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Oshawa Testimonials

  • David Heysel

  • 172 King Street East Suite 106
    Oshawa, ON
    L1H 1B7
  • 647-388-5776
  • durham@4pillars.ca
This office has '.25.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.

Oshawa Testimonials

Trevor was a great help during a time when I felt stuck and overwhelmed. I was hesitant to admit that I needed help with my debt, but he was friendly, approachable, and made it easier than I thought it would be. Thanks Trevor for your help!

Yvonne Reindel - Oshawa, ON

Trevor is knowledgeable and understanding and he does not judge. These are great qualities in his line of work. I only wish we had done this sooner.

Susan McMullen - Oshawa, ON

Trevor; thank-you for helping me see that there is a forest past the trees! I haven’t felt this relaxed and stress-free for some time! You have been so patient with me and helped me weather the storm!

Nancy-Bowmanville - Oshawa, ON

Trevor is very easy to talk to and knows how to get your debt problems solved!!!! Would highly recommend. Thanks Trevor!!!!!!

Chris Storms - Oshawa, ON

Thanks Trevor for your assistance and guidance during this trying time.There really is light at the end of the tunnel. CHEERS !

Peter Baker - Oshawa, ON

Trevor is friendly, honest and extremely trustworthy. He creates the best solution for your financial situation and assists with keeping you focused on your budget and financial goals! A+++++

Brandi Oldfield-Webb - Oshawa, ON

Trevor Glasser has been excellent for me in all ways. When I started with him, I was so depressed, could not get my mind out of the Debt problem, the bills and threatening letters coming in, and the phone calls every 5 minutes. My wife recommended him to me, he was very professional, caring and relaxed me, and we went in with a plan. Now with his excellent work, telephone calls have sopped, no more bills and no telephone calls. Proposal went through, and now with his planning I am on a budget, with no worries and can move on with my life. I highly recommend Trevor and 4 Pillars to anyone with debt problems. His forst consultation is free and he will review all your options. Thank you so much Trevor for all your help, you have saved my life

Allen Kozlov - Oshawa, ON

Thanks Again…

Trevor, just wanted to take a few minutes out to thank you for everything you did for us. Thanks to you, the daily stress in our lives of not knowing where the money was going to come from to pay all the bills has been taken away. Not only are we able to pay all the bills as they are due, but we are able to save some money and enjoy our lives again. As you know, it was never the way we had wanted to go as there is always a price to pay however this was a life lesson well learned for going forward. Thanks again for helping us out when we needed it. There is never a day that goes by that we don’t express how wonderful it feels to know the bills are paid and there will be no one calling and hounding us for money. Thanks again. Debbie Executive Assistant Business Services Department

Debbie - Oshawa, ON


Hi Trevor, I wanted to extend my greatest gratitude to you for your help. Before meeting with you almost a year ago now, I was in a terrible place. I suffered a loss of income & felt like I was in a sinkhole unable to pull my way out. I couldn’t eat or sleep or concentrate on anything but my financial problems. With your guidance & expertise you gave me the gift of “hope”. After working with you & you putting your trust in me you threw me a “lifeline” so to speak. I have come to realize through all of this you cannot put a price on the gift of hope, & piece of mind. You gave me both of these & for that I will always be grateful. You are a very kind person Trevor, you never judged me or made me feel bad about the mess I was in & you were always there if I needed a question answered or your support. Thank-you so very much for giving me my life back & the priceless gift of “hope”. Yours very truly, Karen

Karen - Oshawa, ON

Thank you so much Trevor for helping my husband and I to get control over our finances. We didn’t know where to turn for help and even when we first met with you, we were still a little unsure as to whether you would be able to help us with our debt or not. For us, realizing that our debt was out of control and taking that first step to contact you was very difficult for us. We certainly are glad that we did use your services and that you were able to reduce our debt from $97,000 to $32,400. WOW! Who would have imagined that? Not me. Thank you again. We highly recommend you to others who might find themselves in the same or similar situation that we were in. Sincerely, B.M.

B.M. - Oshawa, ON

Dear Trevor Thank-you so much for all of your great assistance. We feel like we can breathe again, like a weight has been lifted. We feel so much better and can finally see an end in sight. Thank-you, thank-you!

