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The Fear of Dealing with a Financial Crisis

By Robert Osborne

One of the biggest obstacles for people to overcome in dealing with their debt is the fear that others may find out you have experienced a financial crisis. As in the article “I am embarrassed by my debt “ by Trevor Glasser overwhelming debt can be not only embarrassing but debilitating and destructive to your … Continue reading The Fear of Dealing with a Financial Crisis

Bankruptcy Versus Consumer Proposal – Kootenays, BC

By Robert Osborne

 How does Canadian Insolvency Work The Bankruptcy Insolvency Act (BIA) provides two remedies to settling debt through either bankruptcy or consumer proposal and each has pros and cons. Regardless of which one a consumer (or business chooses) the unsecured debts are dealt with and within 24 hours there is a stay of proceedings where creditors … Continue reading Bankruptcy Versus Consumer Proposal – Kootenays, BC

How do I file for Bankruptcy in Canada?

By Paul Murphy

When it comes to actually filing bankruptcy in Canada, it’s confusing for a lot of Canadians.  Who do you contact? Where do you start? This is your guide to simplify bankruptcy and help you know where to start.  We’ve helped thousands of Canadians deal with millions and millions of dollars in debt. But as researching this … Continue reading How do I file for Bankruptcy in Canada?

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