Jim Ferguson
  • Jim Ferguson

  • 109 Herkimer Street, Unit 1
    Hamilton, ON
    L8P 2G8
  • 905-528-7887
  • jimf@4pillars.ca

I help Hamilton families consolidate and reduce their debt.

Jim Ferguson - Your Personal Financial Coach.

I was born and raised in Hamilton and educated in Guelph, Toronto and Ottawa. My professional focus is helping people to identify and then meet their financial and personal goals.

Most people come to me feeling discouraged and embarrassed about their present financial situation. I am relieved to see that. Those are the motivated people I help turn the corner to financial health and growth.

I help people in the Hamilton region as well as people throughout the Niagara Peninsula. Every person and situation is unique. I will listen to you and understand your concerns. I will develop a plan that meets your personal and financial goals.

We all have dreams and aspirations - tell me about them. Together let's find a way to meet and then exceed them. You are not alone. I will invest all of my experience and knowledge into your future success.

Your options for getting out of debt

There is always more than one option for you. Let's review and discuss all of the options and see how they impact your unique situation and personal goals.

Every option has positives and negatives. What are they? Let's talk about them. It is also important to not only focus on your immediate situation but also your 5 year and 10 year goals. It is an important question to ask yourself. Where do you want to be in 5 years, 10 years? What solution is best suited to get you there?

My debt consolidation & reduction services for Hamilton Ontario

Let's figure out a plan together.

I will show you that there are more options than you think for getting out of debt.

Common debt reduction options include:

  1. budgeting your way out of debt
  2. refinancing assets
  3. formal and financial offers to creditors
  4. bankruptcy (as a last resort)

There are alternatives to bankruptcy

It is my goal to always help people avoid bankruptcy but in some situations it is the best solution. However, never file for bankruptcy without talking with me first. It is free. Many people will try to pigeon hole you into their solution. I won't. You are unique. Your solution should be unique as well.

How does 4 Pillars actually help you get out of debt?

Many of my clients succeed by making a financial settlement offer to their creditors.

Across Canada the 4 Pillars offices have been consistently successful in reducing debt by 60% to 85%.

Let me review your situation and we can discuss a likely settlement offer that will work for you. There are many factors that make up the best solution. It is a mix of your income, assets, debt level and mix of creditors.

I have years of experience in crafting successful solutions based on all of those factors. My goal is to find the lowest possible settlement. You have paid enough already.

About 4 Pillars Debt Consulting Group

4 Pillars is a Canadian company with over 50 offices. We operate only in Canada. We know the Canadian laws and regulations concerning debt settlement. We know your creditors. We know how they think and operate.

Our clients have a 95% success rate in completing the proposals we create for them and we believe this is by far the highest in the industry. If you put your trust in us, you can feel very confident of a significant positive change in your life. We don't only restructure your debts. We restructure your personal finances. We help you set and keep a personal budget. The goal is your financial growth. At the same time we also help get your good credit score back.

My Hamilton Ontario Office

My office is located at 109 Herkimer Street, Unit 1, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 2G8.

Free consultations are by appointment only. Call 905-512-2220

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Jim Ferguson
  • Jim Ferguson

  • 109 Herkimer Street, Unit 1
    Hamilton, ON
    L8P 2G8
  • 905-528-7887
  • jimf@4pillars.ca

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