Trevor Glasser
  • Trevor Glasser

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Trevor Glasser, Debt Consultant

Debt Restructuring Oshawa

Trevor Glasser helps Oshawa, Whitby, and Clarington families and local businesses create debt restructuring plans, rebuild their credit, and develop a plan to get out of debt.

Trevor Glasser has been a debt consultant with 4 Pillars since 2006. I am a Insolvency Counselor by the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP).

In that time Trevor has seen virtually every conceivable situation and has used his extensive experience to create effective debt restructuring plans for debt amounts of $10,000 to more than $100,000.  As a debt consultant Trevor has continued to expand his areas of expertise which now include credit rebuilding and budgeting services.

My Oshawa office

Trevor meets his clients at his home office in Courtice which is easy to find and in the heart of Durham Region.  To ensure his clients are comfortable and confident he provides a professional and private office environment.  He works by appointment and is therefore able to meet after hours and even on weekends.

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Oshawa debt restructuring services

Trevor can offer a variety of debt restructuring options to get you out of debt.

These credit and debt counselling services include:

  1. consumer proposal preparation
  2. bankruptcy preparation
  3. formal lump sum debt proposal
  4. budgeting and credit rebuilding services
  5. complete guidance on your alternatives to bankruptcy

If you're considering, or have already been turned down for a debt consolidation or a mortgage refinance to deal with your debt then you should contact Trevor to explore your options.

Every new client gets a free 1-hour consultation. Please call 905-243-8765 to schedule your consultation.

Why use a debt consultant?

The benefit of being a debt consultant in the 4 Pillars system allows Trevor to access unique credit tools to assist his clients in rebuilding their credit and/or reducing the debt.

Trevor has a successful history as an owner/entrepreneur of a number of businesses. It is this experience which he draws upon to help business owners struggling with their debt. It has also enabled him to forge relationships within the Durham Region to draw upon for the benefit of his clients.  His experience in working with people has also honed his ability to relate to a client's situation and handle it with compassion and understanding.

Knowing how stressful it is to deal with overwhelming debt and being able to offer effective debt restructuring solutions has been paramount to his success. In the most complex situations Trevor has a unique ability to come up with effective debt reducing strategies by thinking outside of the box and successfully reducing his clients' debt and stress levels.

Your options for getting out of debt

There are various options available to deal with your debt including formal consumer proposals and bankruptcy.  Trevor is fully qualified to help you with the restructuring preparation and careful selection of the trustee to file your consumer proposal or bankruptcy. With his expertise he can make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible and fully represent you and NOT the creditors.  It is always recommended to get advice from someone who is truly representing your best interests prior to filing a consumer proposal and bankruptcy. This will help ensure that you pay the minimum amount possible in resolving your debt and fully understand how the process works.

How debt restructuring works

Upon contacting Trevor he will do an initial assessment over the phone to give you an idea of how he can deal with your debt. If you feel his solution will work for you then you will meet him face to face to review your debt options in more detail. At that point if you decide to move forward he will begin assisting you with your debt re-structuring strategy and budgeting process. If you are doing a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, Trevor will make all of the arrangements for the formal filing of that process including selecting the trustee to administer the proposal as well. Trevor is also certified as an Insolvency Counsellor by the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP) so he can perform the mandatory counselling sessions required in a consumer proposal and bankruptcy. Due to his close relationship with you he can focus these sessions on the area you need the most assistance with be it budgeting or credit rebuilding

Helping Oshawa families and businesses get out of debt

Trevor was born and raised in the Oshawa area. The majority of his working career has been in the Durham Region. Over his career Trevor has had the opportunity to forge many professional relationships throughout Durham Region. Many of these relationships cross over into his work with his debt clients and he is able to refer people to reliable professionals in other industries. For example some of his clients may wish to sell their home and Trevor has had a professional relationship with Martin DeJong, real estate broker of Can Save Realty for 15 years. Many clients require accounting services and Trevor has worked with Brian Gower for over 20 years, an excellent Certified General Accountant. Some clients may require some legal advice and Trevor has an excellent 10 year relationship with Yanch & Yanch. Trevor also works with a number of mortgage brokers and other professionals throughout the Durham area.

Trevor Glasser
  • Trevor Glasser

  • 49 Blackcreek Trail
    Courtice, ON
    L1E 1J8
  • 905-243-8765

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