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4 Pillars Personal Debt Restructuring – Growing up in Debt

By Troy Tisserand

4 Pillars Personal Debt Restructuring – Growing up in Debt

 Cara got her first credit card when she was in University.  They were practically giving them away back then.  It was followed by a popular department store card and another credit card.  By the time she graduated, Cara was carrying a small credit card debt.  Not unmanageable as she had prospects, the promise of great employment in the near future.  Of course she also had student loans, a car payment, insurance, rent, utilities, all of the trappings of a good LIFE laying at her feet.

Flash forward 15 years, Cara and her husband, expecting their first child, have just been denied a mortgage. At this point they realize that together, they have been in debt all of their adult lives.

Sleepless Nights

Even before the arrival of their daughter Cara and her husband are up all night worrying about the future, bringing a baby home to their tiny little apartment, and the decrease in their income when Cara goes on Maternity leave.  Forget about 2 am feeding, Cara is losing sleep now.  They can turn to their parents for help, but that’s a temporary fix that comes with some pretty big emotional strings attached.  So Cara and her husband come to a startling conclusion.  It’s time to grow up and take responsibility for their debt.   But how?

A Simple Lullaby

It was a call to 4 Pillars Debt Solutions that helped Cara and her husband sleep like a baby, well for a few more months.  4 Pillars Victoria sat down with Cara and her husband, explained the realities of their situation in plain simple language, and came up with a couple of different options to not only reduce their debt but have them completely debt free before their daughter started Kindergarten.

With compassion and understanding 4 Pillars was able to work out a repayment plan, help Cara and her husband rebuild their credit and learn how to budget properly.  Unlike Bankruptcy Trustee’s 4 Pillars works 100% for you, not your creditors.  And unlike begging your family for help, there’s no ‘I told you so’ or the cringe worthy ‘how could you let this happen’ lecture.

And They Lived Happily Ever After

The 4 Pillars Debt Solutions team can help you reduce your debt up to 80% and in many cases have you debt free in less than 5 years. They will navigate your through the financial terminology, budget, restructure your debt and rebuild your credit.

In a few months, Cara, her husband and little Maddie will be moving into their own home.  And they can’t wait to enjoy all of the trappings of a good LIFE laying at her feet.  And they got there with one phone call to 4 Pillars Debt Solutions in Victoria.

For more information please visit one of their websites below or call them directly as they all live and operate in Victoria:

4 Pillars Debt Solutions.  Details at 4Pillars.ca



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