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4 Pillars Reviews: 3 Daughters, Deep in Debt

By Paul Murphy

Below, you’ll hear a 4 Pillars review from a single mom with three daughters who was deep in debt. She reached out to her local 4 Pillars office. This is her review of our 4 Pillars office in Newmarket Ontario.

The other day, a nice woman from Newmarket Ontario sent us a review via email. She wanted to share her review of our 4 Pillars office in Newmarket helped her. Thanks to Laurence Herzenberg, who runs the 4 Pillars office in Newmarket. If you need help understanding debt and live near Newmarket, give him a call.

I’ve copied and pasted her review below (without editing). I removed her personal information. As an aside, I send these emails because I want to help Canadians understand their options dealing with debt. I’m a real person. And we have real experts who care about your finances and future in every town and city across Canada.

Here’s the email.

“Hi Paul, I have been meaning to email you for a week or so now, since you sent the email about being a real person and to email you and you would respond! I have been working with Laurence Herzenberg out of the Newmarket, ON 4 Pillars office and he has been amazing to deal with.

I contacted Laurence when I realized the debt I had was more than I could manage and needed to come up with a plan to deal with it and work on a better plan for the future. Laurence took the time to meet in person with me, speak over the phone, answer emails and texts even on a Sunday! His information and reassurance has made this whole process workable.

Trust me there were many emails and text and he answered every single one with information, support and encouragement. As I said to Laurence I am embarrassed by the situation I had gotten myself into but wanted to do better for myself and my 3 daughters. I am a single mom. Along with rising costs and supporting myself and 3 daughters the use of a line of credit and credit cards became a way of life at times. Not proud of where it got me however with Laurence’s help and support along with some of your email tips I know I can over come this.

I filed my consumer proposal December 20th and I heard a week or 2 ago that my creditors have accepted the proposal; and he worked hard at it to make sure all of my required expenses were accounted for and that I would have a budget to work and live with afterwards.

I know this is a learning process and I am working hard to get the proposal paid off sooner than the 5 years and to start to rebuild good credit. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you and express my sincere thanks for Laurence and 4 Pillars for the services and support they offer. I look forward to seeing an email in my inbox to see what else I can learn and do to improve my credit and situation.”

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