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Debt Settlement: A Permanent Vacation from your Debt

By Jennifer Virani

Debt Settlement: A Permanent Vacation from your Debt

All summer long you’ve listened to friends tell you about their fabulous vacations.  They’ve blogged about grand adventures, posted pictures of amazing escapades, and regaled you with humorous antidotes about that time they did that thing.  And when they get around to asking about your summer, you smugly tell them you enjoyed a staycation, deciding instead to get to know this great city you live it.  But in reality, it was a more of a STUCKcation.  Because when you’re carrying a lot of debt, you’re not going anywhere.

Give yourself a break

If you’ve been living with debt for a while you know the first thing to go is your cash flow.  As the noose tightens around your income the percentage to cover your debt gets bigger while your freedom and peace of mind gets smaller.  In fact all of your choices are dependent on how much money you have at the end of that paycheque.  You’ve tried cutting back, stricter budgeting, but soon there’s nothing left to give.  Rent or mortgage payments, car payments, insurance, credit cards… that’s the whole pie, and there’s nothing left for you.  Sounds like you could use a vacation, a permanent vacation, from your debt.

Packing Light

So what does one pack when taking a vacation from debt?  A phone and a little confidence that you will regain your financial freedom.  With the phone you call 4 Pillars Debt Solutions and book your suite at a 5 star resort called PEACE of MIND!   In North Vancouver your 4 Pillars consultant is Jennifer Virani.

Jennifer and her team will work with YOU to find the best options for your personal situation.

  • If debt consolidation is right for you, the 4 Pillars team will work to consolidate all of your payments into a lower, more manageable payment.
  • If debt settlement is your best option, 4 Pillars will not only help reduce your debt by up to 80%, they will work with you to rebuild your credit.

The World is Yours

Imagine being able to finally go on a vacation that takes you beyond your back yard.  Jennifer Virani of 4 Pillars Consulting North Vancouver will help restructure your debt, navigate financial terminology, budget, consolidate your loans and rebuild your credit.  So book your permanent vacation from debt, call Jennifer Virani directly at 604-612-9211.

4 Pillars Debt Solutions.  Details at 4Pillars.ca

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