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4 Pillars Kelowna

  • Charlie Peet

  • 1873 Spall Road
    Kelowna, BC
    V1Y 4R2
  • (250) 860-1653
  • charliep@4pillars.ca

4 Pillars Kelowna

Kelowna's Debt Settlement & Financial Literacy Expert

Charlie Peet, Debt Consolidation

Charlie Peet is the most experienced 4 Pillars debt consultant across Canada, who has personally restructured over 50 million dollars of debt. Charlie successfully completed the BIA Insolvency Counsellor's Qualification Course and has been assisting individuals, families, and businesses in the Okanagan Valley with their financial situations since 2002.

4 Pillars Consulting is the only local debt consulting company in Kelowna BC who works for you, not your creditors.

When seeking debt settlement and restructuring solutions options, many people are unaware that the non - profit credit counseling society receives more than 70% of their funding directly from credit card companies, banks, and other creditors.

In addition to the funding they receive from creditors, they also charge a monthly fee to the clients. Most people believe that non - profit = free, but unless you can prove hardship, you are required to pay for the service.

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Credit - Debt Consolidation Services in Kelowna BC

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Take Charge of Your Financial Future

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How we help you get out of debt

Fear and lack of information are two of the reasons why people don't reach out for help earlier. Most people believe that bankruptcy is the only option available to deal with their overwhelming debt amount. This is not accurate, as there are many solutions available to anyone who is struggling with debt.

Charlie Peet will inform you what all of your debt solution options are in a free face-to-face confidential consultation. In addition to receiving a personalized debt elimination strategy, 4 Pillars Kelowna clients are also provided with budgeting assistance, financial goal setting, and credit education.

As evidenced by Charlie's numerous client testimonials, the people who meet with him feel an immediate sense of relief. They are no longer fearful of the unknown because all of their debt relief options have been clearly explained. Charlie's energy, knowledge, and passion help his clients to realize their financial goals and dreams.

Debt Experience & Community Involvement in Kelowna

Charlie is passionate about sharing his financial literacy knowledge with his Okanagan community. He offers free seminars to community groups, church groups, and the general public; teaching them about budgeting, financial goal setting, debt options, and how credit works.

Charlie receives frequent requests from the local Kelowna business community to provide educational seminars about the credit and debt industry for their staff and clients.

Charlie Peet has always been an industry leader. In 1995 he was White Spot Restaurants Franchisee of the year, and in 1999 he was Manager of the Year for SportMart. Part of being an industry leader includes giving back to the community. In addition to developing programs for the College of New Caledonia Hospitality Administration course in Prince George, Charlie also lectured for that same program.

After clients successfully achieved a lower debt repayment plan, Charlie continues to assist clients with their financial goals by implementing. Charlie brought these same leadership qualities to 4 Pillars Consulting. He was instrumental in developing the philosophies of 4 Pillars 'Canada's Debt Diet™' program, and 'Client's for Life™' which we know it as today.

My Kelowna Office

The 4 Pillars office in Kelowna is located at 1873 Spall Road, Kelowna, BC V1Y 4R2.

Our office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday although out of hours appointments can be arranged if necessary.

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Kelowna Testimonials

I would like to take the time to personally thank you Charlie for what I can only refer to as a 'simply exceptional' service. It was absolutely invaluable to me to have your assistance working through all of the questions and concerns I had in an effort to narrow down the best direction forward, in my case a consumer proposal. Each and every question I had, was answered thoroughly and I really appreciated that. Working with the 4 Pillars system was a very straight forward process, and dare I say almost 'enjoyable'. Certainly as enjoyable as it could have been. I would highly recommend your service to all I know. Thanks again for everything!

Darcy P.

When I met with Mr. Peet first I was initially skeptical about what he said could be achieved. He explained all the options I had and explained all costs and risks. During this consultation I became more comfortable as Mr. Peet was empathetic and even had a smile on my face. Over the several weeks we worked together he had a clear and concise strategy for my whole picture. The result was amazing! My debt load was about $66,000 and now it is reduced to $21,000 and I have up to 5 years to pay it back interest free.

Since my deal has been finalized I have continued to use his after care services to get a manageable budget in place and understanding the credit system with his educational and informative tools. This in turn will lead to a successful credit recovery. Thanks Charlie for a return to reality and help to live without debt!

Respectively, William W.

