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Do you have debt? Stop waiting to deal with it

By Blair Greenwood

Do you have debt? Stop waiting to deal with it


In helping my 4 Pillars Victoria clients experience debt relief I am always shocked to hear that it took them an average of 2.5 years until they finally came to my door so I could help them.  As soon as a person begins the process of working with me they always make the same statement “why on earth didn’t I do something sooner?”

What could you do with an extra 2.5 years without the black cloud of debt hanging over your head? Even if it isn’t 2.5 years for you yet… living in debt for 1 day longer than you need to is too much of a high price to pay for you and your family. I want to share a few stories with clients I have recently helped…

Jennifer came to my office after years of her credit card and other loan balances creeping up. She was scared and anxious about how she could solve her debt issues. Even with the help of a close family member who helped to pay off some of the balances she still felt as though she was getting crushed with the high interest rates. The experience completely changed her life for the better. She went from owing $31,000 to just $6,000! Today, Jennifer is debt free and has learned how to manage and save money and she is looking forward to purchasing her own home soon.

Bill came into my office as he had started running into financial difficulty in the spring of 2015 after a layoff at a job he had been at for many years. For years he had kept up on his payments but sacrificed other areas of his life. Bill had told me after many, many sleepless nights he decided to give me a call. We were able to structure a payment plan that saved him over $1000/month, it was an easy decision for him.

When you are living with debt it can be like living in a dense fog, the days aren’t as bright, food doesn’t taste the same, your thoughts aren’t as clear, and your outlook on life in general isn’t what it should be. I understand and I have heard all the different reasons why people wait: I think I can handle it myself, the amount of debt I have isn’t that much, I just need to get that raise and I will pay it off, I will start paying off debt next month, etc 

Don’t wait! Don’t be willing to live in a “debt fog” for one day longer. Call me at 250-590-7890 so I can share all of your options on dealing with your debt. Most people feel a huge sense of relief once they have learned what their options are and see there is a plan they can follow.

4 Pillars Victoria represents YOU – We do not work on behalf of your creditors, like many other do.


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