L & J - Oshawa, ON

Dear Trevor: Please feel free to use our testimony We are pleased to endorse 4 Pillars consulting Group and consultant Trevor Glasser. We phoned Trevor in August/09 following up on an advertisement for 4 pillars Consulting Group because of our concern of our finances. We had continually gone behind in our finances to a point where we had become desperate. Our credit card debt was now out of control. Our phone call to Trevor led to an interview where our options were explained to us but more importantly Trevor showed a sincere concern to help us. All credit card were destroyed and Trevor looked after all correspondence to our creditors. We did not deal with any of our creditors nor did we receive any telephone calls from them. Trevor was able to reduce our indebtedness by 67% and no interest was charged on our balance. We have been able to reduce our remaining debt each month. Our financial circumstances are now under control and although we are on a strict budget, Trevor and 4 Pillars Consulting Group have taken the stress and worry away. We heartily thank Trevor for all his assistance and help. Yours Truly, S&G

S&G - Oshawa, ON

In Appreciation and Praise of Trevor

In September of 2014, I called Trevor for an appointment. I had noticed his advertisement in a flyers envelop and had saved it. Several times in the past, I had attempted to find a financial solution by contacting three major banks and even a financial adviser at a well-known local accounting firm. The end result of these contacts was sell more assets, keep paying the interest charges for the rest of my life. Trevor basically explained how he could help me over the telephone. At the first appointment he reviewed financial sheets and background information I had prepared. He pointed out to me that I was actually a victim of fraud. I was instructed to fill out budget details, produce certain documents and asked to pay his deposit. After about six weeks I met with Trevor with my homework completed. I was told how the Trustee works/is engaged and decided at this point to proceed in early January 2015. The paperwork was filed and the waiting period for court approval commenced. Trevor called me to meet with him after the waiting period time. He explained everything was approved and that in five years with much smaller payments than I was paying on interest only the credit card debts would be cleared. For the next couple of months I did receive threatening calls from one of the banks who had engaged a Collection agency. I blocked the call numbers, but finally I answered a couple. They would not listen to me that they should contact the Trustee. As a result, I phoned Trevor, he advised me to call the Trustee immediately. Trevor immediately provided the name and phone number. Within three days of calling the Trustee all calls stopped. I am very appreciative of how Trevor was able to assist me. He is always just a phone call away if a questions arises. Trevor, I will gladly speak to any perspective client that wishes proof of how efficient, thorough and kind you conduct your business. With Sincere Gratitude M.L. Ogden

M.L. Ogden - Courtice, ON

Total relief here we come

We were at an all time low with rising debt spinning out of control getting deeper and deeper in debt steadily over the last few years. We didn’t know what else to do with no end in sight. Asked a friend if she knew who we could talk to help. It was the best thing we ever did. We were given Trevor Glasser’s name contact information at 4 Pillars. We immediately felt that this was going to help us and started working with Trevor right away. He was extremely helpful knowledgeable and offered us all the help we needed to turn our situation around. Before Trevor helped us we were at a whopping $152,252 in excessive debt. Trevor worked with our creditors and negotiated a consumer proposal. He got us a $110,252 reduction down to $42,000. We are extremely grateful to Trevor at 4 Pillars for getting us to where we are today. What a relief. We can now look forward to being out of debt for good. Thank you so much Trevor Glasser at 4 Pillars for turning our lives around for good.

Anonymous - Oshawa, ON

Just a brief note to thank you so very much for solving our serious financial problems. Fortunately I saw your brochure that offered help to those in financial distress. Trevor, in my many years in senior positions in other parts of Ontario, I had the opportunities to deal with executives at all levels. I can say without hesitation that our dealings with you were at the highest level. Your knowledge and understanding of our financial dilemma took an immediate weight of my shoulders. When you phoned and indicated that the financial that you had developed had been accepted by our creditors, I just said WOW!!!...that guy (you) is a genius. Your card says 4 Pillars Consulting Group, you are obviously one of the strong pillars. Thank-you again. Keep up the good work!