At the age of 19, when I began working with Charlie and Monique, my goal was to establish a positive credit rating so I could eventually buy my own place. Shortly after I turned 21 I became the owner of a 2 bedroom condo in downtown Kelowna.

In preparing for this purchase I received guidance on applying for and effectively using credit to build my credit score. Charlie also introduced me to other professionals (financial planners, mortgage brokers and realtors) at an early stage to assist me in the process. I was able to effectively budget to save for my down payment, and I was informed of the costs involved in a property purchase. Any financial questions I had were clearly explained. 4 Pillars helped me create a solid financial foundation that will help me achieve all of my future financial goals.

Levi C.

Without 4 Pillars I'm sure I'd be on the street. Charlie was the friend I needed when there were no friends.


I found Charlie to be very professional and compassionate in our meetings. This is not something I had ever gone through before and was very upset and feeling I was letting everyone down. Charlie basically held my hand through the whole process and I thank him for being so understanding of my situation. Thank you Charlie.


At the time we sat down with Charlie, we had been feeling we were lacking the guidance and insight we needed to make some smart consumer debt decisions. It turned out we were not candidates for consumer debt relief, but with Charlie's advice and knowledge of the credit world, we were able to devise a plan to most effectively and quickly pay off our existing consumer debt. We appreciated Charlie's honesty, and for the first time in a long time we were talking to someone who had integrity! You can really feel how passionate Charlie is about helping educate his clients about consumer debt and how to avoid ending up there again. So refreshing in a world where all we hear is 'Spend, spend, spend'. We are now well on our way to a happier future where our dreams and goals are possible! Thanks Charlie!

Tara and Jason

Charlie was able to remove the creditors from calling our home as he dealt directly with them. Charlie put at ease very quickly. He knows the process very well and can offer good advice.

Mark and Kim

You really helped me through a very difficult situation and you did a great job. Thank you, just in case I haven't told you that yet. Keep up the good work and don't give up what you are doing as people like me need the service you provide.

Joann M

Dear Charlie,

Thank you so much for all your hard work and professionalism. I had lost all hope and saw no way out of our financial crisis. When my wife had heard one of your ads and booked us an appointment I was sceptical. I have always believed that if anything sounded too good to be true that it probably was. The outcome of your service to us has been amazing as we now have hope for our future, and no longer live with the agonizing stress of the weight that hung over our heads. I mostly appreciated how you only cared about what was the best course of action for our benefit. Thanks again.


Charlie was amazing throughout my dealings with him. He directed me to the right resources to handle my financial problems. I have referred several people to Charlie and he has helped every person in an effective and genial manner. He saves people's lives and their sanity, their homes, their future.


Charlie - You handled things like the professional and gentleman you are. Now I'm not 'All Shook Up'. Yes-You did it your way and kept me out of 'Heart Break Hotel!' So Charlie, So Monique-from a raving fan Thank You for everything! Thank you Very, Very Much!

All the best, Don S.

You reduced my debt from about $28,000 down to $9,000. No more sleepless nights or harassing calls. Now I have savings in the bank and with your help I am rebuilding my credit.


Hi Charlie:

I just wanted to give you a little update on how things are and how appreciative I am of your help during such a vulnerable time in my life. I feel the whole bankruptcy has gone very smoothly for me.
I am very thankful for the counsel you gave me and I am so very glad I took this course of action. I feel like I have a new start and am able to live with a whole lot of freedom in my life right now. Thank you again, Charlie

Lisa B

I just wanted to let you know that everything is in the works and the paperwork will be ready this week. I wanted to thank you so very much for all of your help and guidance. Take care and never change how you deal with clients as your compassion, caring and understanding during trying times is absolutely amazing.


My name is Allan. I first met Charlie over the phone as we discussed some options that were available to our family. We booked an appointment and met with Charlie. I was impressed as to how thorough and clear Charlie made the presentation. Charlie explained to us all of the options, results and risks involved in our decision. Charlie was very understanding, compassionate and down to earth and we discussed the next plan to take.

I really appreciated his compassion and understanding. He even gave me the courage to make a phone call to my family about our situation, which I did not want to do. Through his encouragement I was able to call, and I thank Charlie for his assistance in this area.
Overall I am very pleased to get to know Charlie. He has compassion for people who need debt relief. I recommend Charlie to you as one who is compassionate and able to help you in your time of need.

