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The debt monster in your closet

By Jennifer Virani

The debt monster in your closet

Do you have a monster in your closet? Maybe you put it there because you thought “out of sight, out of mind” but that monster probably keeps sneaking out of the closet at night, scares the living daylights out of you and causes you a great deal of lack of sleep. Not only that, the monster has probably started to invade your thoughts during the day. Your constantly thinking about it and no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to get rid of your DEBT monster and worst still, the monster seems to be growing!

No one willingly invites a debt monster to live with them.  A debt monster is probably one of the worst roommates you have ever had (even worse than the real human roommate you had who ate all of your food and didn’t pay rent on time). Your debt monster will soon (or may already be) causing you to skip paying other bills, forces you to take out high-interest payday loans, or even cause you to miss mortgage payments just to keep the debt monster happy and somewhat in the closet.

4 Pillars North Shore knows how to remove your debt monster… permanently.

4 Pillars has been helping Canadians solve their debt issues since 2002. Jennifer Virani, of the North Shore 4 Pillars office knows the exact steps and actions you need to take to rid yourself of your debt monster… permanently.

Jennifer represents YOU not your creditors. She can have your debt reduced by up to 80% and provide a debt relief strategy that can stop the interest you’re paying into one small monthly payment at 0% paid over 5 years. It doesn’t stop there… once your debt has been dealt with she will take you through a very comprehensive and proven credit rebuilding process.

Call Jennifer Virani at 604-612-9211 and let her help you exterminate your debt monster for good.

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