie, ON
    L4N 5R7
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4 Pillars Barrie

Laurence Herzenberg, Debt Consolidation Specialist

If you are researching your debt relief, I can help. This page shows you the most common ways to reduce and manage your debt. You will also find stories from real Barrie residents we've helped.

I'm Laurence Herzenberg, your 4 Pillars Debt Relief Specialist Serving Barrie.

My greatest reward is seeing my clients eliminate their financial stress, meet their long-term financial goals and start living again.

Helping Barrie families get out of debt

I create plans that help Canadians reduce millions of dollars of debt; successful plans for individuals, small businesses and even corporations that were struggling. If you’re in need of a manageable repayment plan that lets you repay a reduced portion of what you owe, I can help.

As a trusted consultant in the debt business, my focus is at the local level; understanding the needs unique to my community. With the strength of a national firm behind me, I can ensure the needs of my clients are always met.

I take pride in creating plans that significantly reduce debt, offer credit rebuilding and budgeting services, create client relationships for life and provide outstanding customer service. I have established many professional relationships in the community that offer complementary services allowing me to provide ongoing support and guidance to my clients.

Your debt management and consolidation options

When you are facing a financial crisis, it is important to get the answers you are looking for, and that each option is explained in a clear, concise manner.

4 Pillars’ does not take a one size fits all approach. We look at the unique situation of each client and customize a solution that works for the individual, family, business or corporation.

4 Pillars’ does not take a one size fits all approach. We look at the unique situation of each client and customize a solution that works for the individual, family, business or corporation.

Our debt reduction and consolidation services

Here is a basic breakdown of the different options available to you.

  1. Restructuring Debt through Consumer Proposals
  2. Representation through Bankruptcies
  3. Consolidation Loans
  4. Foreclosures
  5. Budgeting
  6. Credit Rebuilding
  7. Business Consulting for Small Business or Corporations
  8. Business Restructuring for Small Business or Corporations

How the debt restructuring process works

From our very first meeting, my goal is to reduce and ultimately eliminate your stress due to financial hardship.

Assessment of your debt relief options

To assist with your financial challenges, I begin with a phone call that lets me assess and analyze your current situation. This ensures I am prepared when we finally sit down for our free, face to face, consultation.

Consolation at my Barrie office

During the consultation, I will discuss all of your options in detail and answer all of your questions.

Building your debt restructuring plan

Once you are ready to move forward, we can begin creating a restructuring plan and budget for your situation. I will work with you throughout the restructuring process.

Once your restructuring plan is in place, and you are on the road to becoming debt-free, I will provide ongoing budgeting, and credit rebuilding services, as well as financial advice as needed.

A recent Barrie family we helped get out of debt

Manny and Dan contacted 4 Pillars for help with over $82,000 in unsecured debt. This debt had been hanging over their heads for several years as it continued to grow. They had made several attempts to consolidate, even borrowing money from family. But, they were unable to get out from under the burden of growing debt and interest rates.

In fact, many of the solutions they had previously tried, had made their situation worse. Manny and Dan were completely drained; stressed out due to their financial crisis.

Their road to financial recovery began with a phone call to the local 4 Pillars office in Barrie. After gathering a little information, a meeting was set with them to begin the process. We began working together on budgeting and cash flow. After 6 weeks their debt restructuring plan was in place. We were able to structure a plan that helped Manny and Dan reduce $82,000.00 in debt down to $17,100 by putting them in an interest-free payment of $285.00 for 5 years.

Manny and Dan are now able to meet their financial obligations with money left over at the end of the month. They have been able to save and are working towards making additional payments to the trustee to pay their consumer proposal off even sooner.

They did have one complaint…. "We wish we found you sooner, we could have done this 2 years ago!" Manny and Dan now have their life back on track and are excited about the future.

About 4 Pillars

When you are facing a financial crisis, it is important to get the answers you are looking for, and that each option is explained in a clear, concise manner.

Working with 4 Pillars gives you the distinct advantage of working with an established Canada wide company; whose years of knowledge and expertise create successful financial restructuring plans.

Having local offices like the one here in Barrie allows you to work with someone who understands your community, your needs, and who can provide a personal touch when dealing with your financial situation.

4 Pillars has helped Canadians restructure hundreds of millions of dollars in debt since 2002. Our success is built on our outstanding customer service and client referrals. We work for you, not the creditors.

Our national strength has allowed us to find unique solutions for our clients. As a result, 97% of 4 Pillars’ clients have successfully completed their restructuring plan. Making 4 Pillars an industry leader!

4 Pillar Reviews Barrie

My office is located at: 54 Cedar Pointe Drive, Unit 1207, Barrie, ON L4N 5R7

Telephone: 705-812-0578

Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Evening and Weekend appointments available

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