Yours Truly, Allan

Hello Charlie,
Thank you for coming to our home the other day. We really appreciate that you took the time to come out here and for what you had to say. I am sure that with your help and guidance we will be able to go down the road of success sooner than we could have imagined!

Sincerely, Tammie & Richard S.

Working with Charlie not only helped us financially we also feel we made a friendship that will help us out through rebuilding our future.

Lorraine & Ryan

Hi Charlie,
Let me say we are former clients of yours. I'm not sure if you remember but we used your services about 7 years ago and it made a world of difference for us! So thank you for that!

Thanks Rob S

Thank you for the email. We are very happy that the proposal went through, now we can get on in life and move forward. We really appreciate all that has been done and we think that Charlie Peet did a great job.

Don & Ann

Hi Charlie & Monique,
You're AMAZING! - You're BOTH amazing...
Thank you SO much for your help and expertise thus far... I can't believe that my deal has been accepted. I am looking forward to working with you on the next phase of rebuilding my credit.

Doreen L.

Charlie was a professional from the very start. He coached me through a very stressful time in my life. In fact he is still working with me today to rebuild my financial stability. I know that I would not have been able to work through what I did without his help. I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate his work.

Will S.

Charlie made a difficult time in our life turn out to be a simplistic and efficient transition. He made us feel valued and understood our unique situation. Thanks to Charlie our life is now less stressful and we are successfully moving forward.

Candida & Greg


Thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom through this difficult time in my life! I am now awaiting a stress free future with endless opportunities and financial abundance. You have helped make my next step an easy one! Wishing you great success!
All the Best,

Michelle B.

I appreciate that everything was explained to me plainly without any 'bells & whistles'. The consultation made me feel comfortable about a tricky situation. This information should be taught to everyone.

Cristina P.

Charlie had a very clear explanation of what is done and what will occur. He has a loud sense of humor and really knows his stuff. I am very happy with the results. Was worth doing - a cloud has been lifted.


I am writing this letter to you to thank you very much in helping me with my debt situation. I have just been informed that my consumer proposal has been accepted, and I am well on my way to becoming debt free. I would highly recommend you to anyone who has debt. I think your services are well worth the fees. Thank you again for your help.

Richard R.

We met with Mr. Peet, on first impression he seemed open and honest, even down home. Not stuffy or business like, no business suit either, very comfortable feeling.

As I explained more in depth information of my mother's situation he listened patiently and assured us everything will be fine, not to worry, as the consult continued he suggested and gave us what I thought was very good and sound advice that suited my mother's situation. He made us laugh and that made us feel at ease. Near the end of the consult I asked how much this meeting cost, Mr. Peet said no charge I was shocked and surprised. This person is really nice, he obviously cares about the people he consults.

This letter is to let you know that Mr. Peet seemed to be a genuine, honest, caring individual who listens to the situation and advises what is best for that person. He also goes out of his way to help anyway he can without asking for reimbursement for travel or gas.

Anyone who hires him or uses his consult company will be impressed I know I am and will certainly suggest him to other people. I sure hope that Mr. Peet stays true to his character and show's people his true colors, a caring, honest individual, god bless you Mr. Peet.

Mrs. C Scheffel

This service was easily accessible and dealt with in a very personable manner. It was great to be met where I was with no judgment, and with understanding and clear concise instructions of what to do next. This service has helped me in moving forward and getting my life back on the right track. Thanks for everything Charlie.

Ken J.

Very friendly and helpful service and all of my questions were answered completely.

Carrie A.

I started the process with Charlie in 2007. After 6 years I contacted Charlie again for his help in rebuilding my credit, and thanks to Charlie I am on the right path again.

Chris W.

Before I met Charlie I was feeling stuck, as in stuck with my wheels spinning while going nowhere in regards to my debt. I was making the minimum payments while the interest kept piling up. I came to see Charlie with a semi - closed mind, thinking that it was another dead end road to get out of debt, however, moments into our first meeting I felt comfortable and confident that Charlie knew his stuff and could help. One year has passed since our first meeting and I don't regret my decision to see him and use his services for a millisecond. I can't wait to get everything paid off, and to start rebuilding my credit. Thanks Charlie!


Naturally we were extremely stressed trying to deal with our situation, and we had apprehension when we heard we had to pay a fee. I can honestly say that it was money very well spent, and we would recommend Charlie to anyone needing the service he provides. Thank you so much for helping us.

Jas M.

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