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By Reg Rocha


For about two decades now, I have worked with colleagues across the country to offer valuable services and support to Canadians facing crushing debt and insolvency. It has been a rewarding career journey as I know we have helped thousands move out of crisis and into financial stability. In fact, many of 4 Pillars franchisees and consultants have made this journey themselves, so as a company we know first-hand what it feels like to be vulnerable and overwhelmed in the face of bankruptcy.

Over the years, we have grown increasingly concerned about the inequity embedded in our present insolvency system. Without the proper checks and balances, technology and historic demographic shifts threaten to make matters worse.

Insolvency is when you find yourself unable to service your debt load.  Slowly untethering yourself from debt is a process governed by a complex web of rules and players that is supposedly designed to balance the interests of debtors and creditors. The problem is that debtors often find themselves at the negotiating table with creditors whose skills, knowledge and resources far outweigh theirs. It is at this lop-sided table where debtors must make often life-altering decisions with no one exclusively in their corner to support them during this most critical time.

In our opinion, the status quo needs fixing. And we are not alone.

I am thrilled to report that earlier this year, the newly formed Canadian Debtors Association was launched with the express mandate of giving debtors a voice at the table and an advocate by their side. The CDA has been founded on the principles that:

  • Debtors have a right to their own representation, particularly when faced with challenges in managing their debt.
  • This right for Debtors must be universally supported and respected.
  • Representation must be provided by qualified and recognized experts that Debtors can trust and rely upon as their helpful advocate.

The CDA’s goal is not only to improve the experience for debtors but to seek positive change with all levels of government and other regulatory bodies and to address legislative and policy matters related to consumer credit, debt and the consulting and insolvency industry.

In launching the CDA, its 1st and founding CEO, Henrietta Ross announced:

“[the time has come]… to help Debtors to successfully navigate their own debtor journey, achieve a successful financial life and secure a brighter future.”

Making the decision to become CDA members was an easy one for the 4 Pillars franchise as the CDA aligns strongly to our vision and values.  Moreover, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals across the country to improve Canadians’ relationship with credit and debt. We pledge to share our experience and expertise as we work together to build an ethical and trustworthy debtor industry that individuals and families can rely on and have confidence in – especially when they need it most.

For more information on the Canadian Debtors Association and its Mission, we encourage you to visit: https://debtorsvoice.org/

Reg Rocha
4 Pillars Consulting

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