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4 Pillars’ Paul Murphy Wrote a Book! Beating the Debt Game

By Paul Murphy

This post is written by 4 Pillars’ managing partner and financial literacy expert Paul Murphy. Paul has 20+ years of experience in the banking and financial service industry.  I’m happy to report that my book, Beating the Debt Game, is complete!  Thank you to all the readers that have emailed me over the years, sharing […]

Debt Help: Not Everyone is an Expert

By Elisa Fremeth

Debt Help: Not Everyone is an Expert                         “Beware of False Knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” George Bernard Shaw The road to hell is paved with good intentions When you live with a lot of debt, sometimes you ask for help from friends and family. A small loan to cover expenses, help […]

Break glass in case of emergency

By Paul Murphy

Your Survival plan – When your payments exceed your income. Let’s not beat around the bush, these are scary and stressful times. Remaining physically healthy is the priority — and thankfully, most of us seem to be achieving that.  However, very few of us can say our current or future financial situation is a healthy […]

5 Tips for Small Business Owners During COVID-19

By Reg Rocha

For small business owners the fear is overwhelming.  The challenges faced today are unlike any other challenges small business owners have faced before.  In the past, when we’ve faced financial challenges we have been able to look back on a decision or a string of decisions and events that caused the issues and recognize what […]