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I Didn’t Know Who to Trust in Oshawa

By Trevor Glasser

I Didn’t Know Who to Trust
I went through a very difficult time. I was in a serious car accident which required a long and painful recovery. Due to the accident I was no longer able to work. Shortly after my accident my husband lost his job and our combined income was now a fraction of what it was. We had to live off of our credit to survive. It didn’t take long and we had exhausted our credit resources. Fortunately my husband was able to find a new job but it was at a significantly reduced salary. Our situation just kept getting worse.

Our credit was now all maxed out and we could not afford the monthly payments any longer. I was still unable to return to work. We were lucky that we were still able to make our mortgage payments and keep a roof over our head but it was all we could do to maintain that!

The collection calls started. The debt was all in my name and I didn’t know where to turn. I contacted a couple of companies to seek advice. We thought that maybe we could use the equity in our home to pay off the debts but due to our low income no one would give us a loan or 2nd mortgage. I was so confused and scared that I just hid from the creditors. This went on for a long time. The debts were growing, everything was in collections and the calls and letters from various collection agencies were non-stop.

I knew I had to do something but I didn’t know what. One day a flyer from 4 Pillars Oshawa Debt Relief arrived in the mail. It said that they “work for me, not my creditors”. Could it be true? Was someone actually going to look after my best interests? With some trepidation I called. I spoke to Trevor Glasser and he was very kind and patient. He let me tell my story and told me he could help. He gave me some numbers which were better than anything I had heard, but I was still a bit skeptical. He said the next step was to go and meet him and he would explain how everything would work. I booked the appointment.

I met him at his home office in Courtice, Ontario. He immediately put me at ease and collected my documents. He patiently explained everything in great detail so I could understand the process and how it would all work. In the end we agreed that offering a consumer proposal to my creditors would be the best solution. This would protect the equity in my home along with my other assets. At this point my total debt was up to $30,644, I offered $11,400 to my creditors which they accepted!

My payments are only $190/mth with zero interest which we can afford. I ended up saving over $19,000 and did not lose the equity in my house! Trevor made the process so easy and delivered exactly what he promised. He is now helping me with my credit rebuilding.

I strongly recommend Trevor and 4 Pillars Oshawa Debt Relief and recommend anyone struggling with debt and unsure of whom to ask for help contact him. He will give you honest advice and truly look out for your best interests!

Karen from Oshawa, Ontario

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