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4 Pillars Mississauga

  • Frank Eichinger

  • 57 Mill Street North, Suite 205
    Brampton, ON
    L6X 1S9
  • 647-403-4992
  • mississauga@4pillars.ca

4 Pillars Mississauga

Frank Eichinger, Mississauga Debt Settlement and Restructuring Specialists

If you are researching your options for financial relief and assistance in Mississauga, I can help. I have helped hundreds of Mississauga families reduce their overall debt and avoid bankruptcy.

If you are researching your options for financial relief and assistance in Mississauga, I can help. I have helped hundreds of Mississauga families reduce their overall debt and avoid bankruptcy.

How the debt settlement & restructuring process works

From the very first phone call, you can expect that any information you provide Frank will be kept confidential.

During your complimentary consultation, Frank will walk you through the different options available to you as a Canadian debtor, what your rights and responsibilities are, what the benefits and consequences are to each option, and walk you through the whole process of redeeming your credit score.

Clients of Frank will expect to receive a full client care service thoughtfully designed to create a long term relationship that doesn't expire. Their door is always open to help people long after the debt has been eliminated.

Because of his long term approach, he has earned the trust of the community he serves. You will often find past clients visiting Frank's office regularly; coming to his for continued monthly budgeting support and accountability to ensure the prevention of financial disorder from returning.

Frank's Story:

Hi! My name is Frank Eichinger, and I am your Debt Relief Specialist!

With my 14 plus years of experience working on behalf of major banks doing collections, my knowledge of collections and how to deal with creditors has helped me to serve hundreds of families and businesses in the Mississauga area. Helping clients to become debt free successfully and to rebuild their credit and reestablish themselves successfully.

I am enthusiastic to help you get out of debt tomorrow!!!

4 Pillars Mississauga Personal Debt Case Study & Outcome

After seeing an online ad for 4 Pillars Consulting Group and having read their clients' positive testimonials, I decided to call them. I knew that I desperately needed help with my financial nightmare, and I tried other avenues that didn't help, so I thought I'd at least call them.

Frank was different because he treated me like a client who was also a person. He treated me like a priority. I felt very poorly about myself due to my situation. I was stressed and intimidated by my creditors, and I was living with the stigma of carrying a high debt load. Frank nicely yet firmly told me on a couple of occasions to relax, because I had given control of my situation to his, and that he would help. He understood what this was doing to me, and he effectively helped me. He made me realize that my debt wasn’t what identified me as a person, and he also helped me with my finances. Frank has integrity, and even though he is busy helping other clients, he still finds time to return e-mails and telephone calls in a timely manner, which my other prospective organization wasn't always able to do.

Frank works with me and for me, so I finally listened to his advice to stop negotiating with my creditors and to let his handle them for me. His advice worked. Frank worked hard to negotiate a workable solution to my financial predicament, and he is still there for me to offer further financial guidance as I need it. I am not just released from the stress of debt, but I am continuously learning, through 4 Pillars, to recognize the patterns that drove me to this situation and to prevent the same thing from happening to me again.

As I write this testimonial, I feel like I am one of the many 4 Pillars success stories that I originally read about. I thought I'd be able to fix my problem, but I couldn't do so without Frank's professional help. Thank you, Frank and 4 Pillars for treating my financial situation with respect. Thank you, Frank, for convincing me to stop stressing about my creditors, and to let you handle everything on my behalf. You do so very well. I definitely recommend you, Frank, to anyone needing a financial life revival.

Ivonne from Mississauga

About 4 Pillars Debt Consulting Group

The 4 Pillars advantage gives our clients peace of mind that comes from choosing one of the oldest and largest debt restructuring companies in Canada.

Our debt restructuring, credit rebuilding, and budgeting services, offered through our Clients For Life™ program, allow us to assist our clients to remove the financial barriers they face and move forward with their financial goals.

No other Canadian company offers such an integrated system for creating financial stability.

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