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4 Pillars Debt Solutions – The Best Choice for Debt Relief

By Ryan Brown

4 Pillars Debt Solutions – The Best Choice for Debt Relief

It can be confusing figuring out where to turn when you are struggling with debt and looking to get your finances back on track. 4 Pillars Debt Solutions of Muskoka & Parry Sound has extensive debt relief experience and an approach to debt restructuring that always puts YOU first, not your creditors. We will advocate for you and work to get you the best possible outcome.

One of the largest and most established debt relief companies in Canada, 4 Pillars has been in business for 15 years and counting, and has over 60 offices across the country. A large part of our success is the determination to put you first, not your creditors, as some companies do. We consider you a respected client entitled to qualified representation, and deserving of a second chance at financial success. At 4 Pillars, you are seen as a valued client, NOT just a debtor.

Proven History of Success

As a company, 4 Pillars is unique because it acts for the benefit of the debtor (client); our agents work with you to help eliminate large portions of your debt and greatly reduce your monthly payments without filing bankruptcy.

This proven history of success is achieved in large part through carefully structuring consumer proposals for our clients. 97 percent of our clients successfully complete their debt repayment plan with a consumer proposal when it is structured by 4 Pillars and combined with the additional services we provide, such as financial literacy coaching, budgeting, and credit rebuilding. As a result, a very high percentage of 4 Pillars clients avoid bankruptcy altogether; at 4 Pillars Debt Solutions of Muskoka & Parry Sound, only one percent of clients end up filing Bankruptcy.

Alternative Options and Their Limitations

Filing a consumer proposal on your own

The success rate for debt repayment when working with a 4 Pillars agent who; solely represents you, structures the proposal on your terms, negotiates on your behalf, and provides a comprehensive financial support and credit rebuilding program after the proposal is accepted, we believe provides you with the best opportunity to successfully complete the proposal, re build your credit and become financially stable in the shortest time possible. It is estimated that proposals filed directly through a Licenced Insolvency Trustee (LIT) fail to be completed 35 percent of the time. Compare that to the aforementioned 97% by 4 Pillars clients and the difference is clear.

Credit Counsellors

Another option you’ll come across when looking into debt restructuring are credit counsellors. They can receive up to 80 percent of their funding from creditors, and a client will usually repay 100 percent of what’s owed—plus added fees. This in no way gets you lower payments; as a result, debt management plans filed using credit counsellors have high failure rates, and often the end result is bankruptcy.

 Why 4 Pillars?

While only a licensed insolvency trustee can file a proposal or bankruptcy, you are most certainly entitled to professional representation during the process. Unlike other debt relief companies, 4 Pillars will advocate for you and only you. We work with a large network of LIT’s across Canada, and our agents have an in-depth knowledge of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA). We understand how to interpret the act to meet your needs, and we will ultimately determine which trustee to use based on your unique situation.

Also unlike other companies, at 4 Pillars Debt we look at your long-term financial goals as well as work to help rectify your immediate financial challenges. Our agents are highly trained professional debt restructuring consultants and experts in understanding debt, credit, budgeting, and financial literacy. We provide a wide range of services, including consultation on proposals and bankruptcy, credit acceleration and credit rebuilding, consolidation loans, and cash flow management tools.

Getting out of debt is a stressful and often a confusing time. You deserve a chance to start over with a team that represents your best interests and future goals, not those of your creditors. Contact 4 Pillars Debt Solutions of Muskoka & Parry Sound and get started today.

  • 4 Pillars has 15 years of experience and over 60 offices across Canada
  • 97% of clients successfully complete their debt repayment plan
  • Consumer proposals filed directly through a trustee without client representation, estimated fail to be completed 35% of the time
  • With credit counsellors, you usually repay 100% of what’s owed rather than a percentage. Myth, paying your debts back in full through a credit counsellor in no way helps improve a credit rating. In fact, it may prolong rebuilding credit.


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