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The Montreal Team:

Elisa Fremeth, and Shawn Frank Montreal's Debt Solution and Restructuring Consultants.

How do Elisa and Shawn help you, the consumer?

Whether your debt is personal, or your business is struggling, as members of the 4 Pillars team, Elisa and Shawn are more than qualified to help navigate you through the murky waters of debt.

About the Montreal Team:

Shawn and Elisa's story

Shawn is the owner of several successful businesses including thriving real estate endeavors and financial investing. Elisa brings her years of experience working with special needs children and young adults, as well as the elderly. She's also an avid community volunteer who does fundraising for local hospitals.

Your community is their community too. In addition to raising their four children Shawn and Elisa bring their unique set of skills to each client, regardless of their situation. Every client is met with Compassion, Respect and the Confident Assurance that Elisa and Shawn can take your financial situation and make it profitable.

How the Montreal team can help reduce YOUR debt.

As 4 Pillars Debt Consultants we are able to help you reduce your debt by up to 80% in a lot of cases, often eliminating that debt within 5 years.

Using their expertise in the financial industry and the community, the Montreal Team work with you to assess your particular situation, then create a plan that will help you eliminate your debt. They then continue working with you to help you understand credit so that you can start rebuilding.

Everybody's debt situation is different but rest assured bankruptcy isn't necessarily your only recourse. With debt restructuring programs, consolidation, and settlement programs available, 4 Pillars Montreal will work tirelessly to find the solution that is going to work best for YOU.

Unlike Bankruptcy Trustees who work for your creditors, 4 Pillars consultants work for you. 4 Pillars clients can look forward to a debt free future and financial peace of mind.

Judge, Jury, and Debt

One of the biggest obstacles to seeking debt help is fear; fear of judgement, fear of blame, and fear of failure. Sometimes it's fear of success that holds you back.

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Debt Help: Fighting for Independence

Growing up you fight for your independence. It starts as a toddler when you insist on dressing yourself, feeding yourself, it starts with your very first steps.

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Starting over from too much debt: It is possible

Have you ever dreamt of walking away from it all. Starting over someplace new; someplace where nobody knows you, nobody knows your history.

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Montreal Case Study 1

When Bernadette, a single mother of 3, lost her teaching job she took whatever menial work she could find to support her kids. Unable to get help from her family the debt quickly piled up. The divorce had pretty much killed her credit rating and every night she lay awake fearful and desperate for help. No matter how much over time she worked, it was impossible to make ends meet.

She saw the toll it was taking on her health and on her kids. But she had no idea how to dig herself out. Her future looked bleak and she felt defeated. When she heard about 4 Pillars Debt Consultants she was skeptical. Debt free within 5 years seemed too good to be true. But Frederic Leonard from the 4 Pillars Quebec office quickly put her fears to rest. He worked with her to reduce her debt by 80% and thru a consumer proposal she will be debt free within 5 years.

Frederic is now working with her to help rebuild her credit. Something she never thought would happen. With Frederic's support and guidance the weight of her debt has been lifted and Bernadette is able to face her future with hope, determination, and pride. Examples she is very happy to set for her children.

Montreal Debt Restructuring Information

The 4 Pillars advantage gives our clients the peace of mind that comes from choosing one of the oldest and largest debt restructuring companies in Canada. Our debt restructuring, credit rebuilding and budgeting services, offered through our Clients For Life™ program, allow us to assist our clients remove the financial barriers they face, and move forward with their financial goals, be that saving for retirement, buying a house or putting their kids through school. No other Canadian company offers such an integrated system for creating financial stability.

Our Montreal Office

The 4 Pillars office in Montreal is located at:

81 Hymus Blvd, Montreal, Quebec, H9R 1E2.

Email: shawnf@4pillars.ca , fredericl@4piliers.ca , elisaf@4pillars.ca

Our office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday although out of hours appointments can be arranged if necessary.

Montreal Case Study 2

Ed and Marian are the parents of two extremely bright and curious children. Children who will be looking into Colleges and Universities in the next few years. Though they've always enjoyed a comfortable life, their debt has slowly crept up, making it difficult to save for the kid's education, let alone their own retirement. When Marian's company eliminated her job, she and Ed were forced to take a hard look at their spending, their savings, and how to best prepare for their kid's education. With no real job prospects on the horizon, Marian tried to create a budget to live on, as a single income family.

But the debt kept piling up, taking money out of their meager savings and adding an enormous strain to their marriage. Bills started getting missed, creditor calls came with alarming frequency, which only contributed to Ed and Marian's feelings of failure, guilt and shame. When their son announced he wanted to become an Engineer Ed and Marian were forced to sit the kids down for a very painful conversation about their family's limited financial future.

Feeling hopeless, helpless, Ed reached out to the Montreal Offices of 4 Pillars Debt Consultants. Ed and Marian sat down with the Montreal Team and were relieved to learn that they weren't alone. With Shawn and Elisa's support and guidance they were able to consolidate their debt, and start saving for the future. So by the time their kids are ready to head off to University, Ed and Marian plan to be completely free of debt.

Montreal Testimonials

My student loans and credit card debt were the main reason my bank wouldn't approve me for a mortgage to buy my first home. Shawn Frank and Elisa Fremeth Frank from 4 Pillars not only helped me reduce my credit card debt they showed me how to rebuild my credit. Thanks to Shawn and Elisa I will be debt free within a few short years!! Thank you so much!!!!!

Caroline R., Montreal, QC

My dad left me his home repair business 10 years ago but when the economy turned it became harder to keep the company going. I was afraid I'd have to close the doors and declare bankruptcy, putting 12 good people out of work. Something my father never would have done. Elisa and Shawn at 4 Pillars helped me keep Dad's business going while eliminating the mounting debt. There were kind and understanding and very supportive through the whole process.

Francis W., Montreal, QC

$80,000 in debt reduced to $30,000 that I will have paid off in full in just 4 years. THANK YOU!!!

Jean F., Montreal, QC

  • Elisa Fremeth

  • 81 Hymus Blvd
    Montreal, QC
    H9R 1E2
  • 514-600-0724
  • elisaf@4pillars.ca

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