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4 Pillars Victoria

  • Chris Grew

  • #301 - 3450 Uptown Blvd
    Victoria, BC
    V8Z 0B9
  • 250-880-1618
  • chrisg@4pillars.ca
This office has '.100.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.

4 Pillars Victoria

Victoria BC Debt Relief Services

Chris Grew, Debt Consultant

I help families and businesses from Ladysmith BC, south to and including Victoria BC overcome debt. From debt consolidation to consumer proposals, you do have options as a debtor. I'll show you the way and help you decide which debt relief option is best for you.

Chris specializes in assisting individuals and families that are experiencing a financial crisis. Chris provides a number of services to his clients, including:

  • Debt Settlement
  • Budgeting
  • Credit Rebuilding
  • Financial Literacy
This office has '.100.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.
2016 BBB Torch Award Winner - Professional Services
To view this award click here

Chris Grew in Victoria, BC was awarded the 2016 BBB Torch Award Winner - Professional Services for his outstanding commitment to helping his clients deal with overwhelming debt.

About Chris Grew

Chris joined the 4Pillars Group in 2011 and takes great satisfaction in assisting clients who are in a debt crisis to regain their financial foothold and their peace of mind. He enjoys applying his knowledge of the financial world to develop strategies to steer his clients out of debt and rebuild their credit.

Chris began his career in finance in 1978. For the next twenty-six years, he worked his way up the corporate ladder as a commercial lender, representing many financial institutions and earned many awards.

Highly regarded as an expert in his field, he branches out in 2004 to form his own Credit Rebuilding Company. His motivation was to assist people who had had credit issues to rebuild their credit using the specialized skills he had acquired over his career.

This business was highly successful, but Chris knew there was more help needed as more and more Canadians found themselves with an overburden of debt.

Chris is a husband and father of two beautiful children. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching high school football and sailing.

4 Pillars Consulting Vancouver Island Feature

4 Pillars Consulting Group Vancouver Island feature discussing why they love to assist consumers struggling with debt.

Our Debt Relief Services for Victoria BC

The options we discuss to help you with your debt include:

  • Consultations and initial guidance to help you decide on a course of action
  • Debt consolidation services
  • Consumer proposals
  • Credit card repayment and budgeting plans
  • Credit rebuilding
  • Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is always a last resort. Often a Consumer Proposal is the most appropriate solution. This involves making a formal offer collectively to all creditors to pay off a lesser amount than what is owed.

The interest rate reverts to zero in this process and often debts are usually settled for twenty to twenty-five cents on the dollar. This can be paid monthly over a structured period of time with no penalty for early payoff.

How consumer proposals work

The key part of the consumer proposal is making sure it structured on your terms and is in line with your long term financial goals, that's where Chris's expertise comes into play.

The two key areas that are often missed when filing a consumer proposal are the pre-work analyzing cash flow and the post-work implementing a comprehensive credit-rebuilding plan, these are ultimately the cornerstone of the debt restructuring plan and can be the difference between success and failure.

Success of 4 Pillars debt management program

97% of people entering into a debt restructuring plan with 4 Pillars successfully complete the program and we believe this is the highest in the industry. A consumer proposal is filed with a Bankruptcy Trustee, the role of the trustee is an officer of the court who acts on behalf of the creditors in a 'fiduciary capacity'

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How Our Debt Relief Process Works

Here's the typical process I use for my clients.

The process usually begins with a brief telephone interview to gather enough information to assess the circumstances of the client. Using this information, I strategize solutions to deal with the restructuring of the debt. I then meet with the client for a free initial consultation and review their options. If you live in Victoria BC, we can meet in person.

Next, the client receives a free information package to help make an informed decision as to which solution is the right one for them.

Once you have engaged 4 Pillars the first step of the process is to complete a cash flow analysis and understand the long-term financial goals of you and your family.

Once we understand what you can easily afford each month and know the long-term goals we can begin working on the debt restructuring plan. Once the plan is implemented the stress will be gone, you will have an affordable monthly payment and a plan to actually pay off the debt, no more phone calls from the creditors, no more letters in the mail.

You will now see a clear path to financial stability but the process is not over at this stage, there is still more work to do.

The final step is creating and implementing a credit rebuilding plan, the goal is to get your credit score to 650 as quick as possible, 650 is the magic number the traditional banks see a customer as rehabilitated.

With the 4 Pillars plan, you can get there in as little as 18 months.

About 4 Pillars

4 Pillars is the largest debt consulting company in Canada with offices across the country. 100% Canadian owned and BBB accredited, 4Pillars offers Budgeting, Credit Rebuilding, and Debt Restructuring. 4 Pillars is a huge supporter of the financial literacy movement across Canada and our offices are heavily involved with community service as well as working with non-profit organizations.

A Victoria BC Family We Recently Helped Get Out of Debt

A recent client came to me with approximately $50,000 in credit card and lines of credit debt. They own a house, two cars and have $20,000 in RRSP's.

His wife had recently lost her job and they found themselves unable to make even the minimum monthly payments on the credit card debt.

I protected their house, their cars and their RRSP's and was able to get the creditors to accept twenty-five cents on the dollar at zero percent interest to wipe out the $50,000. The client now pays a very low monthly payment and I am currently working on Credit Rebuilding with them.

My Victoria BC Office

My office location is: #301 – 3450 Uptown Blvd., Victoria, B.C., V8Z 0B9

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