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Debt Consolidation - Brampton

Frank Eichinger, Brampton Debt Restructuring Specialist

Hello - I'm Frank Eichinger and I specialize in helping individuals and businesses in Brampton to create a plan to reduce and eliminate hard to manage debt.

I know that if you are reading this page, your debt has become hard to manage. I've seen other families and individuals where you stand now. I hope you take a few moments to read this page and learn a bit more about the processes of 4 Pillars' debt restructuring and consolidation services.

I provide a variety of debt restructuring programs for Brampton including:

  1. Helping our clients elminate up to 85%. Read reviews at the bottom of the page.
  2. Representation and consulting on consumer proposals vs bankruptcy
  3. Unique lump sum loan payment programs
  4. Credit rebuilding and budgeting services
  5. Asset protection and debt consolidation
  6. Business restructuring and debt refinancing

Using the rights of Canadians to reduce your debt

Every debtor has rights in Canada and you rarely have to pay back your full amount. Unfortunately, these options are not widely publicized. Part of my job is to educate you about the different options and terminology.

When representing our clients, we protect their best interests in negotiations with trustees. We are experts in the processes that govern credit and the rights of Canadians and we use this knowledge to get you the best debt settlement deal.

If you have a question about our services and why they're important or simply need some advice, feel free to contact me and I will personally discuss your situation. You can email me for more information or book a meeting in-person (if you live in the in the Brampton area).

How we actually help you get out of debt

The reality is that you have many more options and rights in Canada for debt repayment and settlement than you may realize. Right now, you are likely faced with a very challenging situation. It isn't right to keep you perpetually in debt and I'm sure that you need some help navigating through this difficult time.

Upon initial contact, I will provide an assessment over the phone to give you an idea of how I can assist with your debt.

If my process sounds right for you, we can then schedule an in person meeting at my office or your home to review your situation in more detail which allows you to make an informed decision on securing my services.

At that point if you decide to move forward, I will begin implementing a customized Debt Restructuring program, which includes budgeting and credit rebuilding.

If your best option is a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy, I will represent you to create and submit an offer to your creditors that best suits your needs and budgetary concerns.

How much debt relief can you expect?

As mentioned, 4 Pillars are experts in understanding the many rules and regulations that govern debt in Canada. We act on behalf of our clients, not the creditors and our results are consistently outstanding.

We evaluate our client's situation and make recommendations that drive down the amount of debt they otherwise would be paying - up to an 85% reduction. You can read reviews below or email for more information about how this all works.

In addition, we include credit rebuilding and budgeting services with our debt restructuring plans to ensure our client's lives are back to normal in a short period of time.

Why 4 Pillars is the Best Debt Option for Brampton Debtors

The following text was taken from my blog:

Many people I meet ask the question: "why not just visit a Trustee in Bankruptcy or a Credit Counsellor by myself?"

At 4 Pillars we take the view that when in the debt advisory business, you either act for the creditor, or act for the debtor - it's impossible to give good sound advice to both - you simply cannot do it.

Debt Challenges For The Small Business Owner

It seems that more small businesses are popping up all the time, with corporate downsizing and just the general urge to be your own boss affecting many people - especially in the 35+ year old crowd.

The idea of running your own business comes with many lifestyle advantages (i.e. - no boss to report to) however, what happens to many folks is they aren’t prepared to collect and save for future HST payments along with others tax that is owed to the CRA. I get many calls from small business owners that are drowning in this type of debt, along with trying to keep up with suppliers, utilities and other general expenses.

Many of these businesses are actually showing cash flow projections on the way up, but the burden of carrying these CRA debts with their associated penalties is a never ending dark cloud.

The good news is - 4 Pillars is very experienced in the area of managing CRA and other business related debts. Quite often we are able to restructure these debts and reduce them by up to 70%, and we don’t charge huge fee's like those associated with most tax lawyers or specialized accountants.

Directions to my Brampton Office

My office location is: 57 Mill Street North, Suite 205 Brampton, Ontario L6X 1S9.

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Frank Eichinger
  • Frank Eichinger

  • 57 Mill Street North, Suite 205
    Brampton, ON
    L6X 1S9
  • 647-403-4992

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