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What Kind Of Debt Help Does 4 Pillars Oshawa Provide?

By Trevor Glasser

What Kind Of Debt Help Does 4 Pillars Oshawa Provide?

Today I would like to let you know how I can help Durham individuals, families and small businesses get out of debt.

One of my primary roles is to educate debtors about their options and how the various processes work.  The key to getting out of debt is making sure that you choose the right process for your situation.  I provide everyone with a free consultation before they even become clients.  During that consultation I will review the specifics of their situation in my Oshawa Office.  Once I have an understanding of what they have been through and the nature of their debt then we can review EVERY debt option.  Reviewing everything is very important.  I don’t just review what I think is right for them, we go through everything so they are fully aware of what options exist and which ones will and won’t work for them without bias.  This education is a form of empowerment to help my clients learn to deal with their debt with confidence.

Often I meet people who are insolvent.  To understand what that means here is a clear definition from Dictionary.com: “unable to satisfy creditors or discharge liabilities, either because liabilities exceed assets or because of inability to pay debts as they mature.”  When in this situation it is typically resolved through either a Consumer Proposal or bankruptcy.  Now keep in mind that either of those processes must be administered by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, formerly known as a Trustee in Bankruptcy.  I am not a trustee nor do I pretend to be one.  So how do I help in these circumstances you may be wondering?  Both of these processes can be quite complex and you can check my blog on those processes here: here  .  My role in these processes is to make sure that you get the best solution  possible for your situation and are provided the long term financial rehabilitation programs and education so you never face financial challenges again.

How do I do that?  I will conduct a thorough assessment of your overall financial health, collect all relevant documents and prepare them for the Trustee’s review.  I attend the trustee meeting with you to ensure the proposal is filed as expected and monitor the voting process to address any problems as they arise.  Sometimes an example is the best demonstration.  I believe everyone knows what an accountant is and what they do.  The accountant is working for you and looking for tax breaks and deferments to save you money by minimizing your tax obligations.  They have to operate within the tax rules but the best accountants will find every tax benefit possible for your situation which will save you thousands in taxes.  Put another way, would you let the government do your taxes? Now getting back to Consumer Proposals and Bankruptcies, the Licensed Insolvency Trustee is paid from the proceeds collected during the process, so the more collected in a Proposal or Bankruptcy the more the Trustee fees.  My job is to make sure that you get the best settlement possible.  Just like the accountant above I have to play within the strict guidelines but even while doing so there can be a great deal of savings, especially in the Consumer Proposal process.  So having an advocate working on your behalf we believe is in your best interest.

In addition, when you go through a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy you will need to rebuild your credit.  Unfortunately there can be very little support in doing this in most cases and doing so on your own can be a daunting task.  There is very little information out there on how to do it and even if you stumble onto the right track gaining access to the right tools can prove very difficult or expensive.  My services include a comprehensive program to help you rebuild your credit.  I have access to the best tools in the industry and can guide you throughout the entire process.

There are other services I offer as well to help deal with debt.  When my client is not insolvent but struggling to pay their bills sometimes they need Money Coaching.  This is more than just budgeting; this is teaching my clients how to build a budget, cash flow management and strategies and behaviour modification, no electric shocks required.  This program is ongoing for 10 months to really help clients pay down their debts with debt reduction strategies and then get them into a whole new way of managing their money.  The Coaching keeps them honest and motivated and they can see the turnaround as the debts start to come down.

Ultimately, if you are struggling with debt and you need help I am here to help people in Whitby, Oshawa, Courtice, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Port Hope and Cobourg.  I am local and have been helping people get out of debt and rebuild their lives since 2006.  I am always working for you, making sure you understand what needs to be done and guiding you through whatever process is right for you.

About the Author:

Trevor Glasser owns the 4 Pillars Consulting Oshawa, On Office helping people get out of debt  every day.  If you need a free consultation to understand your options please feel free to contact Trevor at 905-243-8765 or www.goodbyedebt.ca.

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