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How 4 Pillars helped a local ad agency avoid bankruptcy

By Paul Murphy

This post is written by 4 Pillars’ managing partner and financial literacy expert Paul Murphy. Paul has 20+ years of experience in the banking and financial service industry. 

Ryan, age 50, (name changed for privacy) ran a successful ad agency in a medium-sized Canadian city.

Despite being a respected local business owner, his company began to suffer from cash flow problems. After a major client deferred their marketing spending for a quarter, his bank ended his line of credit.

Soon, he was exposed to over $100,000 in business debt and began draining his savings, investments, and was threatened by looming bankruptcy.

He contacted 4 Pillars to help deal with his dire financial situation.

Below is our case study with more detail about how 4 Pillars helped, the results we achieved, and how things turned out beyond this massive debt crisis.