George and Margo - Clarington, ON

Dear Trevor, Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I really cannot say it enough!!! Before contacting you, my finances were in complete disarray and unmanageable. Some unfortunate circumstances had resulted in me becoming dependent on credit to get by which meant accumulating debts that seemed endless. It was very stressful and I was a very unhappy person, constantly worrying about when the next bill would arrive and how I was going to pay it. My credit rating was important to me and I needed a suitable solution. I attempted to consult with other financial counseling bodies and was met with either instant rejection/disinterest or was put on a lengthy waiting list to meet with someone about obtaining a consolidation loan that, if I qualified for, would be accompanied by a high interest rate that would take me many years to pay back. I was reading through the paper (Oshawa This Week) when I happened upon your advertisement in the classifieds. What did I have to loose? Upon contacting you, you were friendly and positive and ready to help. During our first consultation meeting, you put my situation into perspective for me and showed me how you could help get things under control. Your advice was invaluable and for the first time in a long time, I was able to see a light at the end of the tunnel! A lot of work went into putting together my proposal and you managed to complete it in a timely manner, quickly putting me on the road to recovery. You kept me informed, offered me support, and were always there to answer any questions I had, all the while providing a high level of confidentiality. I now have a payment plan that I can manage and I am no longer stressed over finances and payments. I truly appreciate all that you have done for me. I have a lot of respect for you and your business and I encourage anyone who is struggling like I once was to seek your assistance. I am your advocate! Once again, thank you Trevor, and all the best to you. Sincerely, Jennifer

Jennifer - Oshawa, ON

Dear Trevor: Thank you so very much Trevor! You are awesome! You have been such a BIG help to us! Thank you just doesn’t seem enough but THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! You have made this very difficult time so much easier for us and your professional style is just outstanding. Reducing our debt from $76,000 to $27,600 has made all the difference in getting our financial situation under control. We now have monthly payments we can afford at zero interest so we can actually pay off our debt instead of just interest. Thank you so much from T&C Lawrie

T&C Lawrie - Oshawa, ON

Dear Trevor: I want to thank you for all you have done for my daughter to help her get her life back on track financially and give her back some dignity. I am also very proud of her doing this. She is a “survivor” and not a “quitter”. You can be assured these payments will be made on time by her. Mary Lynn knows to ask me for help if she needs it. Thanks again for everything. Have a great thanksgiving!!! May God bless you and your family. Regards Cathy Hutchison

Cathy Hutchison - Oshawa, ON

Dear Trevor, Just a brief note to thank you so very much for solving our serious financial problems. Fortunately I saw your brochure that offered help to those in financial distress. Trevor, in my many years in senior positions in other parts of Ontario, I had the opportunities to deal with executives at all levels. I can say without hesitation that our dealings with you were at the highest level. Your knowledge and understanding of our financial dilemma took an immediate weight of my shoulders. When you phoned and indicated that the financial plan that you and your computer had developed had been accepted by our creditors, I just said WOW!!!....that guy (you) is a genius. Your card says 4 Pillars Consulting Group, you are obviously one of the strong pillars. Thank you again. Keep up the good work.

George and Margo - Clarington, ON

Good News!!

Hi Trevor…. Well it is done, we went to the meeting, and all is well, now we make our payments and we will be in good shape. Thank you so much for all you have done for us, I am so happy the lord put you in our lives, and I made the call to you that day ….I will never regret, what we did. And we have really learned through all this, well I best go, hope you had a good day, happy valentine….bye for now …I will keep in touch with you time to time.

Wes & Ann - Oshawa, ON

Dear Trevor, I want to thank you for all of your help and patience during those stressful times. You are very knowledgeable and made the process seamless. Your calm way of explaining what will happen next helped ease my anxieties in regards to my situation. I thank God for your assistance and with your help you have made a positive impact on my current and future money habits. In our current economy, I understand there may be individuals and families who may be struggling financially. Your service is important in our present time and I strongly encourage those suffering to let go of their pride and make a quick phone call to you! Once again thank you for your help. Always grateful, A.V.

A.V. - Oshawa, ON

This office has '.25.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.

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