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Debt Help: Fighting for Independence

By Elisa Fremeth

Debt Help: Fighting for Independence

“Independence is Happiness”

– Susan B Anthony

Debt Growing Pains

Growing up you fight for your independence.  It starts as a toddler when you insist on dressing yourself, feeding yourself, it starts with your very first steps.  Your whole childhood is a dance between dependence on and independence from your parents.  As you get older, they loosen the reigns and you experience your first real taste independence; your driver’s licence. Even if you are just driving your brother to and from hockey practice.

When you finally leave home and strike out on your own you feel truly independent.  And it’s at this point when start to use credit, and a new form of dependency begins.  Back in the day credit cards came easy and as long as you paid them off, no harm done. Maybe you let the balance carry over a few months, what could it hurt?  While you were putting your independence on credit you missed the real cost of Independence.  The real cost of all that credit.

Fighting for your Independence

Flash forward 20 some years and you’re now paying for all of that credit.  Your cards are maxed out, your line of credit is splitting at the seams, your mortgage is bordering on crippling, and you’d kill for a little independence.  But debt is your overlord and you work for him now.  But what if you were able to fight back and break the chains of debt? What if you were able to regain your independence from debt?  People would sing your praises, tell your tale, and write Broadway musicals about you!!!  Well maybe not Broadway, but you would be able to experience freedom from the stress and worry of debt.

Debt Help: The Rebel with a Cause

4 Pillars Debt Solutions has been helping Canadians recover from debt since 2002.  In fact over 97% of their clients have successfully completed their debt restructuring plans; making 4 Pillars an industry leader in Canada.  4 Pillars was founded by three professionals who were tired of watching friends lose their businesses to debt.  They did their homework, combined their financial expertise and started a company that would ensure no one would be controlled by their debt again.

4 Pillars Montreal Debt Solutions works for you, not your creditors.  Their priority is helping YOU reduce your debt.  And they do it without judgement or blame.  You are given the respect and compassion you deserve as they educate you as to your best options.   In Montreal your 4 Pillars Debt Specialists are Shawn and Elisa Fremeth Frank.  During your free initial consultation they will gather the information needed to put together the right solution for your situation.  It may be as simple as consolidating your debt into one easy payment. That means you could have your debt reduced by up to 80%, leaving you debt free in as little as 5 years!

It’s Debt Independence Day!

Shawn Frank and Elisa Fremeth Frank of 4 Pillars Montreal  will create a debt settlement strategy that works for you; navigating financial terminology, figuring out your best options and helping you rebuild your credit.  When you’re ready for Independence in the form of debt relief, call (514) 600-0724.   When you’re ready to take your life back and live it on your terms, talk to Shawn and Elisa from 4 Pillars Montreal

4 Pillars Debt Solutions.  Details at 4Pillars.ca


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