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Trevor Glasser

Debt Relief Specialist, Port Hope, Ontario

Why does Trevor Glasser in Port Hope care?

For over ten years I have been helping residents of Port Hope and Cobourg get out of debt. I was motivated to get into this business when I saw how devastating debt problems can be on a family. I came to realize that there are many reasons a family can get in debt and the challenges of turning the situation around.

4 Pillars offered me the opportunity to do what I think are the most important things to help families in debt: Educate them so they can make the best decision to get out of debt, and in most cases avoid bankruptcy. Get them the absolute best possible outcome on the debt restructuring strategy so they are successful and then help them re-establish their credit going forward so it doesn't haunt them for years.

We were at an all=time low with rising debt spinning out of control, getting deeper and deeper in debt steadily over the last few years. We didn't know what else to do with no end in sight. We asked a friend if she knew who we could talk to for help. It was the best thing we ever did. We were given Trevor Glasser's name and contact information at 4 Pillars. We immediately felt that this was going to help us and started working with Trevor right away.

He was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and offered us all the help we needed to turn our situation around. Before Trevor helped us we were a whopping $152,252 in excessive debt. Trevor worked with our creditors and negotiated a consumer proposal. He got us a $110,252 reduction down to $42,000. We are extremely grateful to Trevor at 4 Pillars for getting us to where we are today. What a relief! We can now look forward to being out of debt for good.

M & A Oshawa

How does the 4 Pillars debt restructuring plan work?

Using this philosophy has proven to be very effective. My clients appreciate my free consultation as it makes it absolutely clear what options they have to deal with their debt situation. Working 100% for my clients means I can help ensure that the settlement they get is the best they could have possibly achieved.

By getting the best possible settlements it means 97% of 4 Pillars clients complete their debt re-structuring program successfully, this is much higher than the industry standard.

4 Pillars also has the most comprehensive credit rebuilding strategy in the industry. This means that our clients get their credit scores improving more quickly and that they can enjoy the benefits of a good credit score much sooner. This can help them with vehicle purchases and even home ownership if that is their goal. We have product partners who are exclusive to 4 Pillars for the benefit of our clients.

4 Pillars - Step 1 - every journey starts with a single step

Typically when I meet a client for the first time who is struggling with debt, they can feel embarrassed or even ashamed. Worst of all they have no idea how to get out of debt and feel destitute. My job is not to judge anyone. I want to understand how the debt occurred simply to avoid the same situation again but I'm not going to dwell on that and make anyone feel bad about their situation. I am here to help and give people hope and the direction they need to get out of debt.

After my free consultation most of my clients say they feel much better. They understand there is a solution that will work for them and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I can literally see the weight coming off of their shoulders.

Why Durham Clients Choose 4 Pillars for Debt Re-structuring Services

As anyone who has been through financially challenging times knows it can be a very emotional experience. Those emotions can range vastly...

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4 Pillars Port Hope / Cobourg Case Study

Here's an example of a couple from the Port Hope/Cobourg area that came to see me early this year. We will call them Liam and Mary (names have been changed for privacy reasons). They were just entering their retirement years and had just closed down a business which had struggled for the last few years.

They were living off of their credit, mostly trying to pay their debt with credit (a severe sign of financial difficulties) and it just kept growing. They were getting more and more in debt and very concerned about how they were going to survive on a pension income. They sought help elsewhere initially but did not feel comfortable with the advice they were given.

They found 4 Pillars and we met to go over everything. I showed them what the options were and how I would proceed. Their total debt was now up to $106,000 and growing everyday with the interest. At the end of our meeting they were feeling relief and knew that I had a viable option for them to get out of debt without going bankrupt. We put our plan in motion and I helped them build a budget and prepare for the debt restructuring plan.

In their case we decided a consumer proposal was the best strategy but it was paramount that it be low enough so they could afford the monthly payments. After reviewing their budget we determined that they could afford up to $400/mth for the proposal. I knew that the creditors they had were going to be tough to deal with so we structured a proposal offering $350/mth allowing us some "wiggle room".

