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4 Pillars Edmonton

  • Pradeep Padmanabhan

  • 3204 Parsons Road NW, Suite 101
    Edmonton, AB
    T6N 1M2
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This office has '.50.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.

4 Pillars Edmonton

Pradeep Padmanabhan

Debt settlement, Credit and Financial Literacy Experts

Pradeep Padmanabhan and the 4 Pillars Team

4Pillars has been helping the people of Edmonton and Surrounding areas since 2002 in Debt settlement, Credit and Financial literacy awareness. Pradeep has been part of this team since 2010 and has been helping individuals, families, and businesses handle their financial challenges.

We truly believe that we are the only company in Edmonton which works for the benefit of the debtors and not the creditors. We help the debtors, our clients, get a settlement that is affordable, viable and which is also honored by the creditors.

In addition to advocating for the debtors to help get the best settlement, 4Pillars Edmonton also works in the community to spread financial literacy. We are proud to be a founding member of Empower U which is an initiative of the now EFEC – Edmonton Financial Empowerment Collaborative. We host over 20 financial literacy sessions on the credit system to Non-profit organizations running Financial literacy programs in Edmonton.

As a debt specialist, I have always believed in providing exemplary service. When I worked as a Telecommunication Professional for close to 30 years, I always gave the best advice and set the standards. My passion for finance made me want to join the 4Pillars team. Although we started in North East Edmonton, it wasn't long before we expanded to include all of Edmonton and the surrounding areas like Beaumont, Stony Plain, Sherwood Park, Devon, Leduc, Morinville, and Spruce Grove. Seeing the need to spread financial awareness in other areas of Northern Alberta, I also opened an office in Grande Prairie and Fort McMurray. Now we service the entire area of Northern Alberta.

4 Pillars Edmonton Territory Expansion

Since 2010, our team has helped thousands of people reduce their debt and regain their financial independence.

In 2016, we started operations in Northern British Columbia, with Prince George as a hub; as I believe that there was a need to offer options and superior customer service to the people in these areas.

My whole team believes it is a privilege that clients have placed so much trust in us. We feel that we have built a team that delivers on the 4Pillars promise. Our promise is to advocate for and support the families who need help the most in Northern Alberta and Northern BC.

This office has '.50.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.
Your debt consolidation and settlement options

Simply paying your creditors back in full or filing bankruptcy is not the only path out of debt.

Your basic debt relief options include:

  1. Debt consolidation
  2. Consumer proposals
  3. Informal proposals & debt settlement
  4. Credit rebuilding
  5. Debt management and budgeting
  6. Bankruptcy (as a final option)

We understand that every debt situation is unique so in order to create a true debt reduction plan we go through the following steps.

If you have specific questions or need more information about any of those options, feel free to email me. My contact info is on the right.

When you work with 4 Pillars Edmonton, here is the typical process that happens.

Step 1: Every client gets an initial free consultation, which helps us in understanding your finances.

Step 2: Based on this consultation, we will explain all the options available for debt reduction.

Step 3: Next we create a personalized debt reduction plan.

Step 4: We will then hold your hand through the entire debt reduction process.

Step 5: We negotiate with creditors on your behalf.

Step 6: We create a budgeting and credit building plan so that debt reduction remains on track.

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How we help you get out of debt.

The main reason why people do not reach out for professional help is fear and lack of information. Like all the other people, I also felt that Bankruptcy was the only option available to deal with the debts. What I found is that this is not accurate and there are many other solutions available to anyone who is struggling and overwhelmed with debt.

My team and I will explain to you all the debt options you have. This is done in a face-face consultation which is free. In addition to the personalized debt reduction strategy, all 4Pillars clients are provided with budgeting help and credit education.

Many clients have told us that the first meeting itself made them feel a sigh of relief. They no longer fear the unknown. They feel armed with options, which they clearly know.

A recent Edmonton family we helped consolidate their debts

John and Brenda had accumulated a lot of debt because banks had provided them huge credit facilities, as the Alberta economy was booming and they were making a good income.

They still have access to credit cards, car loans, mortgages but they understand how to effectively use credit and instead of large credit card balances they now have savings.

Suddenly the economy turned and John lost his high - income job for about 6 months and he was on Employment Insurance.

This made it difficult to pay all their bills in time and during the same time Brenda got sick because of the stress and she could not get full income. The income dropped but the minimum payments remained the same.

When they fell behind the banks increased the interest rate on 3 of their credit cards as well as on one of their line of credits. John got another income source, but that was with reduced income, the stress at home increased because they had to cut their expenditure on groceries, children's expenses, family visits, etc.

The money for all the mentioned activities was being eaten away by their minimum payments.

During these tough times, they were referred to us by one of our earlier clients who happened to know John. During our initial discussion, they were scared because they did not know what to do.

They had heard stories about people losing their assets, and also creditors garnishing wages, etc. When we explained their options to them, Brenda immediately understood what they had to do but John was still skeptical as he was thinking about the excellent credit history, which their Bank had told them was so valuable.

When we pulled an Excel sheet to calculate the interest they had paid up until now John's jaws remained wide open. That is when he understood why the banks were telling them about the good credit story. He had paid more than twice the total principal amount owed, as interest.

We then made another calculation based on their situation and we finally got them into a monthly payment of less than 25% of what they were paying as interest alone.

The other main difference was that it was going directly to pay the new reduced principal amount. Yes, their debts were reduced to nearly 25% of the principal amount and they saved $1000's on future interest payments as well. Moreover, as an added security for both of them, the monthly amount was also insured against death, disability and even loss of employment!!!

Within 12 months of being into the plan, and backed by our strong budgeting program and of course, most importantly, their determination and confidence in us, they had their debts eliminated. Today John and Brenda are living a happy life.

They still have access to credit cards, car loans, mortgages but they understand how to effectively use credit and instead of large credit card balances they now have savings. They pay off the balance on their credit cards on a monthly basis and the family relationships have become strong.

Now John laughs at his initial fear, which came from not knowing what he should be doing to get out of debt.

Our debt consolidation expertise

Aside from educating their clients, 4 Pillars has also been working with the city of Edmonton on Financial literacy. In fact, in 2012 one of 4Pillars’ partners was awarded the 2012 men of honor in Edmonton for their work in financial literacy.

  • 4 Pillars has helped thousands of families and businesses in Edmonton and the surrounding areas get out of debt.
  • Licensed by the Government of Alberta to act as a Debt repayment agency.
  • Licensed by the Government of Alberta to act as a Debt repayment agency.

The amounts of individual debts we work with are anywhere from $10,000 to more than $250,000.

Over the years, we have added the expertise of Credit building and budgeting.

The credit rebuilding/credit score building/credit repair and budgeting work alongside our Debt elimination programs to help our clients get out of debt faster and build a strong financial future.

Our Edmonton office

Pradeep works by appointment and so he is flexible to meet in the evenings as well as weekends.

The address is: Suite 101, 3204 Parsons Road NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1M2


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