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Debt Help: Not Everyone is an Expert

By Elisa Fremeth

Debt Help: Not Everyone is an Expert


            “Beware of False Knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”

  • George Bernard Shaw

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

When you live with a lot of debt, sometimes you ask for help from friends and family. A small loan to cover expenses, help make ends meet.  It’s great when you have people in your life who can help, but they’re not experts. Though cousin Berts advice is well-intentioned, it’s not always best.   

You wouldn’t see a mechanic for chest pains, so why are you taking financial advice from your cousin’s girlfriend.  She’s a bartender.  Not the same thing at all.  Yes, you’re grateful for the monetary assistance, but technically you’re just adding to your already looming debt. Also, it always seems to come with some well-intentioned advice.  Or a big heaping spoonful of “I told you so!”  (Thanks Dad).  When you’re ready to change your situation and eliminate your debt, where do you turn?


Straight Talk about Debt Help!

4 Pillars Debt Solutions was founded by three professionals who were tired of watching friends lose their businesses to debt.  They did their homework, combined their financial expertise, and started a company that would ensure no one would be controlled by their debt again.  Over 97% of their clients have stayed out of debt, making 4 Pillars an industry leader in Canada.

4 Pillars Debt Solutions works for you, not your creditors.  Their priority is to help YOU reduce your debt.  And they do it without judgment or blame.  You are met with respect and compassion as they educate you as to your best options.   In Cornwall, your 4 Pillars Debt Specialists are Shawn and Elisa Fremeth Frank.  During your free initial consultation, they will gather the information needed to put together the right solution for your situation.  It may be as simple as consolidating your debt into one payment. That means you could have your debt reduced by up to 80%, leaving you debt-free in as little as five years! 

 The right information when you need it

Shawn Frank and Elisa Fremeth Frank of 4 Pillars Cornwall will create a debt settlement strategy that works for you, navigating financial terminology, figuring out your best options, and helping you rebuild your credit.  When you’re ready for real debt relief, call (613) 515-0161.  

Your cousin’s girlfriend can tell you what to look for in a good Scotch, but when it comes to eliminating your debt, talk to Shawn and Elisa from 4 Pillars Cornwall

 4 Pillars Debt Solutions.  Details at 4Pillars.ca 

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