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Edmonton Testimonials

  • Pradeep Padmanabhan

  • 3204 Parsons Road NW, Suite 101
    Edmonton, AB
    T6N 1M2
  • 780-665-3767
  • edmonton@4pillars.ca
This office has '.50.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.

Edmonton Testimonials

We were so far in debt

I had never gone through an debt situation before and the feeling that I was letting everyone down upset me more. I was also overwhelmed on what to do. I was thinking that I will someday get money from somewhere and this problem would vanish. All this made me procrastinate, which only added stress because it was becoming difficult for us to make end meet. I was loosing sleep and my relationship was also suffering. I would thank god for helping me realize that this debts was not going away and used the services of Pradeep. I must admit initially I was a little skeptical. The reason was that I had approached Banks earlier to find out an way out this mess and I was told by them that they could not help me. They told me that I had excellent credit but was an very risky client. Like most of people I thought that Banks were the only source of advice. When I met Pradeep, he was very professional and compassionate in our meeting and explained all the options I had. He literally made me understand each step of the process, so that I knew exactly what I was doing. I was somewhat skeptical even till the end and was surprised when the creditors accepted our offer of paying back only an portion of the debt. I thank Pradeep for being so understanding of my situation and also taking off an huge burden of my shoulder.

Patrick - Edmonton, AB

Before I met Pradeep, I had an approximate $50,000 worth of debt. These debts were because of some other things going on in my life. I am an single mom trying to raise kids on my own. These debts were there for some time which resulted in lots of stress, overwhelmness, a sense of helplessness sleepless nights, lack of concentration at work, , and fear of possible outcomes. All of these led me in to having health issues and I ended up on anti - depressants and other drugs. When I met Pradeep, first and foremost the best things was to know that he could help me. He presented me with all my options to pay back my debt. I was also made aware that as an part of the plan the debts would be cut to one - third of the amount I owed i.e $15,000 and make arrangements for affordable monthly payments. Throughout our consultation process, Pradeep was respectful, genuinely concerned, thorough, honest and I never felt he was trying to insult me or take advantage of my situation and feelings. While he expressed his opinion of my best option, he allowed me to make up my own decision. Neither was any pressure on me into making a quick decision. I have a handle over my finances and I now don't feel helpless at all. I feel that Pradeep is an magician at work as well an saviour, because my debt has been cut and I am making manageable monthly payments towards it. I never knew that this option was there. Some of the other companies were driving me away from this option as it did not benefit them. I am grateful for the opportunity of working with such a wonderful person. Pradeep realizes that most of the people who are in debt is because of an situation or circumstances in life and it does not reflect on who that individual is.. I find about him is the passion in him to help without getting excited or hard pressed sales speech I would recommend Pradeep to anyone struggling with debts and financial problems in a heart's beat. 2014 is going to be a great year for me and my kids!!

SR - Stony Plain, AB

My life before was like a roller coaster. I used my credit cards every time I went out then pay them back. I had a good job, in fact I had two jobs before. Banks were offering me an increase to limits and I was always tempted until one day there was nowhere to run. I thank God I found 4 Pillars. At first it was hard for me to admit that I can't pay my debts anymore. I was terrified thinking I would have to go bankrupt. I was scared every time the phone range though I knew that it was also my responsibility to pay my debts. I'm a single Mom an I've been through a lot of circumstances, bad choices, and wrong priorities in life. My Mom had a stroke in the Philippines and I needed to help her, my children need me, and I got hospitalized for 3.5 months it was a stressful time. Then I sat down to think and realized that I really needed help. It's a good thing 4 Pillars never stopped offering their help. My first meeting with Pradeep I felt so ashamed at myself and had to tell him at the same time but I never seen in his eyes any condemnation. Everything he said was positive and a solution to my big problem. After everything was done, I got peace of mind. I don't want to take away that peace of mind I have right now. I have lessened my load! So I have to be smart how to spend my money and work not to spend more than what I earn. I am more cautious on what I buy by double and triple asking myself "Do I really need this? or "Does my son really need this?" My life after 4 Pillars? I'm working for a brighter future and I have to change my priorities for my kids and for myself.

Jennifer D. - Edmonton, AB

I had gone to an trustee for a credit session and I left feeling deflated and lost. I waited 9 months trying to find another way out of this mess. I came across an ad by 4Pillars and Pradeep, had our meeting and left instant relief and hope. The process was so much less stressful. Pradeep worked for me, with me and not for the creditors. My Plan went thru and at an payment that is manageable and less than half of what the trustee wanted. Now no more headaches and I can move ahead. I would strongly recommend any person who is in debt and looking for an solution, to start working immediately with him and I am sure you will also feel the way I am feeling right now. I can't thank Pradeep enough.

A.F. - Edmonton, AB

We had incurred debt due to some poor choices and some due to circumstances. Frankly we did not know how to pay it. But because of 4 Pillars and Pradeep, our debt was reduced from $70,000 to $18,000. Our monthly payment is now down to $300. We had sacrificed a lot, to pay off our debts due to high interest and to catch up paying just the minimum every month. Bill was working two jobs for us to keep up with the payment required. We never had any savings and our kids did not got the stuff other kids get for themselves. We are now excited to be debt free sooner! I would strongly advice not to listen to the people who scare you about damage to credit. I now understand what Pradeep meant, when he said "Credit damage due to our option is temporary but financial damage because of servicing debts is permanent". Those creditors or companies want you to continue paying the minimum payments. Because I had talked to an couple of other companies and individuals, I was overwhelmed with the information I had got. This forced me not to take any action. Now I understand that some of the information I had got from my search earlier was not at all correct. I only wish that I had come into contact with Pradeep earlier so that I could have taken action sooner. I can definitely say that Pradeep is passionate about his work. The help we got from him was beyond our expectations. We both truly respect you too much because you believed in us when no other person was not ready to help us. If I am able to help you in anyway please let me know!!

Jerry and Arlene - Edmonton, AB

This office has '.50.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.

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