As anticipated the creditors turned that down. This is a great example of why it is so important to have someone working for YOU when filing a proposal. The creditors counter-offered our proposal at $650/mth. This is where I step back in to help negotiate a reasonable settlement.

Ultimately the creditors agreed to accept $400/mth over 60 months. This is exactly what we had budgeted for and was a great deal of relief for Liam and Mary.

We had helped reduce $106,000 down to just $24,000 and it is now being paid off at zero % interest. They can now go into retirement with certainty about their monthly expenses and plan for their future without the worry of how to deal with that debt.

Without the help of 4 Pillars this settlement would have ended up much higher and in the end would not have worked for Liam and Mary. 4 Pillars found an effective solution and executed it extremely effectively.

About Trevor Glasser's Experience

Trevor's experience includes over 15 years of operating a successful sales and marketing franchise achieving numerous awards along the way. He has also worked in wholesale, telecommunications and automotive industries. He has helped numerous businesses develop successful marketing strategies to assist them to flourish and become dominant players in their respective industry. Trevor also continues to sharpen his skills in the real estate management industry. It is this experience that Trevor has used to develop some unique and valuable skills. These include the ability to think outside of the box and create strategies that are very effective for his clients. Trevor has a special ability to build relationships and connections with his clients. This allows him to fully understand their situation and work with them with a professional level of compassion. He has an excellent ability to analyze a situation, explain it clearly and develop a strategy to find a workable solution.

Trevor understands the nuances of Durham Region as he was born and raised in the area. He is a strong supporter of local businesses where he has earned his living for the last 25 years. He has developed numerous professional contacts within Durham creating a rich resource base from which to draw to the benefit of his clients.

Trevor has always been a top achiever in any of his endeavours and it is this motivation that he puts to work for his clients to achieve the best possible results for them.

Trevor Glasser - Highest Performing Award

I recently received 4 Pillars award for the Highest Performing Franchise . Due to my experience and dedication to my clients I am very proud to receive this award. It demonstrates my ability perform my job at the top end of the industry which always benefits my clients. It is my attention to detail and my ability to listen and negotiate that help me perform at the top level. 4 Pillars recognized these abilities and I am now also the field trainer for Ontario 4 Pillars offices. As such I continue to learn and improve so that I can be the absolute best for my clients.

Port Hope Debt Restructuring Information

The 4 Pillars advantage gives our clients the peace of mind that they have chosen the oldest and largest Debt Restructuring Company in Canada. Our debt restructuring, credit rebuilding and budgeting services means our Clients for Life™ system assists our clients remove the financial barriers they face from overwhelming debt to saving for a down payment to buy a house. No other Canadian company offers an integrated financial system for creating financial stability for Canadians.

What 4 Pillars can offer you?

In summary 4 Pillars offer a number of services to help people with debt and even money management issues. I educate people on money management and offer a Money Coaching program. For those that have dealt with their debt and need help rebuilding their credit I offer a Credit Rebuilding program. And for those struggling with debt I offer the full Debt Restructuring program which includes budgeting, the debt restructuring process and credit rebuilding. To learn more please contact me for a free consultation.

Port Hope Testimonials

Dear Trevor: Thank you so very much Trevor! You are awesome! You have been such a BIG help to us! Thank you just doesn't seem enough but THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! You have made this very difficult time so much easier for us and your professional style is just outstanding. Reducing our debt from $76,000 to $27,600 has made all the difference in getting our financial situation under control. We now have monthly payments we can afford at zero interest so we can actually pay off our debt instead of just interest.

Thank you so much...

T&C Lawrie, Oshawa

We were shocked how simple it was to dramatically reduce our debt. I don't know where we would be without 4 Pillars.

Chris B., Police Officer

4 Pillars explained all our options in an easy to understand way. Thanks to their expertise and knowledge, restructuring our debt was easy.

Cathy & Jim T., Mill Worker

We would like to extend our appreciation for your unwavering ability and professionalism at this trying time for us. I would highly recommend 4 Pillars to anyone.

Ken T., Telecommunications Specialist

Trevor Glasser
  • Trevor Glasser

  • 49 Blackcreek Trail
    Courtice, ON
    L1E 1J8
  • 905-243-8765
  • trevorg@4pillars.ca

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