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Debt Consolidation for Castlegar, Nelson, and Trail

Robert Osborne, Debt Consolidation Specialist

Helping Kootenays Families and Businesses Get Out of Debt

We help clients in the Kootenays get out of debt and rebuild their finances using services such as debt consolidation, consumer proposals, financial education, and debt restructuring. It's important that you know - bankruptcy is not your only option for putting debt behind you.

As a debt consolidation and financial specialist in the Kootenay region, I know the unique challenges rural life can have on debt.

I live and work here. I care about what happens here in the Kootenays!

The economy here is not the same as other regions, we have small centers of populations that make for difficulty in finding full time jobs, when there is a shift in the market place it affects the values of our homes and our ability to get work much more quickly than in other larger centers.

Knowing this allows me to assess your overall finances much more accurately than someone from a larger center.

If you live in the East Kootenays please visit this page: 4 Pillars East Kootenays Click for the BBB Business Review of this Credit - Debt Consolidation Services in Castlegar BC

A Kootenays Client We Recently Helped Get Out of Debt

The husband and wife were an older couple that were being forced into retirement, he had spent his life in government jobs, she in the service industry. She had made the initial call to me saying that they could no longer make the $1250.00 a month minimum payment to their creditors on their pension incomes. At the end of their free consultation I told them that I was sure we could settle their debt at about $350.00 a month. After I explained it all she believed it could happen, the husband on the other hand thought that it was absurd and impossible. Every couple of days I would get a call from him saying he didn't think it would work but he went ahead anyway, I think more to keep his wife happy than anything else. When the day came that I told them their proposal was settled at the $350.00 I'd estimated, they were very pleased. For the first time in years they could see a future for themselves in their retirement years!

How does 4 Pillars Kootenays Set Me Up for Life?

I'm Robert Osborne, your 4 Pillars Debt Specialist in the Kootenays. Last month we explored having a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (aka Bankruptcy Trustee) deal with your debt as opposed to hiring a 4 Pillars Debt Specialist.

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Gone Fishin': Casting off your Debt

There's nothing like getting out on the water, just you, your tackle box, and the dew still clinging to the trees on the shoreline. Before debt invaded every aspect of your life you led a carefree existence. Get it back!

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Debt Refreshments: Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

Everybody has a spin, and angle, an agenda they want you to fill. Corporations draw their employees in with team building exercises and big Rah Rah moments....

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Debt Directions: A GPS for Your Future

All it takes is one wrong turn and you're lost. Sometimes that short cut isn't always the best route, get help before you get lost!

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What is debt restructuring

Find out more about how debt restructuring works.

We live in what is called a “Consumer Society” this means that products are bought on credit, so you have it now and pay for it later with interest this is called unsecured debt.

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The Fear of Dealing with a Financial Crisis

Find out more about your privacy rights below.

So many people are worried others may find out they end up losing control of their financial situation.

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Common Questions About Debt Consolidation

Like most new clients, you likely have common questions that I can help answer.

Most new clients have the following questions:

  1. What is the difference between debt consolidation versus credit counseling?
  2. When should you declare bankruptcy?
  3. What is a consumer proposal?
  4. Why should I go with a private company instead of just paying creditors directly?
  5. Can you consolidate credit card debt?

You are entitled to a complimentary consultation where I can give you specific guidance about the different options out there to help you reduce your debt and take the first step towards a better financial future.

Feel free to email or call me if you have a specific question.

Bankruptcy Versus Consumer Proposal - Kootenays, BC?

How does Canadian Insolvency Work.

The Bankruptcy Insolvency Act (BIA) provides two remedies to settling debt through either bankruptcy or consumer proposal and each has pros and cons.

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How I Help You Get Out of Debt

Your financial situation is unique to you; there is no one solution that fits all.

The very first thing that I do is listen to your concerns then together we create an accurate overview of your finances, once we have this I go over all the options available to you.

Knowing what you can do is very empowering - you are no longer the "victim" of your debt. I can then put together a strategy that is in your best interest and detail how that would look for you going down the road.

From Debt Restructuring to Rebuilding Your Financial Future

When I joined 4Pillars Debt Consulting Group all we did at that time was restructure debt - if you had $50,000.00 of debt we would get you out at approximately $20,000.00 with no interest and that was it!

Since then 4 Pillars have created new services each and every year that have brought us to the leading edge in this industry. We have come from a debt settlement company to a company that has the tools to build a new future for our clients. I am proud to be a 4 Pillars Franchise owner!

My Castlegar Office

My office location is: 740 Chickadee Lane, Castlegar, BC V1N 1E1.

Call today to book a free one hour consultation in my office

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So you have debt problems - What can you do?

A debtors survival guide.

First don't panic, set those feelings aside and take an honest look at where you are at with your debt.

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About 4 Pillars

4 Pillars Consulting has the widest range of skills and tools available to help you deal with your debt, whether it be protecting your home, bringing your debt down to a manageable monthly payment, helping you to build budgeting skills or credit rebuilding.

Our "clients for life program" is there for you as you move beyond your debt be it buying a home or wealth generation, we are the professionals that work for you!

Recent Castlegar, Nelson, Trail, Cranbrook, and Grandforks Clients I've Helped

I've been dealing with my debt for years, I've turned to banks, but it just got me deeper and deeper into debt. With a continued search for help I found a 4 Pillars Consulting Group advertisement in a local paper and called for a free consultation. I talked to a friendly, sincere, honest, enthusiastic and understanding person named Robert. He is very knowledgeable about Finance! He explained to me the debt resolution options and fees fully, clearly and in a comforting manner that made me so hopeful and prompted me to request his help. Since then, he handled my case patiently and diligently, when he requested information I provided it as soon as possible. The resolution was created quickly and successfully, I was speechless the outcome (60 to 70% debt reduction) was way, way more than I expected. I am so pleased , happy, grateful and fully satisfied with the fast diligent, friendly, understanding and comforting service of 4 Pillars Consulting Group! I would highly recommend his office to family, friends, and co-workers or to anyone I know who is having a financial difficulty. My heartfelt gratitude to Robert Osborne for his kindness and support and handling my case so efficiently!

Juanita B., Winlaw, BC

Everything was explained very well and always very informative. Sessions were extremely helpful in terms of learning new ways of budgeting and focusing on short and long term goals. Always a very positive experience. Great Job, Robert!

Tamara H., Trail, BC

We were very desperate and Robert was willing to help us get through it all. I feel that this entire process went so well that I do not know how it could improve. We went from being desperate to now to now being relieved that we can get by with what we have.

Trevor & Jodi R., Trail, BC

To me, the service I have been provided has been first class, Robert and the staff of 4 Pillars have been very professional. Keep up the Great Work!

Aaron B. , Castlegar, BC

I am very satisfied with all the services provided by 4 Pillars Consulting and am looking forward to recommending to anyone with my personal references on my own opinions of their excellent services. Good Work!

Catalina A. , Nelson, BC

Thank you Robert for all the help - it has made a big difference in my life already!

Robert F., Nelson, BC

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Robert Osborne
  • Robert Osborne

  • 740 Chickadee Lane
    Castlegar, BC
    V1N 1E1
  • (250) 365-8070
  • kootenays@4pillars.